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"Heroes" Rundown Chapter 2: "Lizards"

"Heroes" Rundown Chapter 2: "Lizards"

In this week's episode of "Heroes" we learned a bit more about Maya's powers, got more into the story of Takezo Kensei and inched a little closer to learning what the heck is up with Peter and his bare chest. Also, I'm thinking this West kid is a real creep — and an annoying one at that.

Most anything else I can say is a spoiler, though, so if you didn't see the episode, don't read on. But for some of my thoughts on the show and to share your own,

  • Mrs. Bennet tells Claire not to show off with her mad regenerating skills, but I love it when Claire does that. Along those same lines, I'm surprised Claire never thought to cut off a toe or something before, just to see what happened. And that part was disgusting/awesome.
  • It's super cool that Hiro is actually the heroic one in Kensei's clothing, but I was sort of hoping that the hero in the legends was really the princess this whole time.
  • So Maya has a super destructive power while her twin brother has a kind of healing power. Maya is like Radioactive Ted from last season — a hero whose powers are destructive and difficult (or impossible) to control.
  • Of course Peter has to be bare chested and doused with liquid. I also love how he can slip out of his rope restraints, heal immediately from his wounds and defeat all the bad guys threatening Caitlin, but he just can’t be bothered to button up that flannel shirt.
  • Again, a lot more talk of God this week: God is referenced around Maya and Alejandro several times, and there was the whole thing about the Haitian being sick with the virus and that being God's will.
  • Also: the Haitian! He's back! And he's back with HRG! While looking at the Haitian, HRG says that Mohinder has given him everything he needs to find the other seven paintings.
  • Man, that West is getting on my nerves. “You don’t have to hide everything interesting about you.” Well, maybe if you’d shut up for a second she could say something interesting about herself. He’s just nag nag nag, all the time.
  • Whoever — or whatever — attacked Angela in the police station has the power of invisibility or to teleport or to go through walls or something. One possibility is Claude, of course, but I'm not convinced it's him.
  • Speaking of Angela, she and Kaito Nakamura, huh? What kind of "company" was this, anyway?
  • My theory so far is that this person who wants revenge on Angela and who killed Kaito Nakamura is Angela's husband (Nathan and Peter's dad), who supposedly "killed himself."
  • Kensei can regenerate! When he sees this, Hiro says “Godsend."

What did you think of this week's "Heroes"?

