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"Hidden Palms" Recap: Episode 108 "Second Chances"

"Hidden Palms" Recap: Episode 108 "Second Chances"

Farewell, "Hidden Palms," we hardly knew ye. The final episode of HP was, in a nutshell, anticlimactic -- though I supposed I couldn't ask for anything more. So let take one last look at a world where hormones run rampant and bit parts on "The OC" lead to further acting careers.

The episode starts with Liza commissioning Johnny to find out what Skip Matthews knows about Eddie's death. This seems easy, you know, considering Skip's not shady at all. We quickly move over to Cliff's mom, who wants to talk about walking in on him with Maria Nolan, Eddie's mom. Obvs, Cliff is not to blame, he's an innocent high school boy after all! Meanwhile Maria Nolan is watching video on Eddie's laptop of the two of them fighting, presumably that fateful Halloween night. Here's what else went down, in mostly bullet point form:

  • Johnny's mother is freaking out because (surprise!) she realizes she rushed into her new marriage. Blah blah blah, after some heartfelt conversations, some Izzy Stevens style baking and some urging from Johnny she realizes that Bob is actually a good guy. She is now free of the painful memory of her dead husband. Yay.
  • Nikki starts to work at the country club, where Cliff tries to win her back with a series of "public declarations of affection." In the end they get together, because she is all for second chances. At what point were we supposed to start liking Cliff? Is it because he's so dreamy? Also, why was the final kiss between these two so much more believable than anything between Johnny & Greta? Just saying.
  • Greta confronts her dad about Maria killing Eddie, which Skip somehow turns into Greta being upset about her own mother's death. Apparently it was a leeetle bit shady, too. Cliff is all of a sudden in on the plot and tries to steel Eddie's laptop from Maria Nolan -- who flips out.
  • Why did it take 3/4 of the episode for Johnny to confront Liza about sleeping with Eddie? I thought it was a big deal, but it's basically a throwaway moment. Boo.
  • Skip comes to Maria Nolan's house to threaten/assault her. He tells her she's totally worthless, done, alone. He also told her that they "haven't been anything for years," despite her pleading that she sacrificed everything for him.
  • Liza sneaks over to steal Eddie's Laptop from Maria Nolan's house, but instead stumbles upon....Maria Nolan's dead body. She shot herself (or did she...?). Why was this moment not more dramatic? It was just like "Oh, Maria's dead. I guess that solves that." Eddie asks Johnny if this helps, you know, since this has always been about his father. Or something. So, that's that, Maria Nolan killed her son, and then herself...
  • ...Or did she. We see Greta's dad walking away with Eddie's computer. The series ends with Johnny opening an email attachment. It's the video Maria Nolan had been watching of her fighting with Eddie the night he died. In comes Greta's dad, someone pulls a gun (did we ever come to terms with how the gun got there int he first place?), there is a struggle in which Eddie basically accuses Skip of killing Greta's mom. And then, Skip shoots Eddie....So there's your twist. Satisfied?
  • And that, my friends, is that. Anyone watching all the way through? Final thoughts? Guilty pleasure or no pleasure at all? Did the end (or, really, any of it) make sense? Did you like any of the characters? Mostly though, this is getting me very excited for "Gossip Girl!"

    Photos courtesy The CW

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