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Is Hollywood Out of Touch With Gay Characters?

EW just put out an article lamenting the lack of movies with strong gay lead characters, musing that with the success of Brokeback Mountain, many people thought the way would be paved for more gay-centric films. The article goes on to state that perhaps the movies could take their cues from TV, where there are more and more storylines involving gay characters on even mainstream shows, like Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters.

Then again, as certain studio heads point out, it's easier to have a gay character in an ongoing series and have that be just one aspect of the character's life, while in movies it always seems to be The Big Issue for the character, their one defining characteristic.

One of the reasons suggested for this is that many movie studio execs are older and less comfortable with homosexuality in general, whereas TV execs tend to be younger, part of a "Will and Grace generation."

What do you think? Is Hollywood stodgy and out of touch? Or does it make sense that there aren't more gay-centric stories out there?


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