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Heroes Fans: Which Heroes Would You Most Like to Focus On?

This season of Heroes features more superheroes than I can count on two hands, and it sometimes feels muddled and overcrowded. I know we all have our favorites — and we have a handful of heroes we could do without. This week's episode, for example, was a bit of a relief due to the absence of Maya, Alejandro and West, though I missed Sylar!

So here's your challenge, Heroes fans: If you could whittle down the storylines to those that focus on your top five most interesting heroes, who would you pick? After much debate, here is my list of the characters I am currently most curious about; many of the others could be killed off and I wouldn't be terribly broken up about it:

  • Sylar
  • Claire
  • Peter
  • Elle
  • Monica

I know, I know, Monica is maybe an odd choice, but I'm hoping her story ends up being totally relevant and interesting. I also think her power is kind of neat. What about you? Who do you absolutely need to know about the most?

Photo courtesy of NBC

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