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Heroes Rundown Chapter 9: "Cautionary Tales"

Heroes Rundown Chapter 9: "Cautionary Tales"

I was all ready to write off another episode of Heroes as being kind of lame (enough with the West-Claire romance!) and then ker-pow! That ending was awesome. Also, it was a relief to just get to some of the meatier storylines instead of flitting around with the Wonder Twins. This episode left me feeling more satisfied with Heroes than I've been in a while.

To check out some of my thoughts on the episode and to share your own (spoilers ahead),

  • This show has so many daddy issues, you'd think it was created by J. J. Abrams. This episode in particular was just brimming with father-child angst and anguish, between Hiro and his father, HRG and Claire, Bob and Elle and Parkman and his dad. In other episodes we've had stories surrounding Mohinder's father, Peter and Nathan's dad, and the fact that Molly has not one but two dads. I love that Angela Petrelli even called them out on it this week: “Get over your daddy issues and leave us be!"
  • I hate to say this because I really liked Veronica Mars, but Kristen Bell is starting to get on my nerves on this show. Also, why is everything she says imbued with an intense sexuality?
  • West: Annoying character? Or most annoying character ever?
  • Molly is a little bit cuter when you can mentally influence what she does, eh Parkman?
  • Can we talk about the manly embrace HRG and West share while shuttling through the air for a moment? Mainly: wha...? So. Very. Awkward. And. Cheesy.
  • All that stuff with Hiro's father was genuinely moving. "I’ve never time traveled before. I’m proud of you, son.” Hiro's eulogy-that's-not-a-eulogy at the end kind of smacked off The Lion King though ("He lives in me! He lives in you!").
  • Bob was like the Michael Scott of Primatech Paper (regional sales manager).
  • I believe this is the first episode to have someone other than Mohinder speak the final voice over. I thought that was a neat touch with Hiro speaking in Japanese as we see all the other characters.
  • Angela Petrelli is tres reluctant to tell Parkman who the woman in the photo is. "All she wants is to be left alone. If you take this secret from me you’re not just like your father. You are him." Yikes!
  • Could anyone else tell it's Adam who attacks Hiro's father by the shape of his lips when Adam pauses in the doorway?
  • So, HRG and Bob trade blonde daughters and then — holy cow — Mohinder shoots HRG in the eye! I definitely thought the writers were going to just stick with that bold move and keep HRG dead (which, admittedly, made me seriously sad), but no — he regenerates, thanks to Claire's blood. The eye bubbling was a bit yucky but all in all, awesome ending.


