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House Recap: Episode 10, "Let Them Eat Cake"

House Rundown: Episode 10, "Let Them Eat Cake"

After last week's big hostage episode, this week's installment of House went for something a little smaller, and you know what? I liked it better. Almost every character got a storyline, and some of them were awfully clever. Cuddy and House become office-mates, Thirteen starts her clinical trial, and Kutner reveals an, uh, interesting strategy for making money on the side. Ready to talk about it? Just


I really liked the patient's story this week, which is rather surprising since I usually treat the cases as kind of an afterthought. As a personal trainer who'd had gastric bypass surgery to do what she's now convincing her clients they can do naturally, she's a perfect representation of a bunch of House's themes: lying, cheating, denial, etc. Taub, in particular, is wildly offended by her lies — honestly, why does he think he's so morally superior? — and she rightly points out that it's not like he's never been a hypocrite. The ending of her story also surprised me: Faced with the choice of being thin and sick or heavier and healthy, she chooses her beauty over a diet of cookies and cake.

Meanwhile, Thirteen starts her clinical trial afraid she doesn't deserve to be there, which Foreman quickly puts to rest by discovering her nerves have already started to decay. You guys, I really didn't think I cared about Thirteen, but I suddenly do. The episode's peppered with soft-focus flashbacks to young Thirteen watching her mom suffer with Huntington's; eventually she admits to Foreman that she's scared to be around other patients not because she knows what will happen to her someday but because it reminds her of how much she hated her mother.

And Kutner! Jeez, the guy goes online and sets up a second opinion clinic under House's name but doesn't think House will find out? I'm sure House is the kind of guy who has all sorts of Google alerts on his name. Anyway, it all turns out to be an elaborate House punking, with Chase and Cameron in on it and the "patient" turning out to be an actress who got paid to sing the "Lime in the Coconut" song. How quickly did you pick up on this being one of House's pranks? It honestly took me until he showed up in the morgue and started doing CPR on the "corpse." Also, how much of Kutner's money will he actually get now? House gets 50 percent, Taub claimed 30, and Chase took a piece of it, too . . .

House ends up with a few extra hours with the actress that leads to flirting (and other things?), which is extraordinarily unfortunate because right when Cuddy's coming to make nice with him after he somehow finds her desk from med school, she sees them being all cozy and walks away. Argh! Thwarted again.

Some other thoughts:

  • How'd you like that sad "Lime in the Coconut" slow jam at the end?
  • So did House really have a change of heart about rewrecking Cuddy's office, or is there still a bidet instead of a toilet ("Not in addition to. Instead of.")?
  • The scene with House asking Cuddy why she dresses like that (seriously, Lisa, we all want to know) feels so tense, with them so close together and Cuddy saying "everybody knows this is going somewhere." Where it's going, though, is to House's hands on her breasts. Nice one, Mr. Smooth.
  • Apparently Kutner's an oversharer: "You told us when you renewed your subscription to National Geographic."
  • Best. Taub. Line. Ever: "Sure, but I wouldn't call a meeting of the Lollipop Guild and tell them they can grow if they work real hard at it."

What did you think? Surprised at how much they managed to pack into this one? Feeling any sympathy for Thirteen? And ready for a House-style Christmas?

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Join The Conversation
tonga tonga 8 years
I love Thirteen, at first it was just cause of Olivia Wilde but the character grew on me. I'm trying to understand how they are developing her disease, sometimes they say she has 8 to 10 years than 10 to 15, and how it's already starting? maybe Foreman lied to keep her on the program guilt free? and still on them when will they stop trying to put that relationship on us? they have no chemistry
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I'm not on the House and Cuddy boat... I just don't like them together. I LOVED the morgue scene. Priceless!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
For the first time last night, I really did care about Thirteen; her story is evolving into an interesting one and she is growing as a character. Loved the House prank, but I do wish his relationship with Cuddy would go "somewhere" soon. Wilson as always makes me smile; though he claims to have no feelings for Cuddy, I think he's in denial about that one. Enjoyed the recap, as always, Buzz!
topfsy topfsy 8 years
I feel really distressed with this episode due to cuddy house developments.Or the lack there of. I really expected more after the desk and the close up encounter, not him leaving with anything of the female gender. The story was ok as always,especially the twist with the prank on Kutner and taub which was really great- although I knew that House knew it, it seemed as a surprise any way. I want to see both Cuddy and House happy-he is not without feelings neither is she...
Jinx Jinx 8 years
I loved the episode. I liked everything going on, House is always better with multiple storylines, imo. I didn't clue into the prank, doh! When House jumped on that gurney, I was like, No way, if she comes back to life...Oooohhhh! :rotfl: And Kutner shouldn't owe Taub his 30 %, because it was for keeping his mouth shut, and House knows now. And why does Taub think he's so good? Excellent question. Thirteen and Foreman are my least favourite characters, and I just don't care. I'm hoping the progression of her Huntington's means she will be written out sooner. But how creepy was it that Foreman was in her home?! I wish for the life of me, Lisa Cuddy would have answered House's question of what comes next after the kiss, "Do it again". But it didn't happen. I'm loving the tension though.
infusedwithspice infusedwithspice 8 years
Totally agree with you on Taub's best line - I paused and rewound that one multiple times. I haven't been much into 13's character until recently also. This episode hooked me with the tears and the Foreman embrace. I always love Wilson, of course, but I liked how this time around he got to come in, make perfect analyses and then poof! he was gone.
krae85 krae85 8 years
ugh, I'm so over the house and cuddy stuff. they gross me out. and I hope they get rid of all the new people and bring back chase and cameron, or maybe I'm living in the past :/
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 8 years
I loved the end scene in the morgue, too! The song was priceless! Taub seems to be getting meaner to me. I didn't feel bad for Thirteen, but I loved it when House called her Dr. Thirteen. I can't wait for next week's episode.
EkaterinaBallerina EkaterinaBallerina 8 years
That scene in the morgue was hands down one of my favorites from this season. I knew it was a prank the minute House walked into the morgue. If she'd really died there would have been serious repercussions that don't exactly make for great tv. Thirteen's story this week was the first time I've really been affected by a character's backstory. I was bawling my eyes out when she admitted that she'd hated her mother. It was just plain awful. And love, love, love how much Foreman cares about her and looks out for her. It's a great evolution of the character.
Nitachequita Nitachequita 8 years
I still think that House and Thirteen, and Cuddy and Wilson (and for that matter, House and Wilson) have WAY more chemistry than House and Cuddy. I guessed House knew about the website as soon as Taub said Kutner was going to get into so much trouble. Guessing maybe Wilson found Cuddy's desk, and not House? Also thought Taub's Lollipop Guild line was hysterical, as well as House's statement "What's the matter, someone call Foreman 'clean and articulate'?" hahaha!
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