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Heroes Rundown Chapter 12: "Our Father"

Here we are, Heroes watchers, the second to last episode before the finale of this volume, "Villains." This week, Hiro and Claire have traveled 16 years back in time, and they interact with their parents and their past selves. Meanwhile, the cruel side of Sylar is back in full force, and Nathan sees firsthand what is being planned for the future at Pinehearst.

To chat about this episode,


  • Hiro and Claire watch as 16-years-ago-Kaito gives HRG the baby Claire to raise as his own. This is, as Kaito says, "Not a request." It's kind of cute seeing Hiro and Claire together. Hiro's mother is dying and she wants to make arrangements for the catalyst. Hiro watches his mother cure a sick dove and says with awe, "My mommy is a healer."
  • Bad Sylar is totally back. He tells Arthur he's not going to help him anymore and then sets Elle's body on fire. Poor Elle! She and Sylar were my favorite couple on TV for a minute back there.
  • Nathan tells his father he's taking over Pinehearst. "You wouldn't have gone to all this trouble to make me if you didn't need me." Tracy walks Nathan down to an area where they're keeping soldiers, and explains Arthur's (and her) plan: "We'd like to call it 'intelligent design.' . . . When we perfect the formula, we get to choose who gets what power, and we've chosen the best."
  • Claire goes to see her mom of 16 years ago on the first day of having adopted baby Claire. It must be weird to hold yourself as a baby. And change your own baby self's diaper. Later, HRG comes home and he knows Claire is lying about who she is. Claire tells HRG that this baby Claire is going to need him to protect her, and that the Company will want to do something to her but he shouldn't let them because his little "Claire Bear" is "fine just the way she is." Awww. . .
  • Mean ol' Sylar takes the power of a woman who can tell when people are lying — on her birthday. That's just sad.
  • Nathan chats with one of the soldiers, wanting him to be sure he knows what he's getting into with this program. The soldier believes that if he were more than human, he could be a better Marine, he might have been able to have saved his fellow soldiers in Iraq.
  • Sad! Kaito doesn't think Hiro is responsible enough for the catalyst. He tells his wife that Hiro "will never amount to anything" (harsh!), which Hiro (er, both versions) overhears. The present-day Hiro (who thinks he's 10 years old) tells his dying mother of 16 years ago that he's her son. His healer mother helps Hiro regain his memories. He tells her what he's been up to (saving the world — twice!) and she assures him that she always thought he was meant for greatness. Hiro convinces her that he should get the catalyst, "the light." He says he is strong enough to protect it. So she gives him the light, after which Hiro murmurs, "You showed me what it means to be a hero."
  • Funny line from Ando after having sped to New York with Daphne: "I like teleporting more. Less windy." Ando, Parkman and Daphne track down Isaac Mendez's sketches for a final issue of 9th Wonder from the bike messenger in New York.
  • Angela has asked Peter to kill Arthur, so Peter and the Haitian go to find him. On the way, Peter and the Haitian have a heart to heart and the Haitian offers to kill Arthur, but Peter says it's his responsibility.
  • Arthur shows up in the 16 years ago where Claire and Hiro are talking. He steals Hiro's abilities and the catalyst, too. Then he sends Claire back up to present day with a message: "Tell Angela it's over. I won." Hiro is now stuck 16 years in the past — with no powers. So, Ando decides he should get the teleporting power so he can go back in time and save Hiro. He just needs the formula . . .
  • Arthur infuses the formula with the catalyst and Mohinder injects the concoction into a Marine.
  • Peter and the Haitian reach Pinehearst and Peter holds his father at gunpoint, but Arthur doesn't think Peter can bring himself to kill him. Just as Peter shoots the gun, Sylar appears and stops the bullet from reaching Arthur so he can ask him if he's really his son. Arthur insists he is, but Sylar can tell Arthur is lying and he makes the bullet go into Arthur's head.
  • The Marine reacts to the formula which has given him enhanced strength. He "feels good."

Next week's episode, "Duel," marks the last chapter in this volume of Heroes.

