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Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Tainted Obligation"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown, "Tainted Obligation"

The title of this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy says it all. Meredith finds herself between a rock and a hard place when her dad enters Seattle Grace in need of a liver transplant, and she's the only viable donor. Meanwhile, the Chief is still trying to navigate the merger, and Izzie continues to struggle with the transition from patient back to doctor.

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  • So, married life isn't exactly typical for Alex and Izzie between brushing their teeth in the kitchen sink and the bears greeting them in the morning. The turning point for Alex comes in one of the episode's funnier scenes: he finds a tick in his ear over lunch. Though Izzie defends trailer life at first, I'm glad she finally comes around by the end of the episode — those two have enough problems as it is.
  • Thatcher makes a grand entrance into Seattle Grace, immediately puking blood all over Meredith's sneakers. At first Mere is back to her typically gloomy self, half hoping her father will die and continuing to hold her lifelong grudge. I felt for Meredith, but after Lexie's heartfelt begging and pleading, I was happy that Mere finally grows up and casts her selfishness aside. Three seasons ago Meredith would never have dreamed of putting Lexie first, and I was proud of her for giving up part of her liver — her offer to get to know her dad was an even bigger milestone.
  • Doctor Sloan has a lighter case on his hands, though it's still a family matter. He handles an aging man who desperately wants a penile implant. Appalled, his adult children try everything they can to talk him out of it, but their father wants nothing more than to be with his new love in his life. I loved that some of Lexie's pain transferred over to Mark, as he gets all emotional about the sanctity of life and death. And of course his homage to Lexie: "And there's nothing wrong with dating a younger woman. It keeps you young and that's my professional opinion!"
  • Cristina spends most of the episode puttering about and trying to do anything she can to scrub in on a surgery. When Owen refuses to play favorites, she tries batting her eyes at any surgeon willing to give her a look. In the end she finally gets to help out — though she's less than thrilled to be part of Sloan's "penis pump" surgery. As her confidence continues to break down, Cristina eventually explodes at the Chief. Personally, I'm enjoying the more vulnerable side of Cristina.
  • Izzie is back to work, but she understandably can't separate her life as a doctor from her past as a patient. She quickly develops a rapport with another cancer patient and his girlfriend and insists on trying a risky surgery to try to save him. When she loses the patient, it becomes clear to Owen that she's not ready yet — and unfortunately, we already know that this ends in her getting fired (looks like next week). I'm not sure what fate lies for Izzie just yet, but I'm glad the writers are handling her recovery responsibly, rather than having her bounce back from melanoma as if it never happened.

Overall, I'm finding this season of Grey's a bit lackluster, but what about you? Were you surprised that Meredith gave in to Lexie and Thatcher? Are you looking forward to the new influx of doctors next week?

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Join The Conversation
DCBaxter DCBaxter 7 years
When Alex screamed like a girl - classic.
piper23 piper23 7 years
I had something to contribute but caught sight of Brandiesel's avatar and my brain turned to mush. Holy hell, hotness.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 7 years
They did the Thatcher thing now--as far as I can put together---to set up for Ellen P's maternity leave. When Meredith was being wheeled into surgery she said "I'll be in recovery for months" and then it hit me...ahh this is why they are doing this, they need somewhere for Meredith to go for a while without firing her that is semi-plausible. I think it kind of works? I think Grey's was SO GOOD its second season it will never live up to that hype again, but so far I like this season. I'm enjoying most of the character's story lines, I like their relationships, and like someone above mentioned the bear, tick etc.--those are old school Grey's "funny moments". I stick with the show when its bad, but I like it right now, I guess people need to lower their expectations? I loved the line this week when Baily said to Meredith (asleep on the table) "I had five interns, four have been on this table, one is dead, one has cancer, I'm not going to lose you". I like to remember those five interns!
mndmay mndmay 7 years
Although I still watch every episode, I thought Greys lost its spark during the unnecessary 3-episode ferry boat/Mere dies story line.
Susanna Susanna 7 years
CaterpillarGirl -- I actually thought the bear and tick scenes were funny! There were like the old Grey's -- stupid pet tricks. If you want to say the show's jumped the shark, I would say it happened in season three. Grey's has been on a downhill slide since then.
kimretta kimretta 7 years
Ha, I could list any number of moments when I thought Grey's jumped the shark, back to season two! But I'm still watching, for some reason, and I said to my husband last night that I'll be watching till it goes off the air. I'm just too attached to quit. (Well, OK, I've never really liked Meredith, so if the whole original cast besides Mere and Derek were to leave, then I'd probably stop.) Granted, it's become less "must-see TV" and more the kind of show that I check my e-mail to, but I'm not going to give it up entirely. That said, the Thatcher plotline felt weirdly out of place to me — why bring him in now, in the middle of all the merger stuff, instead of waiting for later in the season when that's settled down and the show needs new drama? Izzie's story got to me, though, and I'm glad Cristina finally told the chief what she needs. Re: the merger, I wonder if that's going to mean a bunch of new characters and how the show will find room for them all.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
Susanna you dont think having a bear on it isnt jumping the shark? I do.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
Lexie was awesome. Meredith was awesome. Other than that, eh
scorpion-Tee scorpion-Tee 7 years
My favorite part of the episode was when Christina was trying to "whore" herself out for a good surgery..."i can be hardcore into whatever you want me to be"...too funny. lol
Susanna Susanna 7 years
Grey's has lost its spark. It hasn't quite jumped the shark yet, but it's lost its must-see quality. It's becoming the kind of show you watch if you're already watching TV -- not a show you absolutely have to watch. I think part of the problem is the number of characters. They're just too many now, and I shudder to think what it'll be like once the Mercy docs are introduced. I probably won't watch next week.
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