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Heroes Rundown Chapter Eleven: "The Eclipse, Part Two"

Heroes Rundown Chapter Eleven: "The Eclipse, Part Two"

Ah, what the eclipse tooketh away, the return to normal sunlight has giveth (giveneth?) back. The heroes (and villains, I guess) regain their powers after a harrowing eclipse, and everyone has learned a little something about him or herself. I really liked that spooky gray-light that the eclipse cast on everything. It added an element of drama that perhaps has been missing lately on Heroes.

To chat about this episode,


  • Peter and the Haitian are still in the forest and Nathan has been taken in by Haitian's brother Baron Samedi. Peter reiterates that all this is happening (the eclipse taking away their powers) to test their resolve, and that "maybe that's a good thing." He and the Haitian return to where Nathan is chained up and has been babbling on to a girl about wishing he'd protected her. Peter and the Haitian free the woman and Nathan, and after a bunch of fighting the Haitian overpowers his brother. He's a real. . . wait for it. . . hero.
  • Sylar and Elle, getting it on. Sylar says the eclipse could be a good thing — a chance to reinvent themselves without powers — but then HRG comes at them with a gun and Elle catches a bullet in the leg.
  • In the Kansas comic store, Hiro and Ando ask for the latest issue of 9th Wonder, and Ando shows them that what they're saying shows up in the comic book. Hiro delightedly opens up a box of back issues. "Best. Day. Ever." Breckin Meyer suggests that maybe their powers will return once the eclipse is over, but Hiro is not happy about this. He doesn't want to grow up — "Not now! Not ever!"
  • The irony of Seth Green (I don't much care what his character's name is, he's just Seth Green) yelling "Everyone needs to grow up!" is pretty great.
  • Mohinder is all pissed off, but Arthur is feeling and vulnerable and paranoid without his powers, and won't let Mohinder leave. So, Mohinder beats up Flint and runs away. He gets to Maya's apartment just as the eclipse ends and he realizes his scaly things are back.
  • Daphne has cerebral palsy and tells Parkman she's a villain. When he protests, she insists he doesn't know her and can't help her. Eclipse ends, Daphne and Parkman get their powers back. Parkman tries to convince her she's a good person, she hugs her dad, feels better.
  • Hiro's having doubts about why he should bother being a hero, but Seth Green says it gives people hope. Then, in a slightly ridiculous move, Breckin Meyer deduces that, in order to get his memory back, Hiro has to bring Claire back to the point in time when Hiro is 10 and HRG is getting the baby Claire.
  • Having been shot while her powers are gone, Claire's "whole system has been infected" and the police are starting to become suspicious about her case. Claire is sad because she wished for her ability to go away, and now it's gone. "I'm not brave. I'm just a stupid teenager." Ah, the bummers of being a normal human being. The doctors work on her (gross! She's all ripped open!) while we see HRG angrily beating the snot out of Sylar and ultimately slitting his throat with a box cutter while Elle watches in horror.

  • So, now it appears that Sylar and Claire are dead, but there's no real drama in this show because we know they aren't going to turn out to be truly dead. That whole thing with Claire on the table feels like it was a waste of time.
  • Nathan is starting to think that his dad might be onto something. Give the powers to "the right people," and stop all the suffering in the world. He flies off into the night.
  • Claire and HRG have yet another chat about how crappy a dad HRG was to her before Sylar and Elle show up. Sylar needs to get Claire, and he starts to hurt HRG who suddenly tells him his parents are not Arthur and Angela Petrelli. Then Hiro shows up and grabs Sylar, Elle and Claire.
  • Sylar and Elle end up on a beach. Sylar is worried that HRG might be right about his parents. He says nobody really changes, and that they're both just damaged goods. Then he starts to open Elle's head! Sylar, nooooo!
  • At least they eventually explain the whole Isaac-Mendez-is-dead thing, saying that 9th Wonder book is the last posthumous issue. But Seth Green has heard a legend that one more 9th Wonder story exists. "The day he died Isaac Mendez bequeathed his sketchbook to a humble bike messenger. You find that messenger, and you find your story."
  • Arthur: "I think this eclipse showed us all exactly who we are: Desperate. Angry. And weak." He tells Mohinder to take care of the monster inside of him.
  • Hiro brings Claire back in time and together they watch Kaito Nakamura give HRG the baby Claire.

