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Heroes Rundown Chapter Ten: "The Eclipse, Part I"

This week's episode of Heroes shows "there's a moment in every war when everything changes. . . No matter how much we resist the change. . . in the end, we're never truly ready when it strikes."

Arthur sketches all sorts of death and destruction, and then the eclipse begins and the heroes are surprised to find their powers diminished. It's kind of funny to see the characters try to use their powers, tilting their heads or twitching their fingers, and nothing happens. It all looks so silly.

Anywho, to chat about this first part of "The Eclipse,"


  • In the intro, we see Arthur sketching his little heart out. He goes to Sylar and tells him to bring him Claire. Elle insists on going along and helping because after all, she was "raised to be a Company girl." Sylar asks, "You OK with this, Dad?" (Dad? Already?) Arthur calls the two of them "a good pairing."
  • Claire whines about being the catalyst. Angela tells her to just stay out of harm's way. "But I can fight! I can do more, I can be more!" Ugh, shut up, Claire. HRG appears and takes Claire to Stephen Canfield's house, where Claire whines some more and argues with her dad like a brat. The HRG-Claire relationship used to be so cute but now it's just annoying. Then HRG starts training Claire.
  • Mohinder's all up in arms because Arthur hasn't cured him yet. And eww, over the course of the episode, Mohinder gets grosser and grosser until he's in his own slime cocoon. Then he disgustingly slithers out of his cocoon thingy and finds that his scales are gone.
  • Daphne calls Hiro a spaz but Parkman says he's "a walking do-over," and he wants to find him. Hiro and Ando show up at the door, and Ando says Parkman has to fix Hiro because Arthur erased his memory. You know, 10-year-old Hiro is not that different from the way they usually write Hiro's character, sadly. Daphne freaks out, Parkman tries reading her mind (how much would it suck if your boyfriend could read your mind?), and she flees to her parents' house in Kansas.
  • Elle uses a rental car guy to ignite Sylar's anger and his "hunger."She says they're all trying to make him into something. "Who are you really?" Later, Sylar and Elle drive off in a snazzy red car in search of Claire.
  • Tracy is still in cahoots with Arthur, hoping to make it into the oval office, but she's growing uneasy as she starts to see all that Arthur is capable of. He wants her to go to Paris Island, the marine training facility because, Arthur says, "Every war needs an army." Angela appears in the doorway and Tracy gets up to leave, saying, "No rest for the wicked." Ha, Angela: "I guess not."
  • So, Claire was a sad little girl because her dad went on lots of trips. Yawn. Soon, Sylar and Elle come in but neither of them can use their powers. Still, Elle gets ahold of the gun, tries to shoot HRG but Claire jumps in the way of the bullet. HRG picks her up, just like in Arthur's sketch. He brings her to their house where he and Sandra treat her "flesh wound."
  • Hiro teleports Ando and Parkman and himself to Kansas in search of Daphne just before the eclipse starts, which depletes all the heroes' powers. In Kansas, Daphne's dad won't let him see her. When Parkman tries to read her dad's mind, he looks at Parkman, puzzled. "Why are you turning your head sideways?" Ando explains to Hiro that Parkman can't use his powers. "This is a part of the Hero's Quest," Hiro says. "Can you triumph without powers?" Hiro throws corn at Parkman until he goes back to Daphne's house.
  • Nathan and Pete fly off to find the Haitian, but they fall to the earth as Nathan loses his power to fly. They then begin a trek through the forest. Nathan spots a doll tied to a tree and Peter explains they're like "messengers. Prayers for salvation, redemption." The two brothers start quibbling: Peter doesn't want to be treated like an "idiot kid brother," and Nathan says he should try earning his respect. Then Peter accuses Nathan of being Arthur's puppet. It turns out Peter's sore because in the future Nathan chooses their dad over him.
  • Hiro and Ando set off to find the next issue of the comic book. At the comic book store they find Breckin Meyer and Seth Green.
  • Mohinder's scales, abilities — all gone. So, he looks up Maya (again with the Maya?). He starts to leave, but Arthur doesn't let him.
  • Peter wants to help the Haitian find his brother, but of course, Arthur has other plans for them. He manages to have Nathan captured.
  • Parkman tells Daphne he loves her, then walks into her house and sees that without her powers, she is in leg braces, on crutches. This is what Arthur saved her from, apparently.
  • OK, Elle popping Sylar's shoulder back into place while he roars made me laugh, I admit. She says without their powers they can't take what they want anymore. "Says who?" Sylar says huskily. He grabs her and kisses her, as HRG watches them with a sniper gun.

