According to Mohinder's voiceover at the end of the season finale of "Heroes," "We find purpose in each other — our shared experience of the fantastic...and the mundane." I think he is speaking specifically about the season finale. Mundane, indeed. I'm not utterly disappointed, but I'm not wowed or entirely satisfied either. I'm just going to say it: I think the "Desperate Housewives" season finale was actually better than the "Heroes" finale. Maybe my expectations were too high. Anyway, to check out my lists of likes and dislikes from the episode (spoiler warning) and to tell me what you thought of the "Heroes" finale,

Here are some of the things I liked about the episode:

  • Perhaps my favorite part is when Claire just up and dives out the window, falls many stories, then dusts herself off and walks away. It would have been funny if she'd flipped off her dad and grandma as she sauntered away.
  • The tender moments between Hiro and his father are often touching, but were especially so in this episode when his father tells Hiro not to forget his legacy, "the wind at the back of history."
  • This was awesome: When Sylar has Ando by the throat and taunts Hiro, "All you have to do is stop time before I cut open his head. Think you can do your little trick before I can do mine?" And Hiro zooms through space and time to rescue his friend.
  • Simone's dad could see Future Invisible Peter! That part was the sweetest: "There has to be one who’s good, there always has, and your heart has the ability to love unconditionally. Like I told you, in the end all that really matters is love."
  • Mohinder and Molly, still tugging at my heart strings. Although, when she tells Parkman not to die because he's her hero I had to wonder, "What's Mohinder, chopped liver?"
  • Speaking of Molly, she can be one creepy little girl. "When I think about him," whispering, "he can see me."
  • I love that Grandma Petrelli, Peter and Claire have these serious conversations with Mr. Bennet using Claire's pink cotton candy-colored cell phone.

Here's what I didn't like:

  • Frankly, I wanted Claire to shoot Peter, and not just because I can't stand Peter (or Milo's School of Keanu Reeves acting technique). It would have been a bold, intense move and what do they do instead? Peter and Nathan zoom into outer space together! For a season finale, I just think that was silly. I expected something more from "Heroes."
  • I definitely did not want Mr. Bennet to die, but when he revealed that his name is Noah, I was sure that was the end of our beloved HRG. Then... nothing. So why was his name such a secret this whole time?
  • Having acquired Nathan's flying ability, it seems like Peter could have zipped up to outer space on his own. If we're supposed to just assume that Peter was too heated up or that Nathan could get him there faster, I think that's lame and would have liked to have had that explained fully. Otherwise, to me it seems like an oversight.
  • We never learned Grandma Petrelli's power! We pointlessly learn Mr. Bennet's name but not Grandma P's ability? I understand leaving some mysteries unsolved, but that one seemed like an easy and satisfying bone to throw us.

What did you think of the "Heroes" season finale?