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nicky9988 nicky9988 9 years
yesh! finally a good episode, after a long long time! the little portions regarding angela and matt were really good! it's awesome to see matt's powers increasing to such a level and the angela, being one of the Original 12, managed to resist matt, though resulting in a minor nose-bleed. elle was good too! i really suspect that she's gonna change side real soon. she looks a little confused and 'different' when Hiro narrates the "given the gift of choice" at the closing. Heroes should definitely keep up with such episodes, focusing on a few characters (WHO MATTER) and throw in lots of fire, drama, and well... just everything. though i think the GOO TWINS are pretty cool (erm, okay fine, only Maya is...) they really do seem to be redundant at times.
Melissa-Rae Melissa-Rae 9 years
I appear to be in the minority here but i LOVE Elle. Kristen Bell plays creepy, evil chick PERFECTLY. Also, how pathetic is it that when we saw the hooded face of the killer I yelled out "Those are Sarkie's lips! I could spot them miles away." *sigh* he's so dreamy and evil and I love it. You know...Sark and Elle together, I mean, Adam and Elle together would be FABULOUS.
miriah15 miriah15 9 years
I really like the Claire and West romance story.
calygirl calygirl 9 years
Great Episode!! Elle may be annoying now, but I know she will be the one to bring down BOB & the company. She was all hurt that her daddy doesn't treat her like Claire's dad does. She'll go to the good side with everybody else. Mohinder needs a read good ass kicking when HRG gets out of that room. I hope Hiro gets his revenge on Adam. I knew by his lips also.. pretty crazy.. Cant wait till next week!!
catschi catschi 9 years
what should i say, it was one of the best eps ever... i think, they are getting better and better... i'm glad the new characters, like the twins and so, didn't show up... the story of the old ch. is much more interesting... but i miss sylar...
nicachica nicachica 9 years
i LOVED this episode of freakin good! Some questions: 1) If Angela Petrelli refused to give the name of that mystery woman, why does the picture with the post-its have her name listed as "Victoria Platt"? How did Parkman find that out? 2) Where is HRG being held? The company? And who helped him? Is this the same place where Sylar was held? I think there might be a third party here! Maybe Victoria Platt has something to do with it? 3) Hiro's storyline was soooooo orgasmically good this week! I can't believe i didn't put two-and-two together - that Kensei was the mystery murderer. And how cute was mini-Hiro??? I swear, i needed a cigarette after the show ended...soooo good! ;)
itoldyou itoldyou 9 years
The episodes are certainly getting better. West really needs to stay far, far away from this show. and so do the crazy twins who, thank god, were not in this episode. Elle is getting kinda annoying. i was surprised to find myself so upset when HRG got shot. he was so mean to claire earlier. meh, i guess i'm glad he's still alive.
steph_b_247 steph_b_247 9 years
I have completely given up on this show.
Jane-D Jane-D 9 years
MsRoyaLTee - I had the same thought. What if Adam and Peter rescued Noah and gave him some of Adam's blood? If they are trying to take down the company, it would make perfect sense for them to team up with Noah. Don't forget, Peter is Claire's uncle, so he has a vested interest in protecting her. I like Elle, even if she is ridiculously horny and socially awkward. Perhaps she can redeem herself in some of your eyes by zapping the blunder twins in a future episode. Besides, I prefer "Lusty Sparking Girl" to "Creepy Flying Guy." Also, a battle of the daughters, Claire versus Elle, would be a very cool storyline, and poor West could get caught in the crossfire.
mabess mabess 9 years
i think i love HRG so much b/c he does everything i would do. if some flying guy had tackled me, i would totally have smashed his face into the ground upon landing. Mr. Bennett is just awesomeness incarnate. oh, and my thoughts on Parkman are simple: YUCK. i cannot stand him. if he does that jaw clenched, eyes screwed-up i'm-reading-your-mind-and-implanting-thoughts-face again, i will vomit. and if my husband had just died, i would also need a furry Mr. Muggles to comfort me, ala Mrs. Bennett. And am i wrong in saying she needs to take a spa day for herself?
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I'm surprised how it's really like half and half on people liking Elle or not. I personally can't stand her. I know they're writing her character so she's weird and whatnot, but I just feel like her Character wasn't needed. It doesn't add anything to the show for me. Anyway, I think Molly is kind of creepy too. I want more Nathan, the strong, in charge Nathan. I hope the virus kills nikki/jessica/anyone else in there. Can't wait for next week.
MsRoyaLTee MsRoyaLTee 9 years
Maybe it isn't Claire blood they gave Noah...maybe it's Adam's?!? I dunno how that would fit, I'm just making wild guesses here lol. I actually LOVE Elle....I dunno, i think I have a soft spot for clinically insane TV characters. =P
alexlove alexlove 9 years
This was the best episode this season, I loved it. And I have to disagree with pretty much everyone I think - I love Kristen Bell's character. Elle is hilarious - "Can I keep him?" lol. West was great in this episode. He was really starting to annoy me and I was questioning his loyalty before, but he really made up for everything this time. I was relieved to see that HRG was alive! I was so upset when I thought he was dead. Oh and I think I'm going to love Adam's storyline. I'm so glad we're out of the past with Hiro!
YMO YMO 9 years
