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Harry Potter Premiere Ticket Contest

Enter For the Chance to Win a Trip to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Premiere!

The final movie in the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, is just weeks away. We're gearing up to bring you all the action LIVE from the US premiere, and we're so excited for the event that we want one of you to come along and take part in our PopSugar LIVE experience. One lucky winner will win a trip to NYC, a hotel room, and two tickets to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 premiere in New York City. Just think, you could be walking the same red carpet as Harry, Hermione, and Ron! Check out the official rules here. If you're not already a PopSugar member, register now for free. The sweepstakes ends June 29 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 opens in theaters nationwide on July 15!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes starts 4:45 p.m. PDT 6/21/11 and ends 11:59 p.m. PDT 6/29/11. Open only to legal residents of 49 US and DC (RI excluded). 18+. Click here for official rules. Enter by taking the below quiz or by mail in entry. See official rules for details. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Sugar Publishing, Inc.

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Step 2: Log into your PopSugar account. If you're not already a member, register now for free. (You need to be logged in before you take the quiz below.)

Step 3: Take our quiz below to enter for your chance to win and good luck!

This quiz has been closed and is over.

  • The average score is 3.7 or 74%
Top Scorers
100%  Camilo Francione
100%  Winky790
100%  KanikaSharma
100%  LJDuwenhoegger
100%  lexis53
100%  Lehani6
100%  ni3tzsch3
100%  russianspy1234
100%  Sarahlmatthews26
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 6 years
Hi all! Congrats to our lucky winner:
charleymac101 charleymac101 6 years
who won?
onlyalive8 onlyalive8 6 years
has a winner been announced yet?
eileenmac101 eileenmac101 6 years
who won?
Pierce95 Pierce95 6 years
I'd like to tell you that you're all stupid fighting over this. You're totally just pissy cause you got the question wrong and so you're all like "Weh, you're wrong" being all PEDANTIC! Will ya chillax. And fyi, the wand was never snapes. Twas Malfoy's because he won it when he disarmed dumbledore. that's enough to win it THEN snape killed dumbledore. THEN in Malfoy manor harry disarmed malfoy winning the wand. THEREFORE it went Gregorovitch>Grindelwald>Dumbledore>MALFOY>Harry. Defy me and die.
anyzio anyzio 6 years
who won??!!
21shenanigans 21shenanigans 6 years
I believe they alerted the winner yesterday...and I don't believe they are publicly announcing the winner. But the rules said something about the winner being drawn on the 30th, and that you could send in a letter or the likes to have them mail you the name of the winner. Thus, I have a feeling we are all out of luck. But hey...congradulations to the lucky winner! I hope they enjoy the premiere.
jayjay54321 jayjay54321 6 years
when are they announcing who won the contest?
HarryRonHermione HarryRonHermione 6 years
Harryyy!! Hope i won. :))
ashleyflorestal ashleyflorestal 6 years
Does anyone know when they are announcing the winner?
jayjay54321 jayjay54321 6 years
this would be so amazing! a dream come true! :D
priyakapoor24 priyakapoor24 6 years
Where is the terms and condition? I wanted to see the closing date of when they decide...
BellatrixKillz123 BellatrixKillz123 6 years
PaulaTp PaulaTp 6 years
i just cant believe harry potter is ending :'( i grew up watching the movies and reading the books :( it truly was a one-of-a-kind phenomenon!
rickeymohamjr rickeymohamjr 6 years
Libero91722 Libero91722 6 years
I like Harry potter it's a good series, but I'm not going to win. One person in a million will, so best of luck to who wins :).
pwhite98270 pwhite98270 6 years
I would love to go to NY and I love the Harry Potter series.
cbeam cbeam 6 years
What an incredible contest to win!!!!
narine27 narine27 6 years
AAAAAAAh !!!!!!!!! So WAnt to go !!!! I am going!!!!!!!!!!
acoustics1220 acoustics1220 6 years
WOW! What a quiz! I'm surprised I answered the questions correctly! Good luck everyone!
rr4 rr4 6 years
Thank you. Good luck to all
rickyricky rickyricky 6 years
Popsugar this would be absolutely unbelievably cool to win. Thank you :)
dgmaikel dgmaikel 6 years
i have a question, a lot of people have gotten 100% so how do they decide who is the winner?
dgmaikel dgmaikel 6 years
Oh my god! I have been a fan since i was little and i wish with all my heart i could win this, it has always been my dream to go to one premiere but i haven't been able to, this would just make my life and i will always be happy and living the dream come true! :)
abkels abkels 6 years
This would score me some much need cool points with my daughter!
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