As always, to be continued. . .

Photos courtesy of NBC

reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Hiro had to pee at the apartment- sorry!
reesiekitty reesiekitty 8 years
Wow... I really have to say that I am starting to lose some interest here. I used to watch Heroes with no interruptions- we TIVO it- and last night I got up to get ice cream and didn't even ask my bf to pause it. It's funny- I just really feel as if the writers are floudering and a lot of the plot points that are supposed to be big and mysterious- like the eclipse- are just so obvious, you just feel like the characters are dumb because they haven't noticed. And the writer of the show trying to deny that he reads comic books or that the show is influenced by them is just plain silly- at least to anyone who reads comic books. Anyway... 1) Elle and Syler are the only thing saving the show for me right now. The chemistry is hot and they're both such skilled actors. I think Syler is just trying to ingratiate himself with Arthur to find out more about what he's up to before he decides what to do. Even if he would take Claire to Arthur, I don't think he would stand by and let Arthur hurt her- he seemed protective towards her, even when he took the top off her head. Elle really IS a 'Company Girl' because she has literally known no other life. Although the thing at the car rental was annoying- I do love it when Elle throws some crazy out there- that unpredictability is what made her fun to start with, so it was cool to see it again. Three annoying things about the car rental: What was with the attendant's redneck accent? Aren't they in the middle of Los Angelos or something? What off the street car rental do you get souped-up vintage Corvettes at? And most annoying - the 'fake' product placement 'Hotspur' just felt really forced and silly to me-it being so totally unlikely that a Shakespearian reference would be used to name a car rental place. 2) HRG and Claire were MORE annoying together here than even PETER and Claire last week- and I didn't really think that was possible. So the safest thing to do is take Claire away again from all the people with superpowers and move her to an abandoned house ( which, again, all the bad guys totally KNOW how to get to) and then in lieu of teaching her any ACTUAL self defense or how to shoot someone, HRG opts to teach her how to BAT, using floorboards. Oh, yeah, that'll protect her... seriously, this was possibly the dumbest thing yet in a long list of Dumb Things Heroes Writers Do To/With Claire. How I long for the days of cool Claire trying over and over to kill herself- the cheerleader with the weird secret. The ensuing fight was so anti-climatic- I mean Arthur had basically told us already exactly what would happen, Claire gets shot- although yes, watching everyone wave their hands around and do the Hokey-Pokey trying to make their powers work was pretty funny. Then HRG taking Claire home AGAIN - note to Claire, nothing good EVER happens to you at home- and refusing to take her to the hospital??? If I was his wife, I would have smacked him. 3)Finally the writers seemed to realize that Sexy Mohinder=good ratings, Scaly Mohinder=bad ratings. Seriously, major points awarded for de-scaling Mohinder, even though he's been too dense to figure out why. However, major points are lost because he wants to go find MAYA!!! ARGHHHHHHHH.... 4)I loved 10 year old Hiro having to pee the minute they got to Kansas, even though the trip had only taken 2 seconds ( I have a 9 year old son, so I can appreciate that). Parkman gets the award for best Trying To Use The Power That Doesn't Work Anymore Face and I loved Daphne's dad asking why he was tilting his head at him, lol. I really didn't see the Daphne reveal coming, so that was kind of cool- and sad for her. I get it more now why being the speedster is so important to her. Best Heroes cameo so far goes to the lovely Seth Green! Always nice to see Seth... 5)Tracy and Arthur--- yawn, so a world of do not care. Cannot maintain interest... I think this was when I went for ice cream. Nathan and whiny Peter, ditto. I was thanking God that the Hatian showed just to shut them both up. However- it also solved the dilemma of trying to find a guy called only 'the Hatian' in HAITI- where that moniker could apply to a lot of people. Seriously, the Baron Samdaei plot is slightly more interesting because of the Hatian, but I really am loosing interest in Peter and Nathan ATM. 6)Elle popping Syler's shoulder back in and telling him to stop being such a baby about it was really funny. I guess now they go on a crazy Natural Born Killers-style spree until their powers come back at the next eclipse. Has anyone else noticed that a) these eclipses are just happening all over the world ALL THE TIME and b)they apparently last for AGES?
Phorrest99 Phorrest99 8 years
I love your comments about Claire. Mainly cuz she annoys me too. :)
Jess8902 Jess8902 8 years
