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Hilary Duff Cast as Love Interest for Dan on Gossip Girl

Hilary Duff Is the Newest Gossip Girl

It's only just July, but things are already heating up on the Gossip Girl set, as the show has just cast another new love interest for a major character. First came news of Joanna Garcia's guest role last week, and now it's Hilary Duff's turn.

Duff has been cast as Olivia Burke, a movie star who comes to NYU seeking a normal college experience and ends up as Vanessa's roommate. But that's not all: She also may start to date a certain main character. I won't spoil it here, but if you want to know who might be hooking up with Duff's Olivia come Fall,


Well, you might have already guessed given who else will be attending NYU: Olivia's a potential love interest for one Dan Humphrey. Apparently, Lonely Boy takes a shine to Duff's character — and, unsurprisingly, has no idea she's famous, which fits into Olivia's "just a regular college girl" plans just fine.


But how serious will this relationship be? Duff has signed on for multiple episodes, starting with the one that airs Oct. 5, but there's no word on just how long she'll be in the picture. Does that mean she could be gossiping her way through NYC full-time? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Do you think Duff is a good fit for Gossip Girl?

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Gurl123 Gurl123 7 years
Yes. I think Hilary Duff is PERFECT for this. It will be good for her. and she might be different in gossip girl then she is in all her other movies like she use to be the good girl like you know the girl who doesn't cause any trouble she could be the girl who does in this series of Gossip Girl. So GO HILARY DUFF
bonk bonk 7 years
It'll be interesting how they show her as a new character, mildly interested
reesiecup reesiecup 7 years
how about some hot new eye candy for serena or vanessa?
spicyaroma spicyaroma 7 years
Unfortunately, I think Hilary only appeals to a certain audience demographic (I did media), which is NOT the GG audience. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how she does.
juliarose23 juliarose23 7 years
i'm actually really excited for her to be on the show! while she seems a bit old for it maybe (to me) i think this is another incentive for me to watch it.
KibzeeLovee KibzeeLovee 7 years
i hope she does great!
ziggy101 ziggy101 7 years
AmyAnne > I totally agree with you...
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
I liked not knowing any of the actors much before watching the show, it doesn't need a "star." Plus, I wish they would work with the seven main characters they already have. Why not a Vanessa/Dan matchup or Nate/Serena? And I don't mean for 2 eps. I mean taking the whole season or half a season for them to get together instead of killing the storylines so quickly.
twiluver twiluver 7 years
AmyAnne AmyAnne 7 years
I will wait and see and then judge.The only thing that is bothering me is that this means more vanessa abrams screen time.I usually fast forward her scenes because she is hazardous for my health
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