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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 19, ".07%"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 19, ".07%"

Wow, the "Heroes" came back from the hiatus with capes a-flyin', so to speak. Anyone else notice that the narration has shifted from Mohinder Suresh to Linderman? And Linderman makes for a dramatic narrator, prone to lofty statements like "People think I collect art, but I really collect lives fixed in paint."

There was so much going on in this week's episode, with something for pretty much all the characters, so check out some musings now that I've caught my breath. Most anything I say is going to be a spoiler, so to see the rest and discuss,

  • In the Company's holding cells, Mr. Bennet "thinks" instructions to Parkman for getting them out, which struck me for two reasons: 1) Mr. Bennet doesn't remember much, but he knows that there's a weak pipe in the cell where he used to hold highly dangerous super-people, and 2) it's funny that Parkman can't argue with Mr. Bennet because, as he puts it, "This is a one-way conversation."
  • Grandma Petrelli has a power! I cannot wait for that to be revealed in what will probably be a totally kick-ass way.
  • Linderman has a power, too! And I have to say, his power to heal is one of the coolest powers on the show yet. And then there's his reasoning behind the New York explosion: People need hope and the way to that hope is through devastating New York City. "Out of the ashes, humanity will find a united sense of hope in a united sense of fear." And it's no big deal, really, since New Yorkers only account for .07% of the world's population.
  • How is it that, even knowing what was coming, I still jumped a mile when I saw Mohinder on the ceiling? That scene with Peter and Sylar and the glass shards floating was So. Totally. Awesome. Floating glass shards in itself is a neat trick.
  • Linderman wants Micah to help him "save the world," so the shapeshifter pretends to be Jessica and delivers Micah straight into Linderman's hands. Sad, but not really. I think Micah will end up being a lot cooler than originally thought.
  • Nobody thought to close Peter's dead, milky eyes? Gross. But then it's Claire to the rescue when she wrenches the glass out of Peter's head and he coughs back to life. Yes, it's mean and I knew it was far-fetched, but I was still hopeful that Peter would stay dead. Watching him talk makes me feel dumber.
  • I think Isaac's death was kind of moving. His resignation to his part in the whole plan was so calm and peaceful, touching back on Linderman's declaration, "We all have our roles to play in the events to come." Also, by not crying and carrying on, Isaac totally didn't give Sylar his usual satisfaction.
  • Poor Claire. She got so close to familial bliss! Nathan's "I want to be there for you" made her look so hopeful. Then it was followed by, "But I can't." Psych!
  • Okay, the ending was super awesome: Hiro and Ando, now in post-explosion New York, return to Isaac's studio to find newspaper clippings hung up in a time line. Then "present-day" Hiro hears a sword being unsheathed, so he pulls out his own sword and comes face-to-face with ... his future self.
  • I always look forward to "Heroes," but I have to admit that I am rabidly anticipating next week's which will take place five years in the future! What did you think about this week's episode?