I loved it when HRG actually told Claire she was acting like a brat. However, I hate the scenes when they're walking around.. for some reason the camera always has to be behind and below claire's ass. Is that really necessary? We get it.. hottie in training. Blah. Everyone was acting out I think.. Peter: "You're a puppet! You don't love me!" I hope Angela gets to mindkick the crap out of Tracy soon.
Nina_79 Nina_79 8 years
Funny how everyone seemed to hate this episode, there were a few things I actually kind of liked. Yes Clair is annoying and so is Mohinder, but I enjoyed watching them without their powers. The last few episodeds Hiro was a bit annoying but i liked him in this. I also thinks it's interesting to find out more about the Haitin because he was always such a mystery.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Well, maybe "right back where I found you" is on that farm where she's sort of a nobody, and is all alone.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
A few episodes ago Arthur says to Daphne (regarding her mission with Parkman): "Screw this up and I'll put you right back where I found you." This makes it sound like when he "found" her she was on crutches. If he didn't help her then why is she so indebted to him?
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Also, "ugh, shut up, Claire" is the perfect description for that whole scene. Stop whining and just be happy you can't get hurt! And I really thought that seeing Mohinder naked on the floor was going to be a good thing, but I have to say, the slime kinda killed it for me. Boo. I just hope that he's not able to find Maya, because I've been pretty darn happy not to have any more wonder twin action.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I'm sort of confused by what was going on with Elle and Sylar, partly because my darn TIVO cut off the very end! Grrr. I do hope that Hiro stops being ten soon, though.
ildergreier ildergreier 8 years
Hope the part 2 is summing up this episode because this is going way out of the boring line.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
arthur didnt SAVE her from the crutches Buzz, his power is to take away powers hence its a threat to her that if she doesnt abide by his rules he takes her power and she is back in braces.
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
hahaha good point evlove. i also agree with chicsugar and superstar2780. i think killing people would help the stories come together and remember what is happening with each character.
evlove evlove 8 years
this episode was pretty bad, but the one part that made me laugh out loud (and i don't think it was intentional) was when Hiro says in Japanese, "Don't hurt me!" and Parkman replies in English, "I'm not going to hurt you." did i miss something? can Parkman understand Japanese?! haha
superstar2780 superstar2780 8 years
I too liked the scene when elle pops sylar's shoulder, it kind of reminded me of beauty and the beast, the disney version, when belle is tending to the beast after he gets in a fight. anyway, the rest of the ep was kind of boring. there are too many heroes! I agree with chicsugar, they really need to start killing off characters. I barely care about any of them any more because they are never really in harm's way.
chicsugar chicsugar 8 years
I really hated this episode too. The only thing that has me coming back is Sylar, and the hope that the writers will SOMEDAY (soon I hope) get this show back on track. Can we just please kill off Mohinder (and his annoying voiceovers in the beginning!), Claire, Daphne, Tracy, and Peter. Another recap website came up with an excellent point. How are we supposed to believe that these characters face extreme danger if none of them ever die!! They never have to face any consequences.
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 8 years
please be positive we have to meet them powerless so we know who is who. Noah Bennet kick their assess with or without their powers. if you don't like this kind of changes, you are watching the wrong show. They told me 24 is having a good season...
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 8 years
NOAH BENNET ROCKS!!!! that's all...
kwikwit kwikwit 8 years
However, my crush on Sylar keeps brings me back. I don't think he's working for Arthur - I think he's working for his mom. BTW Buzz, "Arthur's LITTLE heart" love it.
kwikwit kwikwit 8 years
Seriously, just when I thought this season was getting better the writers pull these shenanigans. isn't the whole point of the show (and the reason we watch it) that these are ordinary people with special abilities? Who wants to watch them being ordinary??
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
this episode was HORRIBLE.. the most annoying part was that no one seemed to acknowledge the eclipse. don't these people look up? also, the hiro story is grating on my nerves more than anything else on the show.
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