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"Heroes" Recap: Episode 21, "The Hard Part"

"Heroes" Recap: Episode 21, "The Hard Part"

This week's episode of "Heroes" was great. We meet Molly Walker as a "special" person, not just the little girl whose thoughts Parkman "heard" when she was crouching in the closet. We watch Sylar visit with his mother. We endure weird bonding moments between Peter and Claire, who still seem like they are flirting even though he's technically her uncle. And suddenly Mohinder has sexy muttonchops.

There was something lacking in this week's episode, though, and I'm not sure what it was exactly. Let's discuss — amidst the spoilers! — when you

  • Sylar's sudden switcheroo from remorseless evildoer to guilt-ridden, aw-shucks, "just-a-watchmaker" seems really abrupt and strange. He takes one look at the painting he made of the disastrous future and suddenly he's the soft-voiced, only-kinda-disturbed gentleman from the beginning of the season? I totally did not buy that at first, though his interactions with his mom were so heartbreaking I eventually stopped caring about his uncharacteristic 180-degree turn.
  • So, Linderman has been watching the "special" people all their lives. Now, he and his Company have Molly working on finding Sylar, Peter readying to blow up New York, and Nathan set to be the nation's leader after the explosion. I still want to know what Micah has to do with all this.
  • Mohinder and Molly are pretty cute together. I kind of hoped the whole season would end with Mohinder holding up Molly's paper star and Sylar shriveling down to nothing. How cute would that be?
  • Claire has some funny moments this week! When she learns her dad, Nathan can fly she's impressed but just shrugs, looks down and says, "S'cool." Later she insists to Peter that her destiny can't be to shoot him, followed by: "The universe cannot be that lame!"
  • Cruel and heartless though he may be, Sylar has a whole arsenal of awesome tricks now that he's killed so many "special" people. When he turns the sink spray into gently falling snow for his mom who loves snow globes, it's so sweet. Well, until it turns really horrible, anyway.
  • I liked how there was a cartoon shark that looked like it was about to bite into Micah's head behind him while Candace was threatening to ruin him for life. "Heroes" is not often interested in subtle imagery.
  • Hiro and Ando's dude-love comes through again: Just when Hiro is doubting whether he can kill Sylar who "looks so sad," Ando points to the comic book future in which Sylar kills Ando. Armed with new resolve, Hiro goes to kill Sylar, but his efforts are thwarted by that damn ice ability Sylar's enjoying so much.
  • Yeesh! Sylar painting in his mother's blood is uber-gruesome, even for "Heroes." Oh, and just a reminder: Only five more days until Mother's Day!

The episode had some solid moments, but I suppose it lacked some of the "oomph" of last week's episode. What did you think of "The Hard Part"?

