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Heroes Rundown Chapter 4: "The Kindness of Strangers"

Ack! So many heroes, so little time or patience. Seriously, folks, this is getting crazy. I can't care about this many characters at once!

Adding to the mix of this season's superheroes is Micah's cousin Monica who, in addition to having a superhuman go-getter attitude, can also pick up skills super quickly (Heroes Wiki calls it photographic reflexes). I like the idea of incorporating a New Orleans storyline, but the number of heroes on this show is getting out of hand! We didn't even see anything about Hiro or Peter this week.

We did get to watch as West and Claire grow closer (despite the HRG's ban on dating), Maya and Alejandro encounter Sylar, Angela Petrelli "confesses" to a crime, Nathan shaves his beard (hooray!) and helps Parkman dig deeper into the Company's secrets. Of course, that's not all though, so to read more about this week's episode of Heroes, (spoilers ahead)

  • So, Molly's still screaming and having nightmares, etc. etc. I wonder if she would benefit from, say, painted walls and an overall less dismal living environment? Just a thought.
  • I totally forgot that Nathan had kids. And even they hate his beard.
  • Sure, leave it to the newbies to save Sylar (er, Gabriel Gray now). At least the whole Maya/Alejandro thing is starting to intertwine with the stories of other heroes. I also think it has a lot of potential to be a compelling plotline, with Sylar desperately wanting powers and driving with these two to New York.
  • Parkman explains to Nathan that his ex-wife cheated on him and got pregnant by the other guy. I am so sure there will be a little half-superbaby in a future episode.
  • Raise your hand if you are so not buying the Claire-West relationship. Not only does he grate against my last nerve, but I also think West is evil and not to be trusted.
  • Micah is sort of obnoxious at the beginning of the episode, but I definitely warmed to him by the end when he tries to help Monica. Ditto for Molly who very sweetly helps locate Parkman's dad in Philadelphia even though it terrifies her.
  • Could Sylar be any hotter in that black undershirt? Seriously?!
  • Again with the nasty cockroach thing! Why is it that someone's bloodied body doesn't faze me, but add a yucky insect to the mix and it's way too much?

