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The Hottest Actor on The CW

Who Is the Hottest Guy on The CW?

The CW is chock-full of smoking-hot actors, and recently, we asked you guys to pick who the hottest guy is on each show. Now we have another tough decision for you to make: of these finalists, which of these guys is the hottest man on the network? There's a vampire, a doctor, bad boys, and good guys, but the one thing they have in common is that they are all really, really ridiculously good-looking. It's up to you — cast your vote for the hottest guy on The CW.

Image Source: The CW
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shaab shaab 4 years
Guess I'm not surprised that Jensen Ackles is not on this poll given the result of this only-can-vote-once poll. What I am surprised is that Dean/Jensen ended up dead last. Just goes to show that the internet is not reflection of real life.
vickky1319 vickky1319 4 years
So what the hell??? Where Jensen Ackles??? There is none more gorgeous than the sexy Ackles on the CW. PERIOD.
Elatia3544944 Elatia3544944 4 years
I love Jay Ryan as Vincent.
gabby-carde gabby-carde 4 years
Damon's at 40% and Vincent at 38%
Sharon3540661 Sharon3540661 4 years
if Jensen Ackles was on here it would be a hard decision... but he's not... so my vote goes to Ian Somerhalder :-)
Kayla3537852 Kayla3537852 4 years
Ian Somerhalder all the way.
135mantika 135mantika 4 years
Jensen is,by far,the best looking man on the CW or any other channel
lostinlouisiana lostinlouisiana 4 years
Hate that I missed the original poll - Jensen Ackles is #1 for me :-)
Just-a3536114 Just-a3536114 4 years
How'd I miss the chance to vote for Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass?? So sad! He's the best thing on the network, by a landslide (actor and character). But Chace Crawford/Nate Archibald will do.
Carla3535483 Carla3535483 4 years
First it's really wierd that Jensen Ackles isn't in this list....Because HE IS the sexiest on CW! SECOND, I'm so happy that Jay Ryan he's winning and NOT Ian because Ian can't win's would be too obvious! THIRD: JARED I LOVE YOU FORTH: I VOTED FOR THE LOVELY SHANE WEST!
Lisa3535343 Lisa3535343 4 years
@Becky Kirsch SMH To each his own I guess...
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 4 years
@Lisa3535343 He lost to Padalecki :(
Lisa3535343 Lisa3535343 4 years
Seriously?? No Jensen Ackles and you have Padalecki? *faints*
Maggie-Pehanick Maggie-Pehanick 4 years
Gotta say, I'm kind of shocked by this outcome.
TheRuhlandClan TheRuhlandClan 4 years
@Shannon Vestal  Ohhhh! That's good to know, I must've missed that one. That surprises me actually. Thanks for the response!
Shannon-Vestal Shannon-Vestal 4 years
@TheRuhlandClan He lost to Padalecki :(
TheRuhlandClan TheRuhlandClan 4 years
Where the (%$! is Jensen Ackles on this poll!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
Marisa-Tom Marisa-Tom 4 years
This is the best poll ever.
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