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Heroes Rundown Chapter Five: "Angels and Monsters"

Heroes Rundown Chapter Five: "Angels and Monsters"

They love to keep it all in the family on Heroes these days, and this week's episode is no exception. This week we got some daddy-daughter issues, a little mother-son drama, and the appearance of yet another member of the Petrelli family (and a powerful one, at that). It's all about the fam, and in each family, there are "angels and monsters."

Also, I'm glad I wasn't taking a shot every time someone said "monster." Jeez, we get it. Anyway, wanna talk about Heroes? Well then,


  • The episode starts out narrated by Nathan, which I think is an interesting choice: "I've been given a second chance. Touched by God, I gotta believe that he has a purpose for my life. . . So why am I filled with self-doubt, plagued by demons, real and imagined? . . . Am I an angel or a monster? A hero or a villain? And why can't I see the difference?" And there we have the theme for the night.
  • Linderman is super manipulative with all his talk about God, playing upon Nathan's recently renewed religious devotion: "God resides within, the answers will come." Sadly, it all kinda dissolves for Nathan when he finds out that God didn't exactly give him his powers — his mommy and her co-workers did.
  • Sometimes this show makes me laugh, like when Sylar readjusts his sickeningly broken neck. Peter, now all full of "the hunger" and rage, snaps Sylar's neck and then tries to open Angela's head before Sylar knocks him out.
  • Claire's birth mom, Meredith, sets off to find Claire who is on her mission. But at the end of the episode we see that Meredith is trapped in the puppet-filled house of one of the creepiest special people we've ever seen on the show: Eric Doyle, who controls her every movement. This power is so sinister and so upsetting to me.
  • Claire pays a visit to Stephen Canfield, a guy who creates vortexes that make people disappear. Claire is all sorts of accusatory at first, and Stephen is all suspicious, asking Claire if she's with a company called Pinehearst. Soon, Stephen explains to Claire that he didn't mean to kill a guy, and now his family won't see him, so, Claire tries to help him get in touch with his family. Just then, however, HRG and Sylar show up, Stephen freaks out and creates a vortex in the middle of the room before slipping out the door. After seeing a lot of pained expressions on Claire, HRG and Sylar's faces as they avoid getting sucked into the vortex, the vortex disappears.
  • At this other company (not to be confused with The Company), Pinehearst, Linderman instructs Daphne to recruit a few key special people, which Daphne does, but she ultimately tells Linderman she's not too keen on recruiting. He gives her one more to recruit: Matt Parkman. After this conversation, Daphne finds out that she can see Linderman but he's "not really there."
  • Hiro and Ando ask Adam Monroe for help. Adam calls Hiro a "Japanese Nazi." He brings the dynamic Japanese duo to a bar where he succeeds in getting Hiro knocked out and then makes a quick getaway — only to be kidnapped by Knox, the fear smeller. Hiro tells Knox and Daphne that he wants to join them, that he and Ando are "badasses." Knox doesn't think Ando's so necessary, however, and he hands Hiro a sword, saying, "You kill him? You are badass." Hiro says sadly that he "must make some sacrifices to save the world," and stabs Ando!
  • Mohinder's back makes me feel like vomiting, even while the rest of him is so wonderful to look at. When Maya discovers Mohinder's victims all covered up in slimy web-like crap and pinned to the wall (but not dead, apparently), she tries to help one of the people before Mohinder finds her and gives her a slime cocoon. It's so disgusting. How can someone so beautiful create something so gross? Anyway, at least now Maya's been silenced, so that should satisfy the Maya haters in the audience.
  • HRG assures Claire, "You can trust me, Claire, I wouldn't send anybody to Level Five that doesn't belong there." Sylar, however, cannot trust him as HRG tries to force Stephen to make Sylar disappear. Instead, Stephen screams, "I won't be a monster!" and makes himself disappear. After this, of course, Sylar is none too pleased with HRG, saying that "to you, I'm nothing but a monster. He doesn't see our humanity Claire, he never will." HRG comforts a confused Claire who murmurs, "He's a monster." Just in case we were ever unclear about this whole monster/angel, hero/villain theme.
  • Nathan and Tracy go to Level Five, where Peter has been put in a coma by Angela. Angela tells them about Dr. Zimmerman, who was "instrumental in the company's development of synthetic abilities. We used the technology on a number of infants. You were one of them Tracy, as were your sisters Niki and Barbara. And you, Nathan. We gave you your ability, too." She admits to Tracy that what the company did to her in the name of science is wrong and they need to stop the people trying to get the formula. Nathan and Tracy leave Angela and plan to find Mohinder, who is, at that moment, busy wrapping Maya in a cocoon of webby stuff in the corner.
  • Angela sees a man who frightens her, saying, "Hello, Angela. You can see the future. I can't have that. It's too dangerous." Angela insists that he won't succeed, she'll stop him. He replies, "Don't be ridiculous. You won't even be able to move." Last we see of her, Angela sits motionless at her desk.
  • Later at Pinehearst, Maury Parkman (Matt's dad), goes to see Arthur Petrelli who is laid up in bed, apparently unable to speak. Maury has a mental conversation with Arthur, and we hear Maury's side: "The team is coming together nicely. . . We're building an army, just like you. . . Right. Whatever you say goes, Mr. Petrelli."

