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"Hidden Palms" Recap: Episode 106 "Dangerous Liasons" & 107 "Stand By Your Woman"

"Hidden Palms" Recap: Episode 106 "Dangerous Liasons" & 107 "Stand By Your Woman"

If there's one thing to be said about "Hidden Palms" it's that they understand the most prevalent things in teenagers' lives: Hormones...and murder, but definitely hormones. This week (sorry for the late posting, blame TiVo as usual) we got two more episodes ending with quite the cliffhanger for next week's season (fine, series) finale. So lets get to the major plot points (kinda ignoring the parents stuff — they are so not the Cohens:

Last week we left off with Cliff making out with Eddie's mom...which is about where we picked up this time. Apparently Mrs. Eddie has a jealous side, because she looked a little pissy when Cliff alluded to his relationship with Nicky.

From there: HORMONES! Annnnnd scandal. Check out what else went down on the HP just

Over in Johnny/Greta lover land, Casanova wastes no time showing Greta that he has her bloody Halloween costume. Johnny even pulls the "if you care about me you'll tell me the truth." How after school special about date rape! Naturally, Greta says Eddie was dead by the time they got there, he had already killed himself, she was worried, Cliff promised he would destroy the dress. Johnny clearly sees this as reason enough to keep making out with her. Fair enough.

The big event of the episode is Tess' (Cliff's mom) birthday — wheeee. While setting up, Greta confronts Cliff about keeping the dress, so Cliff promptly runs home to freak out. Kinda suspect. Cliff hops next door to bring up the dress with Johnny, claiming they just wanted to avoid all the sleeping together scandal coming out. However, Cliff also says that Greta was already there when he showed up the night Eddie died. Hmmmm.

Cliff continues his tour of the 'hood by stopping off at Liza's garage. Convenient that all the shots in there are supposed to be sinister and it's in the only place in the house that stays dark all the time. He makes some allusions to the fact that she was in love with Eddie. She then realizes that he dress is gone from her closet (though we know Johnny has it).

At the party, Cliff is there with Nikki, but is promptly seduced in the bedroom by Eddie's mom. Obvs, Nikki sees it — and then breaks it off with Cliff. She also tells Johnny. Plot thickening.

Liza freaks out to Johnny about the dress, but he would much rather make out with Greta than admit to taking it. Oh! In the only bit of exciting parent-y news, Johnny's step dad punches Greta's dad for dancing with the mom. (Side note: the actress who plays Liza is pretty awesomely bad.)

The episode ends with Greta's dad and Eddie's mom meeting up, he says he came back to town as soon as she asked and she says "we have a problem...." And now, the next episode. Recapping a murder mystery gets wordy, huh?

Let's keep this short for real. It becomes clear early on that Greta's dad and Eddie's mom had a sinister hand in things. He is mad at her for being "visible" again after he had agreed to make things go away. She is uncomfortable that people are asking questions about Eddie's death.

Johnny promises to stop questioning Greta since he knows Cliff has a movie (sleeping with the moms) — so he gives her back the bloody dress. Smart. She has a weird conversation with her dad about the night Eddie died and then hypothesizes to Johnny that maybe Eddie's mom really had more to lose and has more of a motive.

They all go to Jimmy Jo's drag show. Obvs.

Cliff tries to break it off with Eddie's mom and get back with Nikki, but the drag queens aren't having it. Sassy! Meanwhile Mrs. Eddie threatens her with a video — which she later slips under his door. Which drives Greta's dad to more drinking.

Cliff makes out with Nikki and then with Eddie's mom. Cliff's mom walks in. Awkward.

The episode ends with the biggest shocker yet: Johnny sneaks into Liza's garage and is watching her video from inside Eddie's room then night he died. It's of Eddie in bed with a girl....AND IT'S LIZA!!! Crazy, right? I did not see that coming!

What do you think happened? Greta's dad totally shot him...right? Anyone else still watching? I'm very excited for next week...too bad it's airing on the 4th of July.

ddene5713 ddene5713 10 years
i'm pretty sure the series finale :/ is going to be dvr'd and watched on the 5th. ugh. it doesn't look like any ratings matter tho since it's been named the SERIES finale. :( [i was totally getting into this show too] i agree with shafiii.. i think gretas dad just "made it go away" ... he didn't actually KILL him. i think it has to either be greta or/and the mom and cliff. still baffled.
ddene5713 ddene5713 10 years
Mrs. Eddie threatens HER? with a video. she threatened gretas dad i thought and slipped it under his door.
shafiii shafiii 10 years
i dont think Greta's dad shot Eddie, but is just covering up someone else killing him. possibly Eddie's own mother did it...
KWM KWM 10 years
Thanks Molly - Love HP. The most trashtastic show ever!
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