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A surprise to no one (but still a delight to me, since I find this Will Smith movie to be pretty fun), Hancock won the crown at the box office over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. According to Variety, the movie "is the eighth Smith film in a row to open at No. 1 domestically, as well as his fifth — and most successful — Fourth of July outing." It is also Smith's second-biggest opening after the record-breaking opening of I Am Legend in December. Over the long holiday weekend (5.5 days), Hancock raked in approximately $107.3 million.

So, in case anyone doubted it before, Will Smith = box office gold.

Elsewhere in the top five box office hits, Wall-E stepped into second place over the weekend, followed by Wanted and then Get Smart. Kung Fu Panda rounded out the group in fifth place. Kit Kittredge came in at No. 8, performing less well than studios had hoped.

Within the indie market, The Wackness did exceptionally well in its per-location average, and the Dr. Hunter S. Thompson documentary, Gonzo, also "enjoyed a solid debut."

Next weekend will bring us yet another movie deemed "male-skewing" by Variety: Hellboy II: The Golden Army (though I not-so-secretly cannot wait to see it!). Overall (with the exception of Wall-E), it looks like next weekend's top five at the box office will be pretty "male-skewing" (Hellboy II, Hancock, Wanted and Get Smart, with The Incredible Hulk still not too far behind).

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gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
I didn't like this movie at all. It started off okay but I saw the twist coming and I thought it was ridiculous.
northofantastic northofantastic 9 years
LOVED Wall-E, Hancock was great, but I agree, it could have been longer. I am REALLY looking forward to Hellboy II. I just bought the Directors Cut of the first movie to get myself ready. Yay!
lyricalb lyricalb 9 years
Did you all see the same movie that I did? Hancock was kind of horrible. Started out great, wonderful premise, then a really stupid twist and a terrible ending. I don't always agree with critics, but I've got to say I'm with them on this one. Movie t shirts
ehadams ehadams 9 years
I really enjoyed Hancock too. I was surprised it got so many bad reviews- I guess most critics can't handle when a movie has a twist, so it turns out to not be the movie they were expecting. I'm really glad they didn't ruin the twist in the previews too- they do that waaaay too often now. I also think Hancock would have been better if the 2nd half wasn't so rushed, or was longer.
idawson idawson 9 years
i was pleasantly surprised by the movie
cutiekat88 cutiekat88 9 years
i'm glad that the movie was so scucessful for him this past weekend.Hancock was awesome! I was so pleased with Hancock. LOVED the twist!yeah it was to short.she was really pissed when he showed up.but i didn't expect some thing in the movie. Wanted was okay and I loved Wall-E! Yay for fun summer movies!
CrazySexyCool CrazySexyCool 9 years
I was so pleased with Hancock. LOVED the twist! After seeing the previews I was pretty sure I knew what I was going to see in Hancock. And while that story alone would have made for a pretty good movie, adding in that extra twist exceeded my expectations exponentially!!! My only compliant... TOO SHORT!!! I really wish they would have taken more time and developed the story between Hancock and Mary. She sure seemed pissed when he first showed up and she gave no reason during any of the dialogue of why. In fact, according to the dialogue he was very shivalrous. There has to be more going on there than they let on. Why do I get the feeling that the bump on his head that he described that lead to his amnesia was not delivered in the mannor Mary said it was? hmmm I know I know... its just a movie.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
Hancock was awesome! My son loved it!
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I thought Hancock was great! I really liked it. Wanted was okay and I loved Wall-E! Yay for fun summer movies!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i'm glad that the movie was so scucessful for him this past weekend. you know how they are always publishing the list of highest paid actors - well i've seen the women a million times, but i'd assume now that will would be a the TOP of the list since his movies all do really well (at least they most have been historically)
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