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popcorn19 popcorn19 8 years
I actually liked this episode. I'm a big fan of Ellar....or Sylle... or whatever you would like to call it. Looking at their relationship itself, I really enjoyed it. I don't follow it that closely and am usually multitasking when I do, so that might be why I don't specifically note its predictability too much and why it has yet to annoy.
ingalinnea ingalinnea 8 years
Another thing on the gross factor...has anyone else noticed that Nathan has had relations with two of three identical triplets (Nikki and Tracy)? Are they going to make him sleep with the third one too? There are just some things you don't want to share with your sister...
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Lol bethinabox, that's what I said!!TOTALLY the most disturbing thing in this episode is that HRG watched Elle and Syler do it, instead of shooting them while they were, um, DISTRACTED. Nope, he watched the whole thing, let them get all post-coital and snuggly- THEN became the righteous father of a teen age daughter. I am just surprised that the writers didn't seem to estimate the gross factor in that. To me, it just made his later scenes with Claire even more disturbing. Is it supposed to be ok that he was a total Peeping Tom just because he's trying to protect his adopted daughter? And why is Claire at home again?? sigh, some people never learn
Mindbolt Mindbolt 8 years
Okay, can someone please tell please what Hiro taking Claire back to the past has to do with getting his memories back? Is it just me, or is that a strange deduction since it was Arthur who took his memories anyway? A Little help please...
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
still don't agree about the haitan- when he was partnered with HRG back in season 1, and whenever he was around, whoever had superpowers couldn't exert him... even if the haitan was just standing there. so...i still stick by this MAJOR loophole. blah.
psterling psterling 8 years
I really like the Sylar/Elle storyline. I hope they don't break it up!
Phil Phil 8 years
I would actually be pretty happy if Heroes was canceled. Were that to happen, that would mean that Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander will have a reason to grin as the show that sacked them as scapegoats has failed, it would mean Tim Kring--the person who should have been sacked--would be off TV, and it would mean that Greg Grunberg, Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee and Zachary Quinto will be able to take their currently underused talents elsewhere, moving on to bigger and better things.
Jess8902 Jess8902 8 years
It makes me sad but I'm thinking it's gonna end up cancelled. Such a letdown, the first season was awesome.
mariposa23 mariposa23 8 years
ok everyone has made a lot of good points. i have to admit, i have still been enjoying heroes...but, i'm really starting to doubt heroes staying power...i mean, there are SO many loopholes! sooo many discrepancies! omg...i just don't see how they will be able to fix all the mistakes they've made...if the writers and producers want to have ANY chance of making a REAL comeback they need to blend the stories more...otherwise, they need to get rid of a LOT of characters.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
All I have to say is, WTF, HRG, pervy much? Watching Sylar and Elle doing the nasty? Wow. LOL.
joanna33t joanna33t 8 years
I think the prior posters are right about the Hatian thing... a few episodes ago, when Hiro and Daphne were in that movie theater, they both tried to use their powers and couldn't, THEN the Haitan came out of the theater or a door or something. Right? He didn't know they were there, so he couldn't have "turned it on"... right?? So how did Nathan fly into his brother with him standing there? Hmmmm Also, I was thinking... the last time Sylar tried to bust open Elle's head, she screamed out in pain and sent out huge bolts of electricity, enough to bust the locks on the level 5 cells and enough to lose control of her own power, to be exact. So how did she just do a few quick wimpers this time? Add it to the list of inconsistencies!!
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
That would make sense with the Hatian, Renee3, but again, my beef with that is that it is not explained or foreshadowed or anything. I think it is just poor writing quality- either the writers didn't remember that or just sort of went with it and made up an explanation on the fly- it just really annoys me that whoever is supposed to be editing or checking for any sort of continuity is just NOT DOING IT. I can take a lot of twists and curves in a story and as long as there is a way to make it reason out, I don't care. But this just feels like poor writing. The ONLY good thing about Pushing Dasies going off the air next year is that maybe the writer will come back and take over Heroes and do a better job with it. I really liked this show but there is just no denying that the quality of the story has gone way downhill this season. I think most of the actors seem sort of confused about what they're supposed to be doing and why and it makes the performances weaker. That's all because of bad, unclear writing :(
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
So I was thinking about this Haitian thing and I think it's more a power that he exerts rather than just being around him. If it was just being around him. If just being around him took your powers away then no one would ever want to be around him. It would be unsafe. And his brothers power wouldn't be so awesome if it was just a matter of his brother being in the vicinity to turn it off. The way the Haitian went at him all focused and hands on his head, maybe it does have to be a focused power?
