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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale Recap, "Perfect Storm"

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Rundown: "Perfect Storm"

Grey's Anatomy is known for epically dramatic season finales that bring death and destruction, and this year's episode is no different. It's not quite as gut-wrenching as the season-eight plane crash or the season-six shooter, but there are still a lot of near-deaths and the potential loss of yet another beloved character on the show.

A couple of relationships are killed off the show too (or at least they're on the rocks), while other pairs come together in the wake of the traumatic storm. There is one big bright spot in the episode: the arrival of Meredith and Derek's new son! Let's break down all the major events when you read more.

  • Meredith and Derek welcome a healthy baby boy via C-section, but of course there are complications. Meredith basically has to instruct Shane on how to operate on her, which is creepy on so many levels. She also demands that he take her off life support immediately if it comes to that (way to stress him out even further, Mer). When Shane struggles with the lights-out surgery, he calls in Bailey, who has been frazzled and shaky all throughout the episode. There's a bit of a fakeout when Bailey starts crying to Derek and Cristina, but Meredith is all good — and Bailey Shepherd gets his name.
  • Cristina is now completely sure that Owen wants kids, and there's no convincing her otherwise. They get into multiple arguments about it, and though Owen tries to assure Cristina that he only wants her, Cristina can see right through him. In the end, she doesn't even let him continue to persuade her that he doesn't want a family. Instead, she just calls the relationship right then and there. And so ends what felt like one of the longest and most drawn-out breakups in TV relationship history.
  • RIP Dr. Webber? When you see him traipsing around a room that contains bother water and electrical wires, you just know it's probably not going to end well. Still, in the midst of everything else that was happening, I had forgotten that Webber was down there. It's a sweet and proper sendoff in some ways: in his final episode, he empowers Cristina to perform a surgery in complete darkness, and he goes out trying to save his friend. However, it's going to be truly taxing for Bailey to grieve knowing that her final words to her dear friend and mentor were angry ones. All that said, it's still not 100% confirmed that Richard's a goner.
  • OK, so I fully thought that Jackson had died when the bus explodes; the tears were just starting to well up when he comes walking out mostly unscathed. I'm not the only one who had a strong reaction: April pretty much loses her mind when she thinks he's gone, and basically attacks him in a moment of nonverbal craziness while he's getting patched up. Once she collects herself, she finally confesses that she wants to be with him — and then asks Jackson to give her a reason not to marry Matthew. Telling someone that you love them is grand and all, but this still feels unfair to Jackson, who has been upfront with April from the start. Nevertheless, we'll have to wait until next season to find out his answer.
  • Arizona is all twitchy and uncomfortable after her tryst with Lauren but kicks back into full doctor mode when the "tiny humans" need her most. Lauren still tries to talk about the whole thing, and just when Arizona admits to Lauren that she made a mistake, Callie comes waltzing in — and immediately figures out that Lauren is wearing Arizona's scrubs. Awkward. Callie sees right through Arizona's lame excuse, and they get into a superharsh blowout fight that comes back to the plane crash. And more importantly, it comes back to Callie cutting off Arizona's leg, which apparently Arizona may never forgive Callie for.
  • Those of us who have been waiting forever for Alex and Jo to finally hook up are rewarded at long last! Despite Alex's concerns that he's "damaged goods," he can't help his feelings for Jo and decides to finally confront her about it. She tries to shut him down, saying that she'll ruin it (aww — they're both damaged goods!) but Alex doesn't let her resist. And then: the big makeout! So, uh, are we just going to assume that Jason is going to step quietly into the background now? I hope so.

How'd you feel about the season finale?

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