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torisweettooth torisweettooth 10 years
Oh man...i know the mother Petrelli has to have some type of gift. What if both the father and mother have gifts i mena hello they have two children that have special powers. I don't know but i loved the episode. Sylar accidently killing his mother was sad til he was playing in her blood. How morbid was that? I was already thinking he was crazy but seeing that was (shivers) yeah well "Psycooooooo..." came out my mouth. :)
bookgirl bookgirl 10 years
The ice ability was taken from Molly's (the little girl) father. Remember he was sitting up in a chair frozen solid with the top of his head missing in like the second or third episode. Lindeman isn't Nathan's father, if you read the online comics it tells that Lindeman knew papa Petrelli during the Vietnam war. When Lindeman goes to visit Papa Petrelli he is already married to Mama and they have baby Nathan. He could, however, be Peter's father. I do wonder whether that was Mama Petrelli talking to Nathan at the end, I kind of wonder if it was Candace, but I don't know how she would be there and with Micah at the same time. I also think the Micah is there to rig the votes in favor of Nathan, that's the only way he would win.
fashionist fashionist 10 years
I was wondering about that ice ability as well. Also when Hiro and Ando are on the terrace/roof outside Isaac's apartment, how come Sylar can't hear them? Doesn't he have sonic hearing? It seems to come and go. I think that it should be noted that Sylar doesn't kill for the sake of killing (he let Mohinder live didn't he?), only for the sake of obtaining more special powers. When he saw the apocalyptic future of NYC, he thought that maybe if his mom could be proud of him he could go back to being a watch maker. That ended badly, but who knows - it may have worked.
ChapstickAddict ChapstickAddict 10 years
""I still want to know what Micah has to do with all this." Micah can manipulate technology. Linderman is going to have him fix the Petrelli election by manipulating all the voting machines." - Sassette Exactly! Hasn't anyone else noticed all the times Nathan has said that he's behind in the poles? The only way he's going to win the election is if Micah riggs the machines. Also, I don't think Sylar has ever seemed to want to die himself. Since he never killed Claire and thus can't regenerate, I think part of the reason why he was freaked out about blowing up was because he would die. I know I'd run home to my momma if I had a vision of the future in which I blew myself up.
pud3333 pud3333 10 years
Sylar's seeming 180 degree character turn isn't that hard to swallow. He was never interested in regular people, only those with powers so he can take them. He wasn't killing for the sake of killing; it was for a purpose, always a goal in mind, but now he'll be killing millions for a purpose he didn't understand, which is why he felt so conflicted. Then he did what all adults do at some point when they're feeling lost, and that's to go home. But most of us don't have crazy moms with snow globe fetishes. After Sylar mistakenly kills his mother, I suppose all his mom's talk of destiny and being special only help solidify his newly realized goal of fulfilling his destiny, which appears to be the deaths of millions, and since it's his purpose to kill millions, he embraces his future. At least that's my take on it from bits and pieces of stuff i've read on interviews of various Heroes writers.
skane skane 10 years
Did anyone notice Ando's surprised expression and the movement of his eyes in his very last scene? Is there a painting behind Hiro that shows him doing something with the broken sword? Could that be what the painter meant about finally becoming a hero? Skane
sigmaration sigmaration 10 years
I admit it. I have a crush on Sylar. I know, I shouldn't. He's evil and paints in momma's blood and stuff. But damn, he's cute. I also picked up on the Claire/Peter flirting. I swear, I thought they were gonna start making out the whole episode.
elynette elynette 10 years
Did anyone else realize that Sylar's mom was Aubrey from the Little Shop of Horrors Movie with Rick Moranis?? Ok... its just me, but last nights episode was a good one. I think what is happening is that Linderman and Momma Petrelli made Nate and Peter. She wanted to send Claire to Paris so she wouldn't be hurt in the explosion. Linderman saw how his children came out and arranged for other people with special powers get together(e.g. DL and Nikki/Jessica) to make guaranteed super power babies(micah). Linderman realized that some of the Heroes are not using their power to the fullest potential or they are concealing their powers, or are using their powers for evil, so he wants to wipe them out via Peter "Atomic Bomb" Petrelli. Micah is going to shut down the city so there is no way out (unless you could fly) and the little girl is going to be killed by Sylar, I think. I think that is the reason why Mohinder kinda hesitated to take the girls blood when she told him what her power was. If the agency gets a hold of her and cures her illness then they'll be able to find all of the S.P. people, if Sylar gets a hold of her and she's not sick, then he can find everyone without Mohinder's help. Mohinder may want to keep her sick because the illness inhibits her powers, if Sylar takes her power, he takes her illness and he'll be powerless, that is why she is the only person who can stop Sylar, by not necessarily killing him, but by taking away his power through what she has. but that's just me.
SweetFlower SweetFlower 10 years
I thought in a previous episode Mrs. Petrelli hinted at having a power but never elaborated on it. Not sure. Other than that, I was really ticked that Hiro was soo daggone wimpy and didn't kill Sylar then and there when he had the chance. He should have run in that apartment with the sword swinging. Other than that, I have to say that if Peter Petrelli were my uncle, I'd so be pressuring him for a secret incestuous relationship. My god is he friggin HOT!
a-geek a-geek 10 years
Any chance Hiro accidentally killed Sylar's mom? I missed a second or two there and couldn't tell what in the world happened. I figured that Hiro kill Sylar's mom would be enough to make Sylar want to eat brains again.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 10 years
Yesterday was monday. I kinda start feeeling sorry for Sylar, my brother and I were like "so, it is all her fault (sylar's mom)...that b!^#!!!" he raise a psycho, it is her fault that he became obsessed with being special. And Mama petrelli I hope she got a power, otherwise how rude of her! 2 episodes left. What about Hiro's dad? in the next scenes we see him like fighting with Hiro, with Hiro's sword in one piece. Is Hiro his real son? or he is another Claire bear? Is that why his father want him back in Japan? dear Lord...
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
interesting episode i liked it a lot. it can't be jam packed with action or shocking moments because they're saving that for the finale. gosh i can't wait. i thought the part where claire said "it's cool.." and looks down was very cute. i also like her and peter together. i was upset that he was her uncle haha. oh well i love hiro! it just wasn't his destiny to kill sylar yet. and sylar creeps me out! i don't want him to have a conscience because i do not want to feel for him. ah but i do. still though, he's so heartless. the blood painting..... gross!!
Sassette Sassette 10 years
"I still want to know what Micah has to do with all this." Micah can manipulate technology. Linderman is going to have him fix the Petrelli election by manipulating all the voting machines.
cageyme cageyme 10 years
This is such a wonderfully stressful show to watch because most times it is hard to know where it is all going. I liked the thing with Sylar and his mother and his guilt over blowing up NYC because it really underscored just how COMPLETELY NUTS he is. I am sure that Linderman is going to use Micah to manipulate electronic voting machines in Nathan's favor. And how evil is Nathan and Peter's mom? Sheeesh!
controlledspin controlledspin 10 years
pinupsweetheart, I thought the EXACT same thing about the star ;) I thought the flirty-ness was weird too. I am hoping we find out they aren't related ;) I loved it though. I can't wait to understand it all :) [must be exhausting to lose your own game]
L_W L_W 10 years
I enjoyed this weeks epi, but I figured it was going to be very hard to follow last weeks episode with all it's back to the future greatness. I think Micah might have something to do with stopping the subway system, since that seems to be where it all goes down. Forgive me, how did Sylar come upon that ice ability? I can't remember. And can we talk about the Petrelli's ice queen of a mom? She's so on the same level as Sylar. Just crazy. You gotta love this show, though. -LW
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
Last night was very good. Its leading up to a big finale without giving too much away. I think what was missing is what the writers WANT to tell you and are dying to tell you but have to wait to make it two more shows. And you KNOW that little star that molly gave Mohinder- will be HUGE at the end.
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