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Heroes Rundown Chapter Two: "The Butterfly Effect"

Aaaand onto Chapter Two of the third volume of Heroes. After that first episode, we got another crazy, mysterious, information-overload episode (ooh, that rhymes) in "The Butterfly Effect." Ready to discuss, Heroes fans? Well,


Some Stuff We Learned:

  • Claire doesn't feel pain anymore, which dismays her because she thinks it might mean she doesn't have a soul. Or something. So, she tries to make herself feel pain again ("What are you doing?!" "What does it look like I'm doing? Trying to get hit by a train!"). She thinks her power is lame and that she's "still just a victim." She wants Peter to teach her how to harness powers, but he refuses.
  • Angela Petrelli has a dream/vision: Bunch of people dead, Claire's severed head (gross), and someone dragging her body away so it can't, you know, reattach. Then there's a group of baddies — including Adam Monroe and Niki/Jessica/Gina/Tracy — and she awakes as Sylar comes up behind her.
  • Peter thinks he's saving the world. To which Angela has a retort: "You don't screw with time. It's called the butterfly effect. Step on a butterfly today, three years from now a million people are wiped out."
  • Mohinder is high on his new abilities (I mean, wouldn't you be?), from which he feels stronger, better, faster, etc. Everything's heightened. Including the creases in his insane six-pack. His newfound confidence has made him into quite the romancer. "It all came from you, Maya," he purrs. "From what's inside that. . . extraordinary body of yours." Before he literally rips off her clothes.
  • I'm so happy to see Elle again! However, she's having a really bad day. First, Sylar kills her father, Bob. Then Sylar tries to slice open her head (but she totally electrifies him!). And finally, with Bob gone, Angela Petrelli is in charge and she fires Elle ("We only kept you around this long at your father's insistence." Ouch!).
  • Hiro finds out the identity of the speedster: Daphne Millbrook. Hiro and Ando go to Daphne's apartment where she stashes all the things she steals, like the Mona Lisa. Ultimately, Hiro gets Daphne to carry a tracking device so he can find out where the other half of the formula is.
  • Niki is now "ice queen" Tracy Strauss, who works as some kind of adviser to Governor Malden. Tracy convinces the governor to appoint Nathan junior senator of New York . Then she works on convincing Nathan to accept the position. (Did anyone else notice Linderman totally checking out her butt as she leaves Nathan's hospital room? Gross!)
  • Linderman tries to convince Nathan that taking the junior senate position is "God's plan," but Nathan isn't so sure. We later find out that only Nathan can see Linderman.
  • Future Peter tells him that he's the one who shot Nathan and encourages him to make the right choices. Nathan tells Tracy he'd be honored to serve as junior senator of New York — but he wants her on his staff.
  • When a reporter digs up Niki's sexy past, she gets pissed off and turns him to ice. Wow, that power is so awesomely dramatic. Way better than ol' black eyed Maya.
  • The power grid shuts down at Level Five so all the inmates (including HRG, who has a little confrontation with Sylar) escape. Once out, the guy who contains the present-day Peter (Jesse) tries to contact Nathan to tell him not to trust future Peter. He then witnesses his former fellow inmates sinisterly wreaking havoc on the world (a woman is set on fire!). Sylar ends up imprisoned at Level Five once again.
  • I totally thought Mohinder was going to have a Hulk moment, right there in the mirror. But then, OMG WTF is growing on (and slimily coming off of) Mohinder's back?!
  • Parkman wakes up thinking he can hear a turtle's thoughts. Turns out it's an African guy with a keen sense of humor ("No service here. Should have gone with Sprint.") and an ability to see the future.
  • Claire wants to come with HRG on his hunt for all the villains, but instead HRG has brought Claire's real mother back so she can keep them all safe with her fiery fingers.
  • The episode ends with Angela telling Sylar she's his mother.
  • Photo courtesy of NBC

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