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Heroes Rundown Chapter Three: "One of Us, One of Them"

"What kind of person are we? Does the hero, or the villain inside us, win the day?"

Ah, yes. The hero/villain question at the heart of Volume Three of Heroes. In this week's episode we get more of the scoop on who Tracey is (or rather, who she's not), Angela Petrelli insists that Sylar has simply been "misunderstood," and the pairing up of HRG and his new partner turns out to be surprisingly awesome. And then there are the Claire, Parkman, Hiro and Peter storylines, so to chat about it


  • Angela Petrelli gets all maternal on Sylar, telling him she never should have given him up for adoption, and now she's going to take good care of him. She pairs Sylar up with HRG, saying that Sylar has has just been misunderstood and needs structure. HRG: "So your solution is to send the psychopath after the psychopaths."
  • The escaped Level Five guys go into a bank and raise hell. One of them formulates a plan to lure HRG to the bank and take his revenge on him.
  • Uh-oh — Mom showdown. (Also, I love it when hero and non-hero life life collide: "Um, we don't smoke in the house"). Claire says she was hoping her mother would teach her how to fight so she won't be the victim all the time. Her mother tells her, "There are some things you can't fight, Claire." She then tortures her daughter into telling her the truth about why she wants to get bad guys. Claire screams, "To hurt him, okay? To hurt him like he hurt me!"
  • I like how the African guy, Usutu, makes Parkman's name sound a little like "Pac-Man." "It's your spirit walk, Pac-Man, not mine." Usutu paints images of Parkman (Parkman and Molly, Parkman getting thrown out the window by Jessica, etc.), just like Isaac Mendez used to paint scenes of the future. But then there is a painting of Parkman with a woman and a baby, which Usutu says isn't the future anymore. "The future changed."
  • Sylar wants to know if Angela is really his mother; it seems like Angela's really getting to him. I like it when Sylar feels stuff. He says he thinks HRG is right, he's just a killer. Angela: "No, it's not your fault, it's your ability, there's a hunger that you cannot control, it's made you that way. But we're going to fix that." Later, HRG says to Sylar, "You do realize she's playing us, right? This is all one big game to her."
  • Hiro, Ando and Daphne all end up at the movie theater where the Haitian is getting back the half of the formula for Angela Petrelli ("Given recent events, Mrs. Petrelli thinks it wise to keep her half closer to home"). Daphne tries to drive a little wedge between Hiro and Ando, which Hiro immediately recognizes: "Don't listen to her, Ando. She's trying to divide us. It's villainy 101."
  • Ha! I really enjoyed watching Sylar cop an accent and take charge of the hostage situation with the cops. I don't just love to hate him in this episode, I really like him.
  • In New Orleans, Tracey sees Niki (who looks just like her) lying in a coffin. She meets Micah (poor Micah!) who looks up Tracey's old records, which have some key similarities to Niki's. They get a name: Dr. Zimmerman. When Tracey visits Dr. Zimmerman she asks, "Do you know me?" Dr. Zimmerman: "Know you? I created you."
  • The campy piano music of the Chaplin movie is perfect for Hiro and Ando's bumbling mission to get the briefcase from the Haitian, which Daphne promptly swipes.
  • Peter gets out of Jesse's body and disappears into the future. Meanwhile, the real Jesse is back in his own body and he advances on HRG, only to be stopped by Sylar. HRG yells at Sylar, saying that he told Sylar to stay put. Sylar: "You told me that to make sure I wouldn't, didn't you?" Sylar then traps Jesse in the bank and slices open his forehead, telling HRG he can't fight it. "It's the hunger."
  • Claire's mom: "You gotta learn to save yourself before you can save the world." But Claire is still intent on getting the bad guys, and drives off with a Primatech box.
  • Parkman sees a painting of him carrying the woman who was holding the baby in the earlier painting, and he asks if he can stop this future scene. Usutu brings Parkman to his house (where a turtle climbs over the 9th Wonders comic book, ha). Parkman eats some stuff, then puts on Usutu's headphones and gets the milky white future-seeing eyes, like Isaac Mendez and like Usutu.
  • Nathan is sworn into office, which Tracey misses altogether. Later Nathan is seen reading the Bible (Genesis).
  • Hiro and Ando are now at Level 5! There, the Haitian asks HRG if he's being replaced (by Sylar). HRG: "Only for a while. Just until I find his weakness. And then I'm gonna kill him."

In the preview for next week's episode, Sylar is wearing an apron and kissing Mr. Muggles! This episode was fine and all, but I look forward to seeing that.

