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Heroes Rundown Chapter Two: "The Butterfly Effect"

Aaaand onto Chapter Two of the third volume of Heroes. After that first episode, we got another crazy, mysterious, information-overload episode (ooh, that rhymes) in "The Butterfly Effect." Ready to discuss, Heroes fans? Well,


Some Stuff We Learned:

  • Claire doesn't feel pain anymore, which dismays her because she thinks it might mean she doesn't have a soul. Or something. So, she tries to make herself feel pain again ("What are you doing?!" "What does it look like I'm doing? Trying to get hit by a train!"). She thinks her power is lame and that she's "still just a victim." She wants Peter to teach her how to harness powers, but he refuses.
  • Angela Petrelli has a dream/vision: Bunch of people dead, Claire's severed head (gross), and someone dragging her body away so it can't, you know, reattach. Then there's a group of baddies — including Adam Monroe and Niki/Jessica/Gina/Tracy — and she awakes as Sylar comes up behind her.
  • Peter thinks he's saving the world. To which Angela has a retort: "You don't screw with time. It's called the butterfly effect. Step on a butterfly today, three years from now a million people are wiped out."
  • Mohinder is high on his new abilities (I mean, wouldn't you be?), from which he feels stronger, better, faster, etc. Everything's heightened. Including the creases in his insane six-pack. His newfound confidence has made him into quite the romancer. "It all came from you, Maya," he purrs. "From what's inside that. . . extraordinary body of yours." Before he literally rips off her clothes.
  • I'm so happy to see Elle again! However, she's having a really bad day. First, Sylar kills her father, Bob. Then Sylar tries to slice open her head (but she totally electrifies him!). And finally, with Bob gone, Angela Petrelli is in charge and she fires Elle ("We only kept you around this long at your father's insistence." Ouch!).
  • Hiro finds out the identity of the speedster: Daphne Millbrook. Hiro and Ando go to Daphne's apartment where she stashes all the things she steals, like the Mona Lisa. Ultimately, Hiro gets Daphne to carry a tracking device so he can find out where the other half of the formula is.
  • Niki is now "ice queen" Tracy Strauss, who works as some kind of adviser to Governor Malden. Tracy convinces the governor to appoint Nathan junior senator of New York . Then she works on convincing Nathan to accept the position. (Did anyone else notice Linderman totally checking out her butt as she leaves Nathan's hospital room? Gross!)
  • Linderman tries to convince Nathan that taking the junior senate position is "God's plan," but Nathan isn't so sure. We later find out that only Nathan can see Linderman.
  • Future Peter tells him that he's the one who shot Nathan and encourages him to make the right choices. Nathan tells Tracy he'd be honored to serve as junior senator of New York — but he wants her on his staff.
  • When a reporter digs up Niki's sexy past, she gets pissed off and turns him to ice. Wow, that power is so awesomely dramatic. Way better than ol' black eyed Maya.
  • The power grid shuts down at Level Five so all the inmates (including HRG, who has a little confrontation with Sylar) escape. Once out, the guy who contains the present-day Peter (Jesse) tries to contact Nathan to tell him not to trust future Peter. He then witnesses his former fellow inmates sinisterly wreaking havoc on the world (a woman is set on fire!). Sylar ends up imprisoned at Level Five once again.
  • I totally thought Mohinder was going to have a Hulk moment, right there in the mirror. But then, OMG WTF is growing on (and slimily coming off of) Mohinder's back?!
  • Parkman wakes up thinking he can hear a turtle's thoughts. Turns out it's an African guy with a keen sense of humor ("No service here. Should have gone with Sprint.") and an ability to see the future.
  • Claire wants to come with HRG on his hunt for all the villains, but instead HRG has brought Claire's real mother back so she can keep them all safe with her fiery fingers.
  • The episode ends with Angela telling Sylar she's his mother.
