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The Highlight Reel: The Week's Best and Worst TV

The Highlight Reel: The Week's Best and Worst TV

Every Friday, I round up the week's best, funniest, strangest, and most embarrassing moments in television for your amusement.

  • Have I mentioned that Pam on "The Office" totally ruled this week?

  • "All rocks. Typical." — Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy," leading three male doctors in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

  • "I didn't really know what the 1920s was all about. And then I thought of that frog, you know, with the stick, that you'd see in the cartoons and stuff like that. (pause) That didn't help." — Ben on "Shear Genius"

More great quotes and video highlights, so

  • One of many awesome exchanges from this week's "Ugly Betty":

    Amanda: "Yesterday you told me my head was too big for my neck."
    Marc: "That was constructive criticism!"

  • On "Scrubs," Elliott hands her fiance Keith a photo: "Okay, so I took a picture of the church we’re going to be married in. Only imagine that the hearse out front is actually a horse and a carriage, and the people in the coffins are us."
  • "It's very important that my little dog, Pasha, approves of Andy, because she has a lot of say in who I date." — Amber on "The Bachelor," just minutes before Pasha peed on the carpet. I guess it's no surprise that she didn't get a rose.
  • Turns out, watching two past-middle-age ladies have a food fight is great entertainment. Thanks, "Brothers & Sisters"!

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