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Heroes Rundown Chapter Seven: "Eris Quod Sum"

Heroes Rundown Chapter Seven: "Eris Quod Sum"

This week's episode of Heroes has so many daddy issues you'd think it's Lost. We've got the Petrelli family head honcho, Arthur, along with a sad story about Matt Parkman's dad Maury. Mohinder tries to avenge his father's death and Claire and Nathan are reunited (though as Claire points out, dads aren't always as they seem).

There's much more to this week's story than just dads, though, so to discuss,


  • Hiro doesn't want to go back in time, but Usutu warns him, "Evil forces gather. The dark sun rises. Soon it will be too late. You choose your own path or you have it chosen for you."
  • Mohinder grabs Maya from her slime cocoon and brings her to Pinehearst where he meets Arthur Petrelli.
    Mohinder: "Everyone thinks you're dead . . . What could possibly drive a father to put his children through such grief?"
    Arthur: "Have you met their mother?" Har-har. Arthur takes Maya's ability away, to her great relief. Mohinder tells Arthur, "I need to find a way to reverse the changes and retain my abilities." So, Arthur brings him to the room with all the sciencey formula stuff.
  • Elle shows up at the Bennet house, looking for help from HRG because she keeps overloading. Claire tells her of her own problem: Not being able to feel pain at all anymore (to which Elle responds, "You can't feel pain. I wish I had your problems, cheerleader."). So the two of them set off together for Pinehearst, but on the plane ride there, Elle becomes upset (maybe because Claire is such a smug little brat) and starts electrically freaking out, causing the plane to falter and the pilot to remind everyone to turn off all electrical equipment. Claire: "I think he's talking about you." Ha! Claire then takes some of Elle's electricity until she calms down. Once at Pinehearst, Elle runs inside while Claire helps Peter get away from there.
  • Peter tells his father he's seen the future and it looks bleak, and Arthur insists that Peter can help to not make that a reality. Peter says he's going to make Arthur pay for all the things he's done.
  • Angela and Sylar are still trapped at Primatech when Sylar sees Angela in his mind saying, "Gabriel, you don't know the half of what you're capable of. Show them. Show them why you're my favorite. Make Mommy proud." So, Sylar just decides to break free and tells Angela he'll save Peter.
  • Arthur and Maury Parkman confront Daphne about not recruiting Matt. Arthur tells Daphne to kill Parkman, Maury gets emotional, so Arthur snaps his neck. Daphne goes to Parkman's house with a gun. He tells her they get married and start a family together. "We're gonna love each other." Daphne drops the gun, and Parkman finds out about his father being killed.
  • Arthur brings Peter to Mohinder but just as Mohinder is about to inject Peter, Sylar appears and breaks Peter free because "That's what brothers do, Peter, they look out for each other." Aww. The moment of brotherly love is somewhat dampened when Mohinder starts smashing Sylar's head into the ground. How quickly I'd forgotten about the monster Sylar was when he killed Mohinder's father.
  • HRG and Meredith (holding out a palmful of fire for no reason) show up at Mohinder's place, where Tracy and Nathan are. HRG tells Tracy and Nathan that they have to be tested at the company. Meredith and Tracy size each other up. Meredith says she'd watch out for that one. Tracy: "We're not together."
  • When Knox comes by to make sure Daphne killed Parkman, Parkman gets into Knox's head and makes him think he killed Parkman and Daphne. Sending his fist through Parkman's body is pretty freaking gross. But not as gross as Claire's brain scene with Sylar in the premiere. Parkman tells Daphne they should go to Primatech.
  • Maya and Mohinder, blah blah, Maya's leaving, blah. "I need to make amends. And so do you."
  • Arthur tells a floating Sylar that Angela is using him. Angela saw Sylar's future when he was a child and she tried to kill him (so says Arthur). When Peter shows up, Arthur tells him, "The world you saw doesn't exist. We won't let it." Sylar then tosses Peter through the window, but slows his fall enough that Peter doesn't die. Arthur tells Sylar they'll just have to take their fight to the enemy.
  • Sad! Daphne appears to still be working for Arthur, deceiving Parkman into thinking she's on his side. Arthur: "Screw this up and I'll put you right back where I found you." I'm now fully curious about where Arthur "found" her.
  • Peter tells Nathan about their dad and Nathan sets off to find him. Tracy says she can help open doors at Pinehearst, but Nathan says he doesn't need help opening doors. "I plan on kicking them down." As Arthur said, revenge is in the Petrelli blood.
  • Finally, Usutu tells Hiro about spirit walks, feeds him the dung paste, and Hiro gets all white-eyed.
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