Arthur freaking Petrelli?! They saved the best for last in this episode. What do you think of these new developments?

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popcorn19 popcorn19 9 years
Ando isn't dead. He can't be. I can't wait til next week to find out exactly what Ando is though. (A hero?) Because he's not dead.
treb treb 9 years
I think they've tried to introduce too many new characters and expect us to care about them. And I agree, Ando is not dead. Hiro needs his wingman.
thelorax thelorax 9 years
Mya's in a sticky, snotty, spider web, aaahahaha... I mean, wow, it's too bad Mohinder McHottie is all crazy and out of control. Seriously, Ando can't be dead. Doesn't future Ando have some kind of power, like Elle's electrification? Or maybe Hiro goes back in time and...doesn't stab him?
jimpolandy jimpolandy 9 years
Treb, My husband and I talked about this show "jumping the shark" too. We decided it actually "jumped" when they did that whole thing of Hiro in ancient Japan. It has just gotten way too confusing to know who is doing what and when!
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
I, on the contrary, thinks the show is getting better. way better now I see why season 2 sucked, this was part of it, this was the best part. Ando is not dead, period.
Lily-Inferno Lily-Inferno 9 years
Nothing about Mohinder is beautiful. Hes one creepy sick man...and that was before he took the super shot. He kinda reminds me of the Fly. Im thinking the whole Hiro/Ando dealie is some sort of time trick. No way he kills his best friend. Thats not how he rolls.
treb treb 9 years
I've been super disappointed this season. I'm afraid this show may have jumped the shark. I expect to see Timmy stuck in a well any day now. Hiro is still the cutest thing on the planet, though.
tchan01 tchan01 9 years
I totally agree with what you said Renees3 and Anniina. I think it's just too slow right now and I really think the Mohinder story line has just gone all wrong. This supposed scientist has just gone so against his natural that it's just so hard to believe and I sorta don't care for the character anymore. The Hiro killing Ando thing was just sooo over the top...I'm starting to give up on this show and I really don't want to...
Eaving Eaving 9 years
On Ando's death, it was immediately clear to me that "fear" power guy was playing on someones fear, Hiro or Ando's, when Hiro kills him. Because, as everyone has said, that is just VERY non-Hiro like, and besides that the entire dialogue leading up to it made no sense. He's not dead!
ehadams ehadams 9 years
This show is turning into a soap opera. Who wants to bet Sylar and Claire hook up and then later realize they are uncle/niece? Eww. Also I think Ando's death is a fake. Hiro stopped time and grabbed some ketchup, is my guess!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I just CANNOT believe that Ando is dead. There is no freakin' way! At least, I hope not. And I'm with you Buzz, the new puppet guy is the creepiest one yet. There's just something so icky about a dude who creates a wife-like puppet, and kiss? Ew! Also, wasn't the guy talking to Angela Arthur? I thought I recognized those eyebrows even in profile. Oh, and I'm totally down with Mohinder's creepy webs if Maya stays in one forever.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 9 years
" Like Hiro killing Ando?" now we all know no one ever really dies, I was wondering how they were going to explain "Niki" still being alive and they throw triplets at us aahahah! I just wish they would stop killing/maming Peter every episode. And isn't it kind of wack that the Villans have better super powers than the Heroes? But still this season is way better than last.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
oh and i love that guy that's Arthur Petrelli, he always seems to be a bad guy and I always picture him sort of mobster-ish. Anyone know what his power is? or guesses?
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
my main problem with this episode is that I feel like they went against some characters natures. Like Hiro killing Ando? I mean REALLY? I just don't find that beleiveable. And why would Claire suddenly be SOOO upset that her dad wants to off Sylar? I mean hello, she HATES him. And I get the feeling Maya is concious in her little cocoon thing, so why can't she just go all gooey eyed and kill Mohinder? Also Mohinder is just ridiculous. He has Maya come over often, he just has a room full of cocooned people that she could walk in to? When do you think we'll meet the last triplet, Barbara? I'm curious what he power will be and how she'll play into all this.
Anniina Anniina 9 years
I just wish they speed things up a bit. Oh and Sylar is getting hotter. yay!
Vixen41686 Vixen41686 9 years
this is getting intense! i thought the company was bad but now another company in the picture, you can't decide which is good or evil! i love this show!!!!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
*first thing, Nathan after rescuing poor tracy doesnt say "why did you jump?" they just go right back to his place and scromp? THEN he asks her? shows where his priorities are! *Linderman is dead, Pa Parkman is projecting that image to Nathan and Daphne, which is so wierd. *Mohinder and his sticky snotty webs are super gross
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