  • Photo courtesy of NBC

tchan01 tchan01 9 years
reesiekitty - all I remember seeing in Mama P's vision was the blonde hair guy. If you'd REALLY like to know, I'd recommend searching for Heroes fansites and looking in their photo galleries to see if there were screenshots/photos taken from that episode OR download the episode online on the Heroes official website (although you do have to pay). You bring up some good points. Another thing I noticed was at the end of episode 2, the future Peter was looking at his reflection and seeing the man who's body the real Peter is in. I'm wondering if the real Peter transformed into himself while in that other man's body. Does that make sense? Sorry, not sure who else was on Level 5. They didn't talk about this in the last season.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 9 years
Thanks tchan :) It's only because I had such good material to work with!! I couldn't catch who all was in Mama P's vision, except of course Headless Claire. But for the bad guys with powers, we have been shown the guy who can set stuff on fire (blue?!!- is it natural gas or something?) with his hands. I don't know if we ever KNEW who all was up on Level 5. Were we told this last season and I forgot? I was also trying to figure out, the body that our-time Peter is currently trapped in- what power does it have? If he is IN that body, can he figure out what power it has and use it? It seems pretty certain that whatever power you have is attached to the body you are in, so just your spirit or personalty or whatever moving to another body should mean that the body still has any super abilities it might have possessed before. And what happened to the personality/spirit/whatever that was originally IN that body? Is it just floating around somewhere or did Future Peter have to remove it and stuff it into a passing janitor or something? I wonder- I mean, isn't THAT guy trying to get HIS body back? Or at least, won't he want it back once he finds out its been liberated from Level 5 and is out with the other bad guys?
kitten6500 kitten6500 9 years
Ok... so here's what I need help remembering/knowing: Who ALL was in Angela Petrelli's vision? Also, all the inmates on Level 5- who had what powers? I remember the German could do magnetic stuff... what were the others? I want to know who the future bad guys are and what they can do... Well done new season! I thought it was great!
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
tracy has a job! She has a job, and she didn't seem new to it. I think tracy is another person. I think tracy is not Nikki/jessica/gina/whatever.
sidra5397 sidra5397 9 years
I've made up my mind about my theory... I think Tracey is a third personality that Nikki has. She came out during the fire and probably saved herself/Nikki/Jessica with her ice power. I feel like Nikki has got multiple personalities and each one has a power... There are holes in my theory like, what about Micah and his cousin... but I'm sticking with it till proven wrong.
tchan01 tchan01 9 years
reesiekitty - you are TOO funny :-) :ROTFL: On 1) I totally agreed with you. I liked the teenage girl who learns by watching things too and of course Nikki's son. On 2)This is probably the only part of the 2 episodes that I found a bit odd. He seemed so out of character and over the top. And maybe that's what the writers and director was going for but it just seemed so forced.
reesiekitty reesiekitty 9 years
Hey- did anyone notice that in the picture above here, Mrs. P looks sort of like an aging Sarah Palin??? Creeepy...
reesiekitty reesiekitty 9 years
First I apologize if I posted any spoilers in the first segment section! I sort of forgot what happened in which episode!! 1)What happened to all the black heroes? Lol, but seriously, what's up with Nikki's son and the teenage girl who learns by watching things? I like both of them and sort of thought they'd show up! And where's the Hatian? 2) Mohinder has definitely lost all of his scientific objectivity!! When I saw him all wall-climbing, I totally knew he was going to do Maya. All I could think of was the Fly- despite the, oh yes, wayyy hotness of Mohinder. But actually (as my BF said) what he needs is the power to make up his mind: "I'm giving up this research" "I'm leaving for India RIGHT NOW." "Oh wait, no I'm not" "I can't cure you Maya" "Oh, wait, let me take a sample of your blood!" Lol, honestly, Mohinder, just MAKE UP YOUR MIND already!! And who goes down to the shipping docks or where ever to test out a new blood serum on yourself?? I just knew that nothing good could come of that, despite the hotness. And what IS with Maya's new trailer-trash wardrobe?? Did Mohinder just have a lot of trampy girl clothes laying around his apartment or something? I thought Maya was still a good Catholic girl, despite having accidentally massacred her brother's wedding party. 3) As I stated before, I still think that the blonde guy from ancient Japan ( and the future with Peter) is Claire's ancestor somehow. I am starting to wonder if Claire is really related to the Patrelli family at all, or if that was just a way for Mrs. P to try and control her and lure her loyalties away from her father? Certainly with all the sexual tension between Claire and Peter ( and Clair and Syler, if he is really Mrs. P's son as well) would work better as a plot point if they aren't RELATED. But I am also not convinced that Mrs P is really Syler's mother either. 4)Loved the little Veronica Mars reunion on Level 5!! Nice to see Weevil getting more work- he put on a lot of weight though, since the end of VMars. Still, I hope they don't kill Elle off and I want to see what cool power he has too.
alikat07 alikat07 9 years
Seriously so much going on. For some reason the Nikki/Tracy situation was making me wonder the most - what the heck happened? I'm also curious to see what Elle does next - will she hook up with the good guys now? I loved that she gave HRG a gun and then electrocuted Sylar.
lazyasian lazyasian 9 years
@tlsgirl - umm hope u didn't mean mohinder can do better physically because dania ramirez is gorgeous. maya, the character, is annoying though but mohinder can be too.
