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Buzz Blabber: Grey's Anatomy Finale Is a Big Upset

It looks like we weren't the only ones gabbing about the big entertainment stories this week! Grey's Anatomy ignited quite a response by ending its season with a shocking death. The news is in about all the series cancellations and renewals, and not everyone is pleased. Meanwhile, the Magic Mike stars graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but not everyone is feeling the stripper vibe. Check out the most talked-about stories of the week!

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes shocked viewers

  • "I was very disappointed with season finale. You figure they'd want the show to be at its best the last two seasons. I don't understand the need to kill off a character that everyone loves when there are so many other other characters that we can do without: April, Teddy, Owen, even Arizona. Fans that have been watching Grey's from the very beginning are very attached to characters that have been around for a while." — Karen2711218
  • "Lexie was by far the most interesting and complex character on the show. She is portrayed by a talented actor and her scenes were always the most interesting for me to watch. I have to say that her death on the show was shocking and disappointing." — Mauli2713484
  • "I'm also disappointed by the finale! I kept hoping that it was all Meredith's dream! I really loved Lexie and was hoping her and Mark would finally be together!" — Kpeezy20

To check out what TV cancellations viewers were bummed about, just


Networks broke some hearts with cancellation announcements

  • "Very bummed that Pan Am, GCB and Ringer were canceled! Can't believe 2 Broke Girls got another season. Finder was really good. Although I like Awake I can see why it didn't have enough viewers to keep the show going. I think it's time for all the CSIs to cancel. How many new ways can they kill a body?" — mdmachlin
  • "Happy that all my shows are coming back (30 Rock, Smash, Happy Endings, Once Upon a Time) and have to admit, I thought some of the shows on this list were already over, like Private Practice and 90210, and a good chunk had never heard of." — Jesssa
  • "So unfortunate that some of these shows are canceled. I liked Finder and Awake. I can't believe Whitney was renewed for another season. It's about time CSI: Miami is over!" — letter2elise

Not everyone is on the Magic Mike train

  • "Give me a break. With the exception of Matt Bomer (really sorry to see him associated with a project like this), these guys are completely interchangeable with so many other so-called actors in the business today. When I spend my hard-earned money on a movie, I want to see good acting and a decent plot, not a bunch of narcissistic body builder clones with no substance." — Janet2373373
  • "Plot looks ridiculous!! But I will definitely be getting my girlfriends together to go see this . . . wow." — Livvy-P
  • "OK, I know these guys are pretty yummy, but would people really go to the theater to see this movie? What's the story about?" — chocolate79

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