Lily-Inferno Lily-Inferno 8 years
OH! And I had to add, I love the Seth Green speech to 10 yr old Hiro in the bathroom. It made me remember why I watch the damn show..
Lily-Inferno Lily-Inferno 8 years
This whole season is annoying. I seriously cant take it. People keep dying and being brought back..theres no longer any emotion behind it. The speech Nathan gives Peter made no sense. Claire. I have beef with her. What the hell is wrong with her hair and the skin tone she has going on? Not to mention all the whining. Im sorry, if I couldnt feel pain and couldnt die, I wouldnt exactly be boo hooing about it all. Hiro wasnt so bad this week. And I think Daphne is growing on me. I liked the little insight as to why shes doing what shes doing. Mohinder is about as annoying as Mya was..we got rid of one..why not get rid of the other? Im really hoping Sylar decides to stick with just being a baddie. Good Sylar was mighty annoying. AS for the scene with the made sense. If you know, maybe we had been told before that he could pick and choose whose powers he stole and such. I just wish they would bring back the epicness that was season 1.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Ok, I have to agree- it is getting really predictable - except for the massive inconsistencies that keep it from making sense! \ 1) The Eclipse. My BF and I, ( neither of whom have super powers) said right at the start " The eclipse gave them powers, so this one will take them away. I bet the powers come back when it is over" we don't even run a comic book store and are not brilliant scientists, but we figured that one out pretty quick. Acting like that was a BIG REVELATION just made the characters look dumb. 2)Again, we both kept saying 'How can Nathan use his powers with the Hatian nearby?? Did he just turn it off for Nathan or what?" Leaving Peter there also just seemed stupid- why would you leave him in the jungle. Where a lot of other ticked-off commandos are probably running around. Nathan could at least have dropped him off on the embassy roof or something. 3)Syler and Elle ARE damaged goods. What was SUPER CREEPY though, is that HRG watched them getting it on THE WHOLE TIME. ewwwwehhhh... gross. Totally tired of Claire and her dad and the whining and the serious dad face. I'd want to become evil too at this point. 4) Mohinder going off for his booty call, then coming back with his scales, er, tail between his legs was funny. And totally self centered. Mohinder is SO not a good guy anymore. 5) Parkman is like a big dumb dog. I like it ok, but I don't want to pet it all the time and it makes me mad when it keeps going back to the person who kicks it all the time. His character needs to majorly man up. And Daphne- I like her better now, but her story is seeming very contrived. 6) I always love me some Seth Green. Even when he is given incredibly cheesy dialog. 7) Best part of the show was Hiro popping in 'Bad Man!' and zipping everyone away to whereever. Why doesn't he do that stuff more? it doesn't make any LESS sense than anything else and its more entertaining. 8) I'm not counting Elle out yet. After all, Syler took off Claire's head and she survived- maybe Elle's electric thingy will protect her. Or maybe she can become a talking head in a jar. I like to see Kristin Bell get work no matter what, so that would be ok :)
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
i'm glad they resolved the isaac mendez/9th wonders "discrepancy" because that was really starting to piss me off... ...however... ANOTHER loophole. hello writers, please pay attention: if the haitan was around peter & nathan, how the HELL was nathan able to "fly" into the haitan's brother?!?! riiiiiiiiiiight. you think we won't notice, but we do. i have analyzed every single aspect of this show. i think they rushed too much through this season to give us action, but the one reason why i liked this show was the building of characters in season 1. my other thoughts: -please kill mohinder already, he's really pissing me off -give peter his powers back -about damn time claire & hiro finally meet -hiro is fantastic -daphne & matt = cheese -SO glad sylar is back, but is elle dead? -the last few minutes were my favorite, sylar's back, claire & hiro meet and then claire witnessing how she was "adopted." now we're getting into the good stuff and one last thought: -where the hell did the irish chick go? i guess the writers forgot about peter's quest to save her, right? ha.
joanna33t joanna33t 8 years
Thanks to those who set me straight on the rooftop thing - I guess I just remembered it wrong. Rivrchild, I'm with you man! The first season was just seamless in the individual story arcs and the way they fed into each other and into the one big story arc. Now it's just totally inconsistent on all fronts. But, yes, I will still watch every Monday as well - I'm addicted!! haha!