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candi_s candi_s 9 years
it's amazing how the writers can keep everything in track. however they can remember who's met who.. i'm so lost. just going along for the ride. and enjoying it! claire's toe cutting scene was gross as! but it was cool seeing the bone n all grow back.. i loved how caitlin says 'oh' after peter zaps and pows away the bad guys.
AmazonChick AmazonChick 9 years
I agree, I agree - but the only thing I have to say is that I don't think it was random that Claire's car was stolen. And I also don't think she left it unlocked! I think she tells her dad that so that he's not suspicious of why it was HER car that was stolen, not another one in the lot... I think someone has found them already :)
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
ChapstickAddict: I didn't think that Papa petrelli had powers. But for all we know not everybody discovers their power at the same time. Some sooner (Linderman, Kensei), some later (Peter, DL, Sylar), some young (Claire, Micah), some adults (Sylar, Peter, Nicky) so.. everything can happen, and it seem that Linderman reclute Papa Petrelli for the organization, as it seems in those Graphic Novels. So, now I think both Papa and Mama Petrelli have powers. But again, everything can happen. Finally someone besides me reads the comics!!! :) did someone read this week comic?? The Haitan didn't erase Mohinder memory, everything was a plan of Noah.
geohiker geohiker 9 years
One of the things I really like about this show is all the different languages. This episode had pieces in Spanish, French, and Japanese - so fun to follow, I makes me feel very international trying to interpret as they speak (and, of course, like I need to become more multilingual, like so many other people around the world, to keep up with what is happening!).
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
This episode was wonderful. I actually like West! He interests me and I can't wait until the show tells more about him. This bare-chested Milo part adds a wonderful quality to the show!lol. Love seeing him!
Mindbolt Mindbolt 9 years
So does anyone else think that Claire may be a descendant of Kensei (since both can regenerate)? It's totally possible seeing that everyone is an immigrant to America. And yes I have thought that wouldn't she be part Japanese then? But not really if they just share the original bloodline or something. They wouldn't have be great great great great grandfather and daughter, lol Although I wouldn't be surprised if Kensei had many baby mamas since he likes his drink so much, lol. That would certainly lend another layer of mystery to the show. So crackpot theory aside, i totally loved this episode and oh my lord how hot is Peter?!!? I can't wait for next week.
silversnowflake silversnowflake 9 years
I agree with every single person on this board that said that Peter needs to keep that shirt unbuttoned or just not ever have one on! Peter, Mohinder, Claire, and Hiro are my favorite four. And I was so happy to see their progress. Claire needs to watch out for that annoying perv. I think I'd like to see her beat him up in the next episode for being a nuisance... But that probably won't happen. Maya and her brother make a great addition to the show. Adds more drama... I'd like to see how things are when they make it to a safer place. On an odd note, I love cherry blossoms, so it was nice to see them on the show. How many shows have cherry blossoms in them? Not that many.
mabess mabess 9 years
i love how Mr. Muggles gets his own 5 minutes in every episode. he's so freakin' cute and will probably end up saving the world. and i too am wondering when i'm going to get some Veronica Mars action going on? they better not make her character suck in any way, or i'll be pissed. Kristen Bell is awesome. final thoughts: Nathan's beard: yuck West: peeping-tom weirdo Claire's toe: gross and will probably be eaten by Mr. Muggles HRG: love him
shafiii shafiii 9 years
I think its odd how Parkman doesnt really know the things beyond his power like Mohinder and HRG do. I loved the episode, but could there be any more commercials!? Milo and bare chest is deff fine with me. i heart Milo!
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
jpullman813- I totally agree with you about Hiro's story line- it's getting old fast. He needs to get back to the present and be with Ando. They're both better off together. I hope this Irish chick that Peter saved is going to stick around for a bit- if anything because I love Irish accents. Has there not been enough outcry for Charlie to come back? Even if it's just in an alternate past or future? She was the best guest hero last season. I figured that Peter got his electric shock power from Sylar, who had a huge arsenal of powers that, technically, Peter should have all of now. I don't think it's Ted's power because that was red and this shock seems to be blue. I totally keep forgetting who knows each other, and how, and what everyone's complete story is- there's so many people to keep track of it's ridiculous. I feel like this season's moving a bit slow and I hate that everyone has scattered and is separated now. It feels like starting all over again- it was better when they were all discovering each other and had stories that intersected. I know this'll progress as the season goes on, but it really does feel like being back at square one. P.S. Superpowers or not, apparently Claire can't get over being a dumb blonde and not locking her car!
ChapstickAddict ChapstickAddict 9 years
I don't think Angela's husband had powers. See comics 25-28.
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
nathan definitely needs to lose the ain't working. and mohinder should TOTALLY be added to the "shirtless at all times" list...YUM.
jpullman813 jpullman813 9 years
Milo = Hot. Now only if this was on HBO, and he could be shirtless and pantsless for a whole episode. :) I don't really like Hiro's story this season. Hopefully it'll get better. When Angela started getting attack, I literally yelled out "I love this show!" :)
Choco-cat Choco-cat 9 years
Caterpillar - I totally missed that post, sorry. I loved him in Enterprise. Hope he stays!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
choco, i pointed out Dominic on last weeks recap! i knew it was him! hot.
Choco-cat Choco-cat 9 years
some comments on others' comments. 1. Peter shirtless is totally unnecessary but, damn, does he look good! 2. i also think his "electric shock" thing is from his time with Ted (radioactive man)...and he did come in (somewhat) contact during the finale with D.L, so that explains the phasing (as the x-fans call it) ability through his ropes. 3. did anyone notice who one of the irish guys was? Dominic Keating (Malcolm from Star Trek: Enterprise! yep, scifi geek through and through). i really hope he gets to play a significant role in the show. 4. i think the confusion about whether Matt met Hiro/Ando is because i think they did - in that (possible) future, where they get accused of killing Isaac. didn't they? but it didn't really happen?? (a little confusing) 5. i hope we get more of an explination of what happened between Matt and his wife. i feel like that was left in the air. 6. i definitely think there are multiple people involved in taking out "the company"...haven't figured out who yet. think any of it is mr. bennett's doing?? 7. Maya's power is creepy-cool! ok, i absolutely love the show and am completely addicted to it. however, i can still see some glaring problems/oversights. i won't go into huge detail but i do have to voice my biggest issue with the show. could they PLEASE get some women that don't need to be saved/taken care of in it! i feel like there are none so far. the only women that had potential in that area were either killed off (Eden and Charlie) or didn't even get a superpower and then just wonder off the show (FBI Agent Hanson).
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
Have you heard the theory that West killed Kaito? It sounds completely ridiculous but if you compare the clothing of Kaito's killer and West's clothing when he's floating and watching Claire, they match up. I'm ready to hear about Niki/Micah/DL again. And I miss Sylar. Can't wait until next week! Oh, and Alejandro-- shave that 'stache!
beansandsyke beansandsyke 9 years
oh my goshes um im mostly curious if hiros dad and peters mom and all those people had powers i know some did but allthe kids got them strange? yeah? yeah i hope they finally tell us
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
west is kind of a creep, but a nerdy lovable creep... in my opinion. last nights ep was good but not enough claire/family/school stuff. it was mainly about the twins i think. eh. i wasn't watching it like a hawk tho either. and where the eff is nikki????
kitten6500 kitten6500 9 years
I just wish I didn't have to wait a week between episodes!! Also, when is Claire going to join cheerleading? We now she does, we've all seen the pics of her on set in the uniform....
Liz7757 Liz7757 9 years
I'd like to know, if Peter met the Haitian (he has his necklace and he doesn't remember anything), does he have that "hero" disease too? Can he even get sick? Can I make him feel better if he is sick?
remedios remedios 9 years
Well even though there are tons of unanswered questions, I forgot to give them credit for answering one, where the Haitian disappeared to. So maybe I'll get more answered. But speed up! And more shirtless Peter, Mohinder and Nathan (sans beard).
Jinx Jinx 9 years
Good call to whoever said last week that Hiro would be the hero! Its so cool that his Dad told him all the stories, and now he's it! I like the princess idea as well though.
Nightwind Nightwind 9 years
Remember when the little girl said there was someone out there worse than Sylar? Im sure Maya is going to have a part in taking that one down.
genvessel genvessel 9 years
1. Naked Peter is never a problem. Milo has come a long way since the days of Stars Hollow and damn, the journey has been good to him. 2. Can Claude fly, too? Because whoever killed Mr. Nakumara could fly. Two different people? 3. The girl who cries tar is kind of freaking me out. 4. I'm curious how big a role the Cork crew will play. I don't remember any of those people being part of the "new heroes" lists in the press. 5. Most important question: WHEN WILL KRISTEN BELL COME ON?!?!
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