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Heroes Rundown Chapter 7: "Out of Time"

Heroes Rundown Chapter 7: "Out of Time"

Well, after weeks of Heroes episodes that left me stifling a yawn, this forward-moving episode was a relief. Best part: we find out who Adam Monroe is! I certainly did not see that one coming, and I commend the Heroes gang for pulling off such a cool surprise.

Thankfully, there were no Wonder Twins and no Sylar (as much as I like Sylar usually, I want his story to either go someplace or end). Yet again, could have done without the Hiro-in-ancient-Japan thing, but learning Adam Monroe's identity more or less made up for that.

For some of my thoughts on this episode and to share your own (spoilers ahead),

  • Is it me, or are there themes in this episodes that are very similar to last season's? Last year, Peter was acquiring powers and had to learn how to harness them and use them effectively. This season, Peter has a bunch of powers that he can't remember how to use effectively. Later, talking to Mohinder, Bob says there's "a storm coming," and says that Claire is "the key" ("save the cheerleader, save the world").
  • This is the first episode that takes place in the past, present and future, which was neat and slightly confusing at times.
  • Nathan calls out the Company for never giving any straight answers, only manipulation before asking Bob what exactly it is they do. Finally someone else is sick of all the vague questions and no answers.
  • The princess breaks out of her restraints, muttering that "they always underestimate women." I liked that part.
  • Mr. Muggles is totally watching the makeout session between Claire and West! Also, crazy product placement in this episode with Claire's phone, no?
  • Speaking of West (and ignoring his "we don't have to go any further" comment which just grossed me out), I'm starting to rethink my suspicion of him. He seems genuinely scared when he spots HRG. Then again... that could all be a part of an evil master plan.
  • Here's what I don't understand about Hiro and his power: If he ever regrets anything (like, say, destroying his hero in a blaze of gunpowder), why can't he just travel back in time again and change things?

  • Oh, Mohinder, come on with the honesty! Sheesh. Definitely seems like a mistake to tell Bob about the plan to take down the Company.
  • Matt Parkman's defeat of Nightmare Man seems rather simple. I thought the episode started to really get good when Matt's dad Maury manipulates Niki into seeing DL. Could have done without Maury's voiceover as he's staring at Niki ("Tell me your nightmares. How can I make you into a murderer?"). We get it, we get it.
  • Anyone catch the aspect of this week's episode that was supposed to be green-themed (and I'm not talking about the commercials featuring footage of the cast members planting trees)? I must have blinked and missed it because apparently West was supposed to help the Bennetts with "some energy-saving household repairs." Oh, and the logo in the beginning was green instead of orange.
  • So, HRG is moving the family again and Claire is determined to stay, what, alone in the house?
  • Kensei is really Adam Monroe! I love that awesome twist. He says to Peter, "Don’t you remember? You and I are going to change history."

Photos courtesy of NBC

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