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pianoteacher1 pianoteacher1 9 years
Is one of the bank villains "Marlo" from the Wire? I miss that show sooooo much:(
popcorn19 popcorn19 9 years
This was a really boring episode... but I was glad they brought back Micah! He's gotten so big!! I hope he somehow winds himself back into everyone's storylines as a regular.
dcdawg dcdawg 9 years
Love where the writers are taking Sylar this season. Can't get enough of him! I'm actually intrigued by the whole Tracey storyline, which is surprising because Nikki was my least favorite character. I definitely think the Nathan/Tracey story has great potential. Missed Elle this episode but glad I didn't have to sit through those painful scenes with Mohinder and Maya. Could we please kill them off already???
Mindbolt Mindbolt 9 years
This sounds like such a great episode. I have to watch it on Hulu now. PhaseKItty, as usual you bring up interesting points. Poor Micah though, how is it that they managed to kill BOTH his parents? i mean come on! I hope they don't right him of the show. Not to get all serious or anything, but he is one of the few minorities on the show and the actor who plays him is such a cute kid. I hope they keep him. Now I'm off to watch the episode and gawk at the spectacle of HRG and Sylar working together. Weird....
sunny1intucson sunny1intucson 9 years
Hmm, I'm pretty much over Heroes.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 9 years
maybe its a N'wallins old school, funeral in the parlor thing? It did seem weird- I mean Tracy just walked right in. I don't like the dynamic of Hiro not trusting Ando either- I liked them better in season 1. But I have hopes that Daphne can mix it up a little with them. I think Hiro likes her.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I found myself drifting when Hiro and Ando were on the screen, just not interested or interesting, it was even actually a bit uncomfortable because it was so cheesy. "i dont want to be robin" yawn, then "yeesh" Did anyone else find it strange that Micah was ALL ALONE in that house with his dead mothers body? who leaves a kid like that?
reesiekitty reesiekitty 9 years
Best part of the night was when Daphne called Hiro PIKACHU!! Lol. I had always thought they would make Sylar some sort of anti-hero- I liked pairing him up with HRG, but was sort of confused that he just went back to his cell. I guess he just doesn't have much better to do- all powered up and no place to go? But maybe he feels like sticking with HRG for now is the best way to get easily led to more powers he can gobble up. And- if he doesn't eat the adrenal gland or whatever, how does he 'ingest' the new power? Just absorbs it? Or when he told Claire last week that eating her brain would be disgusting, maybe he just meant her brain, but eating the adrenal gland was cool- like getting sweetbreads at a fancy offal restaurant? Again- keeping Claire at home like a normal teen girl JUST NOT WORKING!! And gee, thanks birth mom for totally traumatizing her even more to make her get in touch with her feelings. And seriously, how could Clair's mom fall for that lame story?? Even my BF was like " A cheerleader sleepover-retreat?? they have those?" And maybe they shouldn't leave the WELL MARKED Primatech secret file box just laying around the hallway!! Security at Chez Bennet is totally lax. I also thought the girl in the Parkman painting looked like Daphne at the end with the fluffy hair. I would like to see a sort of Heroes Junior contingent with Micha and Claire and Elle getting together. I really like Micah - I don't want to see his character get written out. Did you see how Aunt Tracy froze up (pun intended, heh) when he hugged her goodbye? I felt so bad for him! And where is his cousin?? If she is in hospital or something, he could take a little video recording of someone healing from burns or something and make her watch it. I totally don't trust Mama Petrelli. I wonder what Real Time Peter will find in the future??
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Phasekitty - I'd almost forgotten about the Barbara comment! Like there might be a whole army of Ali Larters running around somewhere. I feel like the show is finally giving us back some of the twisty mysteriousness that made it fun to watch the first season.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 9 years
Heroes isn't really all that exciting. I like Hiro/Ando and Sylar but everything else is boring. It's really disappointing.
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
Yes, tlsgirl, you nailed it on the head. I forgot to mention that my favorite part about last night's episode was no Mohinder and no Maya. :rotfl:
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
Yeah Renee, I thought it looked like Daphne in Parkman's painting too. Sylar's accent was simply amazing. I love him. Did anyone else find it ridiculous the way they handled putting Peter into Jesse's body? Why did the show Peter with Jesse in the reflection? The audience is not stupid- when you told us that Peter was in Jesse's body you could have just showed us Jesse. It was like they wanted to get Milo more screen time, but they way they did it was stupid and confusing :oy: How dumb is Hiro sometimes??? I just want to smack his forehead and say "Duh!!" You forgot the most exciting part about the Dr. Zimmerman/Tracy meeting- he said to her "Barbara?" and when she corrected him he said "Oh, the one from Beverly Hills." How many more of them are there??? Enough to ensure that Ali Larter will be on this show a loooong time, I'm sure.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I thought that too, Renees3! It was definitely the hair that made it seem that way.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I really liked this episode. The premier seemed like it was getting back to normal Heroes, and this is where it finally got it right. Also, any episode without Maya the wonder twin is just fine with me. I totally loved the Pac-Man bit too! It made me giggle every time, as did Hiro and Ando's goofy mission. Also, was it just me or did Daphne look really funny when she was trying to do her regular speedy run, like she didn't know how to just run normally? I like her character well enough now, but I keep going back to looking at her as the nerdy girl who's into Landry on FNL.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
Oh and does anyone else think that it's Daphne (the speedster) that Parkman is holding in the African painting? The white short hair made me think it was her.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I thought Angela said she was going to take care of him just like "a GOOD mother" not grandmother? why would she say grandmother, if she's his mother?? I actually didn't like this episode that much, I feel like I saw everything coming. I love love love Hiro though, so I hope he doesn't stay in lock down for long. And Claire trying to be tough just seems silly to me. Seriously, her learning to fight is NOT going to hurt Sylar. All he has to do is do that thing where he throws people against the wall and sticks them there, then her fighting will be pointless.
YMO YMO 9 years
How cute was Hiro calling dibs on getitng back stolen secrets? As long as they keep Daphne in his scenes I might like her. With her hair and his Villainy 101, they remind me of a live anime cartoon. More Hiro, and more Mr. Muggles. There hasn't been enough of him lately (I don't get the previews, so thanks for throwing that in).
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
and, it is just me, or the lady with parkman in the future-paint was Audrey, the detective?
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
i did comment a couple of times, last recap, that Tracy wasn't Nicky, but a clone/sister/twin/whatev poor micah, poor of him!!!
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