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mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
Heroes has gotten soo bad. :(
BabyNorbert BabyNorbert 8 years
Nooo! I had hoped after the last episode that mayby, just maybe Elle didn't die! She was my favorite!!!!! She had some really cool lines and Kristen Bell is soo good! I'm going to miss her on the show...
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
The scenes in the past were by far the strongest ones they've had on the show for a while. I loved the whole thing with Hiro and his mom- but HATED how the writers just had Arthur show up like that. It just seemed totally pointless. I also liked Claire trying to protect her baby self, but thought it was sort of funny that HRG just NOT ANSWERING THE PHONE would be enough to keep baby Claire from becoming the catalyst. I mean, come on, couldn't they have sent someone over with the message? Sorry, but I think Syler is back to being just plain evil and boring. I really liked the Syler and Elle team and thought they might go all vigilante and do their own thing, which would have been really fun. Syler killing the lady on her birthday was just mean. And Arthur is getting tedious too. The super soldier project felt very ripped off from Buffy Season 4 to me. Anyway, don't we all know that genetically enhanced super soldier projects NEVER end well?? And Mohinder, what? You didn't even do a dry run and test that juice on your scaley self before injecting that poor PTSD'd kid? Mohinder, you really have gone to the dark side now. Peter is still strikingly inefficient. Seriously, everything his father says about him is sort of true. he really CAN'T get anything done! Ando, Parkman and Daphne were kind of funny. Ando is totally jonsing for a super power now, isn't he?
superstar2780 superstar2780 8 years
I was wondering too about how sylar kept his powers while the haitian was around, but that makes sense. I am sad to see elle go! now sylar is back to his one-note brain-destroying power-stealing schtick, ho hum. I loved the scenes with hiro and his mother. how cute when he pushed up his glasses at the same time as his 10-year-old self. I was also kind of annoyed when arthur just dropped in and ruined the scene. and even more annoyed with the cheesi-ness of having hiro survive by hanging off of a light pole or whatever. I mean, really?
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
I totally agree ingalinnea - how did arthur just show up sixteen years in the past?? That part bugged me, but the rest I loved! The scene with Hiro and his mom made me cry too!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Waverly! from Joy Luck Club...awesome as Hiro's mom. I sure do hope Papa P is really dead. Best part? the elevator scene with Sylar and the poor guy.
willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
I adore Heroes but last night's ep wasn't the greatest.
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
verr0nica - Peter had those powers and Arthur took all of Peter's powers.
ingalinnea ingalinnea 8 years
Maybe it was that Arthur was too strong, overpowered the Haitian and got his powers back just in time for Sylar to appear. So maybe the Haitian wasn't able to use his powers then? I love the scene between Hero and his mother. I totally started to cry! Even my BF said that it was the first truly emotional scene of this season. So, needless to say, I was pretty torked off when Arthur came and took the catalyst away from Hero so soon after he got it from his dying mother. The writers should have given him some chance to defend it and at least attempt to prove to himself (and his mother?) that he isn't a failure. And how in the heck did Arthur know where/when to find Hero & Claire? Why didn't Arthur just go into the past and steal it from Hero's mother before all of this? (ps: Arthur got his teleportation powers from Peter who got them from Hero) I have been a die-hard Heroes fan from the beginning but, at the end of an episode, I am more angry and frustrated than I am excited to see what happens next week. And I am confused about the season ending. They just said next week is the last episode "of the year", but it is December so duh. I heard they were going to start up again in February - but will it be considered a new chapter?
verr0nica verr0nica 8 years
Did I miss Arthur getting teleportation powers? WTF?
YMO YMO 8 years
Maybe since the Haitian was holding Arthur off he couldn't hold Sylar off at the same time?
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
I don't understand how Sylar still retained his powers when the Haitian was around, but Arthur was powerless? Did I miss Sylar picking up an immunity to the Haitian's power somewhere?
YMO YMO 8 years
Sad to see Elle go, but a little happy to have bad Sylar back. I suppose next week we'll see how Peter gets his powers back, but at least the scar is explained. I really hope the formula gets rid of Mohinder's scales. He's far less annoying when he's hot.
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