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Haley Reinhart Kicked Off of American Idol

Buzz Blabber: You're Happy to See Haley Reinhart Go

It was an eventful week in TV since so many shows had their season finales, and as usual, you guys had a ton to say about them. And though American Idol didn't have its finale yet, this week's episode still brought about some heated chatter.

American Idol viewers were unimpressed with Haley's image

  • "Both Haley and Jacob overstayed their welcomes in my opinion. Their arrogance kinda ticked me off. I wish James or Casey were in the top two, but I'll be rooting for Scotty here on out." — ramenpancakes
  • "I've said it before. When Hayley isn't growling and hiding behind other accents her voice isn't very good. Her arrogance is too much." — GucciGuilty
  • "I am rooting for Scotty now since James is gone now. I have also noticed Haley's poor attitude." — nessa17

To find out what other TV shows got commenters all riled up, just


The Gossip Girl season finale disappointed fans

  • "Maybe it's old news to complain about the lack of Dair but wahhh. I'm really confused about the whole Charlie story, but I guess her being a fake makes more sense than her going crazy in a matter of hours after missing one pill. Anyway, is it bad that I'm glad that actress is returning just because I like her voice? Oh and I forgot that everyone went to Columbia in the midst of nobody seeming to attend school for the spring semester. It's not worth showing up to class unless an evil sorority chick is trying to destroy your life and your professor is a sexy womanizer." — genesisrocks
  • "I am optimistic, delusionally so, I am sure, about Dan and Blair next season. Eric's knowing comments and facial expressions give me hope he is going to push Dan in her direction while they hang in the Hamptons together. Also, Vanessa said that someone would like their depiction in his novel and it wasn't Serena, so that leads me to believe it is Blair. I really hope they do something with them next season. That coupling was the reason I watched this horrible season. Also, there is no way that pregnancy test is either Serena's or Blair's. I bet Eleanor is having a miracle baby with Cy." — bethany0403
  • "Not as amazing as I expected. I thought the whole Russell/Blair/let's light this place on fire drama was going to take at least 45 minutes (not 20), so I was a little disappointed. I was uber surprised about the Ivy/Charlie twist. I did NOT see that coming at all. As for Blair and Chuck, I'm happy/sad their relationship is over, but I have a strong feeling Blair and Louis aren't going to last (enter a new and improved C Bass). I can't wait for next season!" — Mandi Villa

Nora and Barney (pretty much) get your blessing on How I Met Your Mother

  • "I really don't want Barney and Robin to end up together again. Been there, done that! I really like him with Nora, she's such a cute girl and would be good for him. And I had heard too that Robin goes out with her crush guy. Am I the only one who thought this wedding scene (that they've showed before, just never the Barney part) was going to be Ted's high school buddy's wedding? Isn't Ted best man in that one too?" — gingirl
  • "I think Nora would be good for Barney. He and Robin really lost sight of who they were when they dated each other. It's probably not in the script, but I'd like Robin to marry Ted." — bryseana
  • "Robin. No question. Nora is too boring and turned Barney into someone he's not. Barney just needs practice being a boyfriend and then what happened to him and Robin the first time around won't happen again. Robin and Barney are amazing together! Nora makes Barney a sappy, slobbering shadow of his true, awesome self, and I don't think she'd fit well in the group." — Anonymous

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bryseana bryseana 6 years
She has an amazing and interesting voice. She was definitely the contestant I looked forward to seeing every week. I've bought four of her iTunes. Never bought any itune songs from Idol before her.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Did you see her latest interview. She said she was happy to be let go because now she can start her solo career even sooner. She also said the judges only gave her negative critiques so that they could make her angry so that she would take it out on stage. She doesn't believe they meant what they said, because there is no way somebody could not love her performances. HA
LoLo72 LoLo72 6 years
Haley has a "I am better than you attitude". She thought she was being edgy & original by singing older rock songs. Sorry, that's been done. Every contestant that goes home behaves with grace & might even cry. She looked like she was in denial & offended. Never was a fan & never will be. She doesn't have the "it" factor for me. Plenty of girls can sing just as good as her.
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