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Has The Social Network Increased Your Interest in Facebook?

Living in close proximity to Silicon Valley means I spent the majority of my weekend talking about one thing: The Social Network. After seeing the film last week, I've been moderately obsessed with fact-checking the film's events: did Erica Albright really exist? Why does Dustin Moskovitz have such a small role in the film? Did Eduardo actually have a pet chicken?

It was particularly fun to discuss the film with my Facebook-employed friends, who helped shed light on what Mark Zuckerberg is really like (much nicer than he's portrayed, apparently) and overall had mixed opinions on the film (some think it's an entertaining story while others feel it's too fabricated).

I know that many of you caught the film this weekend, and I'm wondering if you are going through a similar experience: has the buzz increased your interest in the Facebook story?

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