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HBO Shopping True Blood For Basic Cable Syndication

Would You Watch True Blood With Less Blood and Sex?

As a person who doesn't have the greatest stomach for gore, I admit that I had a hard time getting into True Blood at first, but I overcame my aversion to squirting blood because the show is just that good. I think it's also fair to say that True Blood wouldn't be True Blood without its copious amounts of violence and sex — or would it? HBO is hoping it would and is currently shopping the vampire series to basic cable networks for syndication.

But would that really work? I imagine a sanitized version with the sex scenes and gorier bits edited down or completely out — not unlike what TBS has done for its reruns of the cuss-and-sex-free Sex and the City. Then again, the omission of these elements could make the show appeal to a wider audience that's turned off by them. What do you think — would you still watch a beloved show if some of its mojo is missing?

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