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Hey, "Scrubs": WTF?

Okay, "Scrubs" has been on TV for a long time, and I've been a consistent fan. It must be challenging to sustain a half-hour comedy for six seasons, but they seem to have done a pretty great job, even pulling off kitschy episodes like a musical and one that used a laugh track to mimic traditional sitcoms. For the most part, they've managed to keep things fresh and fun.

So WTF happened last night?! Using an outrageously weak "plot line" in which a patient has amnesia after attempting suicide, the main characters mull the importance of memory. They go through a series of "memory" montages, throwing together a bunch of clips from previous episodes. For all the lame details,

The segues between each montage were lame to say the least: Apropos of nothing, Janitor says he wants to dance, turns on his radio, and suddenly we're taken to a montage of previous dance moments. JD even calls it out at one point, saying something like, "If I can remember some more moments, that will use up at least a few more minutes," before cutting to another montage.

I've watched my share of YouTube "Scrubs" montages, so I know they can be funny, but in this episode it came across as lazy and insulting. If NBC doesn't care about making any more quality episodes, why should we? If we wanted to see old "Scrubs" episodes, we'd turn on TBS. What do you think? Were you as disappointed in the "Scrubs" team last night as I was?


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