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HBO vs. Showtime – Battle of the Networks

The following post is from melzey, who posted it in the OnSugar blog My DisFunkshion.

It’s been an ongoing battle between these two movie channels. And no, the competition doesn't necessarily surround the films they air, but each channel's reputation for airing provocative, nail-biting, and addicting TV-MA shows/series. Here are a few shows that are the reasons why it's so hard to choose a loyalty for one channel over the other.


Entourage: I feel like viewers want to live vicariously through Vince, the fictitious and hot movie star played by Adrian Grenier, who basks in all of the hot Hollywood parties, smokin' groupie girls and ridiculously expensive cars. The sixth season finale left us with Vincent leaving for Italy to film the Enzo Ferrari flick, E getting engaged to Sloane, Ari Gold finally buying out his own agency, Drama in the works for a new show and Turtle finally realizing he won't be with Jamie after all. In its seventh and last season, premiering June 27, I'm wondering what's in store for the boys.

True Blood: Based off of The Southern Vampire Mysteries books, Anna Paquin plays the telepathic waitress, Sookie, who falls in love with a vampire, Bill, played by Stephen Moyer. And instead of a werewolf, one of the main characters is a shapeshifter. I've never seen an episode, but my friends call it the adult Twilight, since apparently there are a lot of risque and sexual scenes between characters. The season three premiere is June 13.


To read her thoughts on Showtime, just read more].


Weeds: This show is the definition of not judging a book by its cover. The series surrounds a suburban mother, Nancy, who starts to work as a marijuana dealer to make money after her husband dies, in order to support her two sons. Since then, she's gotten into more trouble, like taking part in gang-related incidents and selling harder drugs, that it's just become ridiculous. The sixth season airs August 16th.

Dexter: Now, this series is definitely my favorite out of all of them. Dexter is a serial killer —but a decent one if there is any. His foster father taught him how to use his want to kill for good, and he targets murderers and evil-doers. Still, he needs to keep his real identity under wraps, and lives a double life: vigilante by night, and blood splatterer for the Miami Metro Homicide unit and family guy by day. The series is just now starting to film for its fifth season.

To vote for your favorite Showtime or HBO show, just take her poll here.

Join The Conversation
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
HBO has had some of the best shows ever, Rome, Carnivale, Sopranos, etc etc. Dexter is the only show I watch on HBO (LOVE IT), I can't stand Weeds, the main character BOTHERS me. Of the 4 mentioned here I just watch Dexter and True Blood.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I currently watch Showtime more, but HBO still edges it out for me. I can't let go of how much I loved HBO when The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and Sex and the City were airing. Those are three of my favorite ten show of all time.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
Between showtime and hbo I watch more shows on showtime. But I do like them both. Dexter is my favorite show.
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