What did you think of this week's episode?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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candi_s candi_s 9 years
i'm over sylar. i think it'd be better if maya/alejandro became the new bad guys instead. and sylar would stay dead. sorry. and west is weird. one minute i'm scared of him and wht he'd do to claire and the bennett family. next minute he's so sweet and maybe we'll figure him out when he finally meets HRG. and yes.. nathan's face?!?! that totally freaked me out!
great-escape great-escape 9 years
Does anyone know what the deal is with Nathan's face? How is he able to hide it, and why can we only see his wounds in the mirror??
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
He is so hot! :) Look at this photo. Wow. And look at the comments in that post, too — I'm not the only one who thinks so!
wallaceo wallaceo 9 years
excuse me, but did you say sylar was hot???? oh've officially grossed me out!
itoldyou itoldyou 9 years
Ew. West is so incredibly cheesy. I think he is evil too. Oh, poor Molly though :(
melindasr5 melindasr5 9 years
I agree that there are way too many heroes now. I don't like not seeing characters for an entire episode.
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
I DEFINITELY agree that west is not trustworthy. skeeetttcchhhy.
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
yellowumbrella — True, true. I should have differentiated! Thanks for the heads-up. Mindbolt — I am totally with you on the West issue. He badgers her! And what was with him critiquing her choice of locations to go when she said the Hollywood sign? He was basically like, "You couldn't think of anyplace better?" Even teasingly, that's an unnecessary thing to say. She wanted to sit on the Hollywood sign, back off! And my interpretation of that scene with Micah was that he wanted to try and "fix" her unhappiness like he fixes machines, but he couldn't. I could be wrong, that was just my theory. He is such a cutie.
sumnboutme sumnboutme 9 years
i can't stand the scenes with West & Claire. too cheesy! Thank God for TIvo so I can fast forward... Other than that, great episode. I liked the twist with Parkman's dad.
yellowumbrella yellowumbrella 9 years
Wanted to provide a correction to the article. It says "Wikipedia calls it photographic reflexes" when the link is actually to Heroes Wiki. Wikipedia and Heroes Wiki are two different things. Cheers! :)
sanD13 sanD13 9 years
I like the direction this show is going except for the twins. Seriously, couldn't they have thought of some better power? And like a previous commenter said, Maya and Alejandro just seem really dumb. After all that experience being on the run, you'd think they'd be less trusting of people and know how to car jack without getting caught.
Mindbolt Mindbolt 9 years
Oh, yeah, i just wanted to add: Did anyone notice that in the previews, Kristen Bell's character was running her hands along the wall just like Mr Nakamura's killer did just before he was killed? Could it have been her? Maybe it was just a detail to keep our minds working? Seriously though, that would be very interesting…
Mindbolt Mindbolt 9 years
Okay, so i guess add me to the list of the totally creeped out by West! Could he anymore obnoxious and nosy? "If you don't tell me, I can't help you." Really? Did she ask you for help, or are you cross examining her to death so she feels she has to tell you. Objection! Creepy dude is badgering the witness!! Seriously!!?? So Micah, he is always a handsome little sweetheart to me, but I thought he only had the ability to talk to machines? Is he an empath too? Did anyone else notice that he seemed to be reading his cousin's emotions by placing his hand on her back? Anyone? As for Sylar showing up out of nowhere thing, I agree with the the question of how did he get there from a deserted island? Also you guys might know this: If you watch the animated comics on the NBC/Heroes website, it usually acts as a prelude to each episode or explains some other goings on that we don't see on screen. You can find out things about on going story lines that help a great deal. I won't post them here, so one gets mad, but seriously…watch the online comics. PS: Anyone who does want to know can message me and i will be glad to tell you. It may be stuff you have already suspected or maybe not :)
angelcakesugar angelcakesugar 9 years
My take on West is probably a little opposite of everyone's. I'm thinking that maybe West went through what HRG is trying to protect Claire from. And maybe he just sees a person who's like him. Then again he could be Sylar 2 you never know with this show. Love Monica's power. And that it was straighforward. Not like Nikki/Jessica. If she can make tomato roses why can't she be the next Wolfgang Puck simply by watching? I can't wait for Kristen Bell to be on! I miss Veronica Mars so much on Tuesdays. And Gilmore Girls.
alexlove alexlove 9 years
I don't trust West either and yes, Sylar was really hot in this episode - and Nathan after he shaved! Where was Peter?????
shafiii shafiii 9 years
I thought this weeks episode was awesome although it lacked some serious Peter! I defiantly think that Mikah's grandmother has a power that shes hiding too. West is a cutie, but he is defiantly up to something. I'm not sure what, but i think he knows the HRG is claire's dad. I am so happy Nate finally shaved and is becoming sober and clean! I also hope him and Parkman get closer. Mohinder is pure love and the way he wants to protect Molly is so sweet. I can't believe Parkman's dad was in the group, which other parents are in their? What happened to Molly when she went to find Parkman's dad!!!???? I'm not so into the Maya/Alejandro storyline and Maya is way too trusting. I don't think Sylar is gonna do anything to her until he finds out what the power actually is. Although he so provided the hotness that wasn't available through Peter. I can't wait till next week! I think Kristen Bell is gonna be a great addition. Maybe shes working for Bob? Finding Peter perhaps!? yay I cant wait!!
mellafe mellafe 9 years
I want West to be evil, but then I want pretty much everyone to be bad because it's more interesting, haha. I do hope Kirsten gets to play a cool character and MORE SARK PLEASE (He'll never not be Sark to me). OH, AND MORE NOAH, THANKS.
partysugar partysugar 9 years
Buzz that cockroach got me and my friend as well! When we were watching it was just so gross.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Such a huge Heroes fan, can't get enough.
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
vickibug, I think the broken watch was to remind you of why he would say "Gabriel" - his real name. If you remember last season, we found out that before he was Sylar he was just a guy who fixed watches and clocks.
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 9 years
I totally agree on how West seems bad and shady
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode...i totally called the body in the road being silar. and urbanbohemian, monica made the tomato into a rose because she probably saw it on tv...that's her power, being able to do something if she sees it done. and i wanna know what micah's grandma can do!!!
akosijen akosijen 9 years
can i just say, i am sooooo excited to see kristen bell as a new hero. i could live without the other 3 or 4 new heroes, i mean, there's so many you can't even have all the characters in an hour long show. but i hope kristen bell stays!!!
vickibug vickibug 9 years
Consider my hand raised when it comes to West. Wouldn't you hope that Claire would be a little smarter than to date someone who had a run-in with her dad? And, if you ask me, who cares how Sylar got back, but yay he is back! I like the fact that he is vulnerable and went back to his real name. I wonder if the broken watch has anything to do with the fact that his powers are gone. Don't we go back next week to the events directly after the explosion last season??
nery85 nery85 9 years
im still trying to catch up since i just started to watch this season. I think im pretty up to date on everything, i just get confused on the names. Other than that, it was a good show
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