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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 19, ".07%"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 19, ".07%"

Wow, the "Heroes" came back from the hiatus with capes a-flyin', so to speak. Anyone else notice that the narration has shifted from Mohinder Suresh to Linderman? And Linderman makes for a dramatic narrator, prone to lofty statements like "People think I collect art, but I really collect lives fixed in paint."

There was so much going on in this week's episode, with something for pretty much all the characters, so check out some musings now that I've caught my breath. Most anything I say is going to be a spoiler, so to see the rest and discuss, read more

  • In the Company's holding cells, Mr. Bennet "thinks" instructions to Parkman for getting them out, which struck me for two reasons: 1) Mr. Bennet doesn't remember much, but he knows that there's a weak pipe in the cell where he used to hold highly dangerous super-people, and 2) it's funny that Parkman can't argue with Mr. Bennet because, as he puts it, "This is a one-way conversation."
  • Grandma Petrelli has a power! I cannot wait for that to be revealed in what will probably be a totally kick-ass way.
  • Linderman has a power, too! And I have to say, his power to heal is one of the coolest powers on the show yet. And then there's his reasoning behind the New York explosion: People need hope and the way to that hope is through devastating New York City. "Out of the ashes, humanity will find a united sense of hope in a united sense of fear." And it's no big deal, really, since New Yorkers only account for .07% of the world's population.
  • How is it that, even knowing what was coming, I still jumped a mile when I saw Mohinder on the ceiling? That scene with Peter and Sylar and the glass shards floating was So. Totally. Awesome. Floating glass shards in itself is a neat trick.
  • Linderman wants Micah to help him "save the world," so the shapeshifter pretends to be Jessica and delivers Micah straight into Linderman's hands. Sad, but not really. I think Micah will end up being a lot cooler than originally thought.
  • Nobody thought to close Peter's dead, milky eyes? Gross. But then it's Claire to the rescue when she wrenches the glass out of Peter's head and he coughs back to life. Yes, it's mean and I knew it was far-fetched, but I was still hopeful that Peter would stay dead. Watching him talk makes me feel dumber.
  • I think Isaac's death was kind of moving. His resignation to his part in the whole plan was so calm and peaceful, touching back on Linderman's declaration, "We all have our roles to play in the events to come." Also, by not crying and carrying on, Isaac totally didn't give Sylar his usual satisfaction.
  • Poor Claire. She got so close to familial bliss! Nathan's "I want to be there for you" made her look so hopeful. Then it was followed by, "But I can't." Psych!
  • Okay, the ending was super awesome: Hiro and Ando, now in post-explosion New York, return to Isaac's studio to find newspaper clippings hung up in a time line. Then "present-day" Hiro hears a sword being unsheathed, so he pulls out his own sword and comes face-to-face with ... his future self.
  • I always look forward to "Heroes," but I have to admit that I am rabidly anticipating next week's which will take place five years in the future! What did you think about this week's episode?

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