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As if conquering the publishing and film industries weren't enough, Harry Potter mania has officially infiltrated the wide world of music. Over 200 bands are touring across the country to promote "wrock." And what exactly is "wrock"? Why, it's wizard rock of course, a new genre that is based entirely on the life and times of Harry Potter as told by J.K. Rowling in her novels. Bands have taken names that range from the obvious like Harry and the Potters to slightly more obscure allusions like The Hungarian Horntails.

As the front men for Harry & The Potters, Paul and Joe DeGeorge dress like Harry and sing their songs from his perspective. In tunes like "Save Ginny Weasly" & "Phoenix Tears," tales of Hogwarts are set to music; basically, if Harry Potter had a guitar, this is what he would sound like. Each of the brothers sees himself in Harry's likeness: Joe represents Harry from year four and Paul from year seven. The brothers have taken their band on the road to many local libraries, performing for kids, teenagers and adults.

Personally, I find this newest piece of Harry Potter tribute to be more amusing than musically enlightening, but I can certainly see the appeal to a younger crowd — especially those teenagers that dream of someday slipping Harry Potter a love potion and blissfully riding off on his Nimbus 2000. To find out more about Harry and the Potters and sample some of their wrock music, just check out their MySpace page.

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