At some point Elle needs to get laid. I think it was last week when she told Peter she was 24 and had never been on a date. Probably why she's always such a horny beast with guys. I want to know what happened to Angela Petrelli. When her nose started bleeding I suspected her brain would explode or something if she was forced to give up the name of the woman in the picture. Arrrgh, I really hope they work out the issues with the writer's union in time to get more episodes like this
geohiker geohiker 9 years
great episode; the season is really starting to move! I agree with the Elle doubters - I loved Veronica Mars, but Elle is just a little too creepy/weird. Nice touch with her backstory last week, but still...too weird with all the touching.
silly3 silly3 9 years
Good question rivrchild - I hadn't even thought about who would have hooked up HRG with Claire's blood! I guess Mohinder would be the obvious one, but how did he get her blood - wasn't Bob collecting it? With the first cut to HRG on the hospital bed, I thought that maybe he was in one of those cells in the paper company that they kept Sylar and Ted in, but he obviously wasn't with the zoomed-out cut. Also, I've gotten a little lost - I think the Company has wanted HRG dead since last season, but don't they really really just want Claire? And final side note, I was disappointed with the lack of shirtless Peter this episode, but the quality of the storyline made up for that ;)
Dawnie86 Dawnie86 9 years
I was so shocked when i just finished that chapter! But so great ending. I just want to watch more. Thats definitiv something that the writers from this show know how to do. HRG shot and that from Mohinder. In the first though i was just to shocked. But he must have give HRG that Blood from Claire, right? How could have done that, when not Mohinder? I'm so waiting on the next episode here to see whats comeing next i can't even sit still. :P I knew it was David Anders when they showed his hand. Love his hands. But the Lips was the dead giveaway. When someone didn't know it was him, befor hiro look in his face, should... i don't know :D watch all Episodes with David in them again, because they definitiv missed something importend ;) David will have always something from Sark in him, in my eyes. Just loved him, and do, in alias so much. But i love him on heroes and his character. Its great to see someone thats not really that evil, but evil :P I missed Milo/Peter a little in this Chapter, but great any how. A little bit much West, can't stand that guy. Should just let Claire be a single Teenager. She has enough problems allready. Don't need someone like him. However one of the greatest episodes i've seen in a long time.
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
This was an awesome episode! I wonder though why they company decided to save HRG if they wanted him dead in the first place. West wasn't so annoying in this episode. Elle gets on my nerves. Was it just me or did she seem to enjoy the pain of shocking herself when she was tied up. What a sicko! The Hiro storyline this week was really touching. Little Hiro was too cute!
rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
Oooh that is good, Silly3! That was the question I forgot to ask. Who hooked up Claire's blood to HRG and why? That could be a fascinating answer.
beansandsyke beansandsyke 9 years
amaZing episode i was freaking out the whole time and i was sad when noah died but happy he came back i'd miss his crazy ass.
mrs-rock mrs-rock 9 years
oooooh, nice observation silly3.
silly3 silly3 9 years
So, I was brushing my teeth after watching the show last night and an amazing thought came to me - Mohinder KNEW that Clair's blood would save HRG, so he knew that shooting him would fulfill the prophecy of the painting and that it would prove to Bob and the Company that he was loyal to them. If that's the case, Mohinder just played a great hand (remember when Parkman shot Claire in the Bennett's home last season, for the same basic reason?). Things are definitely getting more interesting this season - I can't wait to learn more about Adam because he's been stewing for a looooong time.
rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
Mrs Rock - I think Adam is "killing 2 birds with one stone" in that instance. And maybe that's how I thought we knew that Adam was the one doing the killing - because we see him say "I will destroy everything you love" to Hiro, and maybe I just assumed ... but I feel like we heard someone say that Adam was the one. Was it Parkman's father when they went to interrogate him at Apt 9? I'm so confused, I need to watch the episodes again.
mrs-rock mrs-rock 9 years
Oh, and I'm also wondering why did the Company want to save HRG? Didn't it seem like Bob wanted him dead?
mrs-rock mrs-rock 9 years
I am so annoyed with Mohinder. His character seems so weak and easily influenced. I feel like there was a previous storyline where he got fooled by the bad guy and ended up getting someone hurt -- maybe I'm thinking of the Sylar thing? I thought at the end of the episode when Parkman was holding the picture of the first generation there was a post-it over the mystery woman with a name -- something Pratt? Is that right? I don't know about Parkman becoming evil, but I know that he's way too intense. Since the beginning of the show he's been stressing me out because he's always so freaked out. He needs to bring it down a notch or five! So I was wondering -- did Adam kill Hiro's father because he was bringing down the Company, or because he promised Hiro (back in the 1600s when he was Kensei) that he would destroy everything he loved? Maybe that's why Hiro's father says "I never thought it would be you" when he sees Adam coming?
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