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The Help Audience Review

Film Forum: Did The Help Lift You Up?

If you were so inclined to get to the theater, there were a few more movies to see this weekend. The 1960s-set drama The Help debuted midweek, while R-rated comedy 30 Minutes or Less and horror sequel Final Destination 5 also came out. Did any of these new releases tempt you to get to the movies? Or maybe Rise of the Planet of the Apes — which wasn't new but topped the box office again — was your film of choice. If you hit up the theater, tell us what you saw and what your take on it was in the comments below.

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dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
As a big fan of the book, I really couldn't appreciate The Help (film). I feel like they glazed over some of the scenes that really defined the characters for me. Abileen and Mae Mobley (especially the toilet scene and all Abileen's stories about Martian Luther King)...Minny teaching Celia how to cook...Skeeter and her boyfriend, and then the eventual shunning by all her friends.. And besides a delightfully wicked Hilly, the racial tension and the weight of the situation was sugar-coated. I think I would have really loved the movie if I didn't read the book, however. And all the characters were extremely well-cast. It's so tough to make a movie that stays satisfies everyone!
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