    Photos courtesy of NBC

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PopCheeni PopCheeni 10 years
Newbie here :) Between the mythology on Lost and Heroes this year my brain is spinning with all of the "super powers" floating around. That being said Heroes was a very welcome return from "hiatus-land." Also, I recently caught up on the comic book novels on the NBC site and if you want to know who the bomb is... the answer is there. As well as more answers to the Linderman - Petrelli connection.
Luxifer Luxifer 10 years
How is comic relief a waste of time? They're probably two of the least annoying people on the show. And, they're friggin' adorable! The show could totally go one without Sylar. There are so many other storylines: The bomb, Linderman's still unknown plans, rescuing all the other "mutants" from the paper company dungeon, Bennet rescuing Claire or whatever her problem is, and learning how and why Hiro becomes a fluent English speaking ninja, etc.
ekdkdk1 ekdkdk1 10 years
I loved this weeks episode, but I am definetely looking forward to next week. I always like "what if" type storylines, so hopefully they will do it all justice.
tomtom7 tomtom7 10 years
great, great episode, I am pretty sure that linderman is the father of nathan and peter petrelli and this way the grandfather of clare. ando's only reason on this show is comic relief. now that there are only a few episodes left, thank god he won't waste our time anymore ;-) and nathan switched to he dark side. he has turned evil. and right: how can they always let sylar escape? simple reason: because if he was dead, the show would be over ;-)) looking forward to the next shows. the hiatus was way too long..
chancleta chancleta 10 years
Loved the new epy. ROCKED.
suemey suemey 10 years
1. peter didn't dodge the glass because he was facing the door not sylar (idiot) 2. isaac give the comic to the courier because it is a comic and they get printed you know. so this is the last part of the comic. 3. sylar did use his hearing power because how he will ever know where peter was, maybe he hear peter breathing. 4. the nicky-jessica power is super force but maybe there is more to it!
nicachica nicachica 10 years
good catch Floral! yeah, i think sometimes you have to accept those inconsistencies for the storyline to stay straight. but OH MY GOD, yesterday's episode was so freakin good! i didn't get to start watching it until 20 minutes in so i missed out on the glass shards scene with Sylar and Mohinder. i was a bit lost with that plot line but i figured it out soon enough. i agree with trying to figure out what Jessica/Nikki's power is. Is it just super strength in a super hot girl? And i looove little Micah. i think there are big things in store for him...his power is electronics so i bet it will have something to do with infiltrating a major financial system and wreaking havoc (maybe that has something to do with the nuclear bomb?)
Floral Floral 10 years
Hi newbie here :) Loved the show! So glad it´s back! Found it funny that when HRG/Bennet was "telling" Parkman what to do - and Parkman had set Ted free. They are talking and all of a sudden Bennet is able to follow their dialouge and chim in, bit strange! Thought Parkman was the mindreader :S
Luxifer Luxifer 10 years
I forgot to add, why did Mohinder leave Sylar alive at his apartment? Yes he destroyed his computer and stuff, but HELLO!!! Did he think a bonk on the head was going to make Sylar go home and cry? Also, sorry about my terrible grammar before!
Celebrity Celebrity 10 years
I love this show. SO glad the long wait is over and can't wait to see what Grandma Petrelli can do and what the future holds for Micah.
mdbzmom mdbzmom 10 years
Luxifer is totally right about Peter not dodging the glass...good call! I'm sooooo glad Heroes is back on! Something needs to be explained about Nikki/Jessica soon though. I like her OK, but what's her deal? Do we know what her actual power is?
calibabi calibabi 10 years
i love this show!!! can't get enough of it!
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
WOOOOOHOOOOO! Heroes is BACK!!!! Hhaha. It had gotten to the point where I was like, "I don't even remember what was going on, I don't even care anymore!" Haha...that cynical little girl shut the heck up last night, though! What was with the creepy music when Nathan was hugging Claire? It really gave me the creeps. If you get the emails and stuff from that Samantha girl (which, by the way, include like a whole other group of characters or something...maybe Heroes 2?), it leads me to believe that they are going to split and you're going to have to kind of choose sides without fully knowing who is good. That is a good catch about that sketch book! I wondered why he'd give it to the courier. I also wondered that about HRG's memory! And that shapeshifting lady is starting to irritate me. I do think Micah will be a much better part of the show now. Maybe they'll kill of Jessica. **FINGERS CROSSED**
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
You guys are awesome! Nadia, I totally didn't even connect Isaac's sketch book with his comment to Sylar that he's "showed them how to kill you." Good call on that one. Luxifer — I so hope Ando doesn't die, but that's a really interesting thought! He is so good for those moments of comic relief. It was also sad/funny when he was like, "I don't like the future." Gotta love the Ando.
Luxifer Luxifer 10 years
Why didn't Peter get down when he saw Sylar lift the glass shards. Was he so dumb that he didn't think, "Hm..maybe he's going to try to throw them at me?" I finally liked Isaac. I totally thought was Ando said when after Hiro explained something, Ando was like, "I'm confused." They're my favorite! But.... Future Hiro isn't hanging out with Ando...does that mean he dies??!?!?
LuciLu LuciLu 10 years
Loved it! I am eagerly awaiting the reveal of Grandma Petrelli's power! I agree Buzz, it will no doubt be an awesome unvelining. I assume she was once among the group of people Linderman referred to.... I cannot wait until Monday! :)
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 10 years
Nadia Potter I count the days 'till last night episode and it was great! How Issac accept his part... and that he says that he finally became a hero... I think the hero part it´s in the sketch book he gave to the delivery boy or in the last comic book... And anyway, that Sylar "kill" Peter was OK, but I did love that Peter show him and Mohinder he has power and know how to use them.
Pinkrabbit Pinkrabbit 10 years
I loved last night's episode. It was great and fantastic! I find it interesting how Linderman has Isaac's paintings. It was weird at first but then you learn that he is the main boss at the paper company. I can't wait for next week!
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