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Is the Horror Genre Dead?

As I reported yesterday, Hostel: Part II did rather poorly for its opening weekend at the box office, bringing in just $8.7 million and coming in 6th place. I knew this was bad (for the filmmakers, anyway), but the folks over at Popwatch have brought my attention to two different news articles that question whether Hostel's lack of success is an indication that the horror film genre is on the decline.

Yet, here on Buzz, when I asked you whether you were interested in Hostel: Part II, there was a resounding "NO" and many of you readers commented that you really enjoy horror movies, but that Hostel, with it's so-called "torture porn" elements, turned you off. Personally, I think there will always be a place for horror films — you know, scary movies like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street. But at the moment it seems like Eli Roth and his filmmaker colleagues are in this gore competition, trying to one-up each other by making each new movie more and more gruesome until there's nothing entertaining about it. It's just gross.

Also, as many of you mentioned, there's something about women being trapped and tortured that isn't very entertaining because it is a much more real possibility for women than it is for men. Horrifying situations that seem plausible tend to lose their pleasurable aspect for many people. I simply don't think that Hostel: Part II is the best movie to use when measuring the success or failure of horror movies overall. A lot of people just don't want to see it.

What do you think? Is the horror genre on the decline?

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