MissMarisol MissMarisol 9 years
I have to watch the episodes again. So much info!
aoitenshi aoitenshi 9 years
Funny I thought last season that the guy who shot Nathan looked oddly like Peter from behind, and then it turns out it's actually him. It's so weird that Sylar is suddenly Peter and Nathan's brother, that's ugh. And Mohinder is hot! Haha. I don't like that he got together with Maya though.
Edie-J-Blige Edie-J-Blige 9 years
Ok I totally gave up on season 2 early in the game because it bored me to tears. But I'm glad I gave it another shot! Is anyone else creeped out by the sexual tension between Claire and Peter. I just want to jump off my couch and scream: "YOU'RE BROTHER AND SISTER!" Plus, she's 18!
shafiii shafiii 9 years
first off: i love Mohinder with all my heart and him being all sexed-up is amazing. also, im so happy we finally found out about angela petrelli's powers! they are so cool! i think nikki probably can't die either, so she was kinda.. "re-born" as tracy hence not remembering anything from her before life. she did pretty much "die" in that fire last season. and i think her powers switched because of the fire, like she fights them with ice now? loll being random now. the African man must have the same ones as the comic-guy from season one (can't remember his name) but both of them probably paint the future. and lastly, ANGELA IS SYLAR'S MOM!!?!?!?!!?!? i mean we know his real parents didn't have powers so he obviously got them from someone else's genes. but seriously!? it felt like a total "Luke, I am your father," kinda moment. haha
robinesque robinesque 9 years
Uh, Miss Kimberly? Mohinder was ALWAYS hot. He just needed his animalism "realeased." He had ME climbing on the walls when I saw that shirt off - FINALLY!
tinsleystyle tinsleystyle 9 years
plus i must be the only one wondering how maya apparently comes all this way with no money but suddenly has a place to stay and a vast (albeit skimpy) wardrobe
tinsleystyle tinsleystyle 9 years
"ol' black-eyed Maya" and "slimily coming off of" and "fiery fingers"...LMAO!!
misskimberly misskimberly 9 years
So many questions. Overall, I was very pleased. I think what confuses me the most is the idea that Nikki is not dead - how is that even possible? And why would someone with a cloning or morphing ability take HER appearance? I have to say that I look forward to Mrs Petrelli running the company. She has always struck me as a potentially brilliant villain for the show, and I love to see her in a position of power she can use to her own nefarious ends... And WHEN did Mohinder get so damn hot? I cant handle it!
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
anyone else is PROUD with the fact when Elle sees her Daddy with half head off, she runs to Mr. Noah Bennet and gives him a gun and information. She is in the company, and runs to him, first that runs to anyone else. She know whos the man!! I love Mr. Bennet!!!
CYL CYL 9 years
Lol jacrabbit.....
thelorax thelorax 9 years
Two things... (1) Hold on, is Angela REALLY Sylar's mother, or is she trying to manipulate him? Interesting twist either way. (2) ShYEAH Nathan wants Niki/Tracy "on his staff"...heehee (see, this is what happens when you watch a serious show with a BOY).
sexymotherfakir sexymotherfakir 9 years
I think the obvious answer is that the next Heroes saga will be Heroes: Deliverance.
CYL CYL 9 years
You know before we learned the Claire and Peter were related I totally thought they would pair them up...but maybe this is because of the off screen chemistry of Hayden and Milo ...showing up on screen...lack of acting ability to translate their relationship into acting as a Uncle/neice relationship? Or maybe they aren't REALLY related at all!
Anniina Anniina 9 years
-Agree with you guys. -I think Sylar is looking better. And Peter isn't hot anymore. :D -This show is turning into sope opera, everyone is everyones something. -I am also, for some reason, waiting Peter-Claire relationship
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
My bro saw Elle and said "finally something nice on the show" almost immediately Mama Petrelli fires her :rotfl: - wow, getting powers gets you horny!! - Nathan wants Tracy on his "staff". - So mama petrelli is the mother of all?? is she a reincarnation of sort? if she pulling a Adam/Claire story? maybe Adam is the father of one of her childs (Nathan perhaps? Claire has Adams powers it seems) -and why is Maya not wearing underwear? does horny-mohinder rips her bra too? I though Maya was going to be tougher to handle, He only look her with sexy-hungry eyes, and was done.
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