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23 Times Taylor Kinney Was the Sexy Firefighter of Your Dreams

Feb 17 2015 - 10:30am

Sure, he just plays one on TV, but Taylor Kinney is one sexy fireman. The Chicago Fire [1] star proposed to Lady Gaga [2] over the weekend, so to celebrate the couple's engagement, we're taking a look at some of his hottest firefighter moments on the show. In real life, Taylor met Lady Gaga [3] on the set of her music video "You and I," which features plenty of sexy shirtless [4] moments, but thanks to his role on the NBC series, he's also become a fan favorite, tapping into that whole fireman-fantasy thing. You don't even need to watch the show to understand his appeal, either — with a look at his sexiest Chicago Fire moments in photos and GIFs, here's why Taylor Kinney is the hot firefighter of your dreams.

When He Made a White Tee Look Crazy Hot

When He Pulled Off His Tie

When He Was Busy, You Know, Saving Lives

When He Held a Baby

When He Showed Off Those Biceps

When He Seemed Confused

When He Rocked a Leather Jacket

When He Bit His Lip

When He Was in Full Uniform

When He Was All Cute and Protective

When He Had One Hand on the Wheel

When He Was Chewing

When He Sported a Hoodie

When He Was Being Fed

When He Gave a Sly Smirk

When He Was Feeling Uneasy

When He Crossed His Arms

When He Looked Concerned

When He Was Shirtless

When He Was Shirtless and Pensive

When He Was Shirtless and Making Out

When He Was Shirtless and Lying Down

Seriously, Though, Whenever He Was Shirtless

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