Production on Eclipse is underway in Vancouver, so now seems like a great time to test your knowledge on the history of actors playing vampires. The Cullen family may be the most famous undead characters at the moment, but they are preceded by a long list of others and we all see how hot they are right now. See how much you know and take our quiz!

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Guess who starred as Lestat with Brad Pitt in 1994's Interview With the Vampire?

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Guess who starred as Angel, one of Buffy's love interests in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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Which blond actor plays Eric on True Blood?

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Guess which actor played the title role of a half-vampire in Blade?

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Guess which actress played the blood-sucking Selene in Underworld?

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Guess which Twilight actor plays vampire Edward Cullen?

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Which leading lady played a vampire in Once Bitten opposite Jim Carrey?

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Guess which actress played a vampire stripper in From Dusk Til Dawn?

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Guess who had the title role in Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 version of Dracula?

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Guess which actor was very blond to play David the vampire in The Lost Boys?