rivrchild rivrchild 8 years
I don't know about predictable, but just plain confusing is what this show has become for me! The writing is so sloppy, it's just a mess. They set one thing up for a character in the beginning of the season and then never follow through. What was with Nate in the beginning of this season becoming so into God and faith,etc? That potentially interesting character development went no where that I can tell. The whole thing is too convoluted. There are just too many characters, too many plot lines, too many things criss-crossing back and forth. It's the most schizophrenic writing I've ever seen! Does anyone know if they have been switching up writers more then normal this season? But of course, I still have to watch it every Monday. I'm slowly getting tired of it, but I keep giving it the benefit of the doubt and hoping it will get better. But they've gotten themselves into such a tangled web now, with no clear objective or end in sight that I don't know if I'll be watching much longer.
ingalinnea ingalinnea 8 years
Oh, and where was Tracy? Wasn't she supposed to be on her way to Haiti?
ingalinnea ingalinnea 8 years
I love the show, but I think it is totally predictable. I bet that anyone who knows the show could tell you exactly what is going to happen in the next episode. I would bet that Claire will forgive her father after seeing him on the rooftop, Hero will "grow up", Nathan will help Arthur (and a healthy Mohinder?) develop a hero-army, Peter will have to fight Nathan (maybe he will just wine him to death?), and Daphne and Parkman will play some roll in all it. Anyone else agree? But, that being said, they still manage to throw in some twists that make the show enjoyable - like did anyone see it coming when Sylar started to take Elle's head off? I SO liked them together and her character was fun. I am hoping that she isn't really dead... As for the inconsistencies, in the previous episode where they showed Kaito giving Claire to HRG it was on the rooftop. Did they ever show the fire where Meridith "died"? And as for Hero, I think that he still has the full command of his powers that he did before Arthur did his head-graby thing. Maybe Hero just thinks he is 10? Kinda like amnesia...
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
Also, I don't think Elle was refering to her leg when she said you're hurting me, I think he was pushing her or squeezing her hand or something as he was getting angry. But I do agree that she was pretty A-Okay for just being shot recently.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
maybe Hiros powers are more like a reflex than a memory. So even though he lost his memory his body remembers how to use his power. And as far as Kaito giving Claire to HGR, I'm pretty sure it was always in the same place. We've seen that scene before, here's a summary of it in the episode "Company Man" In 1992, Kaito meets with Thompson, Claude Rains, and Mr. Bennet on the rooftop of the Deveaux Building. Seemingly the superior of the three men in the Company, Kaito, cradling an infant, orders Bennet to raise the child as his own. Despite Bennet's wariness of taking the girl, Kaito insists, saying that when she manifests an ability, they will take her. Kaito then leaves with his son, Hiro, who is too young and too interested in his Game Boy to be aware of the importance of the events that just took place.
joanna33t joanna33t 8 years
Oh and one more inconsistency - When Hiro first discovered his powers, wasn't he unsure of how to use them exactly? So much so that he inadvertently went back to feudal Japan? Did his dad teach him how to hone them or something? Oh, but don't worry folks, ten-year-old Hiro has full command of them! Yeah, that makes sense...
joanna33t joanna33t 8 years
This episode annoyed me so much... Where do I begin?? Parkman & Daphne: Stupid. Cheesy. When she hugged her dad, I thought it was the most fake thing I have ever seen. Nathan & Peter: It makes no sense to me that Nathan would fly off and just leave Peter to go find the embassy to get home. No sense. They tout all this brotherly love crap and then one just leaves the other in the middle of a jungle in Haiti? And he left the Haitian too - what's the point? So now Nathan, who was sent down there by his mom because he was on HER side, is now ditching his "mission", his brother and his mom to go work for his dad. Ok... Hiro & Ando: I know Hiro is a fan favorite character, but his story line is so annoying and pointless. He could do so much (as in, what he did within the last few minutes) but they use him for stupid comic relief. That brings me to the end, which also made no sense - Hiro brough Claire back to the rooftop in NYC where Kaito was giving Claire to HRG. But, in the episode Company Man, didn't Kaito give Claire to HRG in Texas? Near wherever that fire was? The inconsistencies bug me so much. Do the director or writers even watch their own show before airing it?? Oh, and one more thing: Elle & Sylar: When they're laying on the beach... her hip doesn't hurt when he first lays on her and they kiss, but once she realizes he's a threat, it suddenly hurts again? Oh yes, for a moment there, I didn't feel that BULLET IN MY BODY. So unrealistic. And I am starting to think we should scribe a petition asking producers to get rid of Claire.
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