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The Hangover Part 2 Full Length Trailer Starring Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha

The Hangover Part II Trailer Is Here: Same Story, New Setting

After a funny but ultra-brief teaser, we now a full trailer for The Hangover Part II. Just like the first film, the guys are on the verge of a wedding, but this time it's Stu's, and instead of Vegas, they're in Thailand.

Although the trailer is definitely funny and holds lots of promise for more outrageous humor (you can't go wrong with a face tattoo bit), there's no originality to this follow-up story. From the bachelor trip to the loss and subsequent search for one of their posse, the plot is exactly the same. Even the nature of the jokes is about the same, which makes me think this movie will have no surprises. I loved the first movie, and I still love this gang, but I wish that there would be more to look forward to come May 26 when the movie is released. Let me know if you agree when you read more.

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