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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 21, "The Hard Part"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 21, "The Hard Part"

This week's episode of "Heroes" was great. We meet Molly Walker as a "special" person, not just the little girl whose thoughts Parkman "heard" when she was crouching in the closet. We watch Sylar visit with his mother. We endure weird bonding moments between Peter and Claire, who still seem like they are flirting even though he's technically her uncle. And suddenly Mohinder has sexy muttonchops.

There was something lacking in this week's episode, though, and I'm not sure what it was exactly. Let's discuss — amidst the spoilers! — when you

  • Sylar's sudden switcheroo from remorseless evildoer to guilt-ridden, aw-shucks, "just-a-watchmaker" seems really abrupt and strange. He takes one look at the painting he made of the disastrous future and suddenly he's the soft-voiced, only-kinda-disturbed gentleman from the beginning of the season? I totally did not buy that at first, though his interactions with his mom were so heartbreaking I eventually stopped caring about his uncharacteristic 180-degree turn.
  • So, Linderman has been watching the "special" people all their lives. Now, he and his Company have Molly working on finding Sylar, Peter readying to blow up New York, and Nathan set to be the nation's leader after the explosion. I still want to know what Micah has to do with all this.
  • Mohinder and Molly are pretty cute together. I kind of hoped the whole season would end with Mohinder holding up Molly's paper star and Sylar shriveling down to nothing. How cute would that be?
  • Claire has some funny moments this week! When she learns her dad, Nathan can fly she's impressed but just shrugs, looks down and says, "S'cool." Later she insists to Peter that her destiny can't be to shoot him, followed by: "The universe cannot be that lame!"
  • Cruel and heartless though he may be, Sylar has a whole arsenal of awesome tricks now that he's killed so many "special" people. When he turns the sink spray into gently falling snow for his mom who loves snow globes, it's so sweet. Well, until it turns really horrible, anyway.
  • I liked how there was a cartoon shark that looked like it was about to bite into Micah's head behind him while Candace was threatening to ruin him for life. "Heroes" is not often interested in subtle imagery.
  • Hiro and Ando's dude-love comes through again: Just when Hiro is doubting whether he can kill Sylar who "looks so sad," Ando points to the comic book future in which Sylar kills Ando. Armed with new resolve, Hiro goes to kill Sylar, but his efforts are thwarted by that damn ice ability Sylar's enjoying so much.
  • Yeesh! Sylar painting in his mother's blood is uber-gruesome, even for "Heroes." Oh, and just a reminder: Only five more days until Mother's Day!

The episode had some solid moments, but I suppose it lacked some of the "oomph" of last week's episode. What did you think of "The Hard Part"?

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