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Holy Dark Knight News, Batman

Another day, another few tidbits of news from the set of The Dark Knight. For starters, remember this guy from The Breakfast Club?

Well, Anthony Michael Hall (a.k.a. "The Brain") is all grown up and has now been cast in The Dark Knight, though apparently he signed a confidentiality agreement and can't reveal which part he's going to play. Rumor has it, however, that he'll be playing Mr. Nygma, a reportedly "good guy," though fans of the Batman comics will know that Mr. Nygma is actually The Riddler. All I know is it would be funniest if Hall reprised his role as Brian the Brain in The Dark Knight. This movie could use some comic relief.

Mattel has also announced that they will be releasing a frenzy of toys, games and puzzles based on The Dark Knight. ComingSoon reports:

Mattel's action figure line will feature Batman and the new Batsuit. Tyco R/C vehicles bring to life the speed and action of the Batmobile and the new Batpod. Additionally, Mattel will release a line of games and puzzles that will capture the film action through board games, puzzles and a special-edition UNO card game.

A special-edition UNO game! I'm so there.

As for the other tidbits, we've got photos of the crazy Bat bike and a full picture of the Batman suit if you

For up-to-the-minute rumors, speculations and news about The Dark Knight, check out BatmanOnFilm. Those folks are dedicated!

The Batman Suit:

The Batcycle:


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