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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 17, "Company Man"

Whoa, whoa, whoa ... so much crazy action, my head's spinning. But first, one question about last night's "Heroes": Is Ted the caveman from the Geico commercials? Okay, moving on.

So Mr. Bennet — who was not Horn Rimmed Glasses up until three years ago, according to his flashbacks — joined the "paper company" thinking he was "comfortable with morally gray." To find out whether he really is, and for other spoilers,

HRG, turns out, has a heart and a conscience. To keep normals like Mr. Bennet honest, they are partnered with "specials" (aka heroes), so Mr. Bennet's first partner was actually Claude, the Invisible Man!

Mr. Bennet and his boss, Thompson, discussed how people are fragile "like teacups" and don't want to know what's happening to them as a species. Thompson added that people certainly don't want to know the measures they take to keep people safe.

Simone's dad's roof is a pretty important place, apparently. This is where Mr. Bennet took baby Claire out of George Takei's (!) arms 14 years ago and became changed "as a man." Hiro's dad is highly involved in whatever operation Thompson's got going and likes to wax poetic about the joys of fatherhood. Mr. Bennet was instructed to raise Claire and return her to the company when she "manifested." But once she got an indestructible hold on his heart, he just couldn't give her up.

However, he didn't seem to mind killing off the Invisible Man when the Invisible Man was found to be "hiding" one of "them." Maybe this is that gray moral space he said he was so fine with. I wonder which hero the Invisible Man was hiding? And I wonder how he's not dead anymore?

I guess Mrs. Bennet would have to believe in a God with her life the way it is: radioactive guys in her living room and a daughter who comes back from the dead. Miracles indeed. Now that we know people are killed when they know too much or when they are "hiding" heroes, it turns out Mr. Bennet having his wife's memory erased was for her protection. Huh. I never once believed that before. Also, I love how Mrs. Bennet is the only Texan in the show who has an accent. The others don't even try.

At the Bennets' house, it's either give Ted answers and a cure, or face a nuclear disaster. He threatens to kill Mrs. Bennet if Mr. Bennet doesn't tell him the truth. In an intense, screamy showdown, Mr. Bennet "thinks" to Parkman to shoot Claire instead because she can regenerate, so he does! They carry the "body" upstairs, and Mr. Bennet explains to Claire that if anyone had known about her powers, he'd have had to bring her into the company; he really was protecting her.

Parkman and Mr. Bennet go to the "paper company" and bring back some files for Ted to see, along with some tranquilizers. Mr. Bennet tells Ted that everyone was ready to kill him, but Mr. Bennet let him live. As Ted's pouting about how Mr. Bennet "should have killed" him, Thompson strolls in and shoots Ted! Then Ted freaks out, nuclearly, and Claire faces the blast and gives Ted the tranquilizer. I know, logically, that Hayden Panetierre is a pretty girl, but that Claire-with-radiation-burns made me puke a little in my mouth.

The Haitian says he answers to someone higher up than Mr. Bennet in Claire's life. I wonder if it's Nathan or ... maybe Linderman is her grandpa!

In the end, the Haitian and Claire run away together, and Mr. Bennet makes a major sacrifice for his Claire Bear - by getting shot and having his memory erased. This is particularly sad, because we got to glimpse his memory of when he first donned the horn-rimmed glasses, asking Claire how he looked, and Claire said, "You look like my dad."

Ted is strapped down in what looks like Sylar's old cell, and Parkman will apparently now be a "special" partner for someone at the Company.

Previews for next week's episode: Simone's NOT dead? But why???

UPDATE: I'm serious about this Ted/Geico Caveman thing.

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