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House Recap: Episode 13, "Big Baby"

House Rundown: Episode 13, "Big Baby"

Hey, it's Cameron! Fresh off her job offer last week, the long-neglected Allison Cameron gets some time in the spotlight on this week's episode of House, filling in for Cuddy while she stays home to be a mother to Rachel — a process that's not going all that well, as it happens. Meanwhile, Foreman considers stepping over a major ethical line and switching Thirteen's medicine in the clinical trial. To chat about it, just


As good as it was to see Cameron back — as the boss of House, no less — it was a situation that seemed doomed from the start. She knows House too well, and House knows her too well; the temptation to play games with each other, asking for and approving inappropriate things, is just too high when lives are at stake. Cameron realizes this in the end and tells Cuddy she won't be going back to the job, but in some ways, that's a shame: Cameron's instincts actually are right in this episode, and House manages to only perform procedures that help him get to a diagnosis. (Sure, one of them meant lopping off the patient's skull for a few particularly gruesome moments — but who's counting?) In the end, though, Cuddy's a better gatekeeper, and so it's back to babysitting House for her.

At least her time at home seems to have paid off: Stressed and sullen for much of the episode, she's not feeling like much of a mother to Rachel. In fact, she's not feeling much of anything at all; she feels lost without work and with this new, little person who can't communicate with her. House's words of comfort are typically, well, House-ian: He suggests that since she hasn't formally adopted the baby yet, she just return it, like an unwanted video game. Wilson, on the other hand, tries to push Cuddy to recognize her mothering instincts, even making up a long story about how he took a photo of Rachel to one of those digital aging places to see what she'd look like when she was 18. (I was pretty relieved to find out he'd actually just brought over the same picture that came with the frame.) In the end, in the midst of a particularly difficult moment of balancing work and family, Cuddy and Rachel finally connect — just in time for her to puke all over House, a move that I'm sure made her mother very proud.

Foreman, meanwhile, is ready to go off the ethical deep end, contemplating switching Thirteen from the placebo to the active drug in the clinical trial. Everyone thinks he's nuts, of course, from Chase to House himself, who actually gives a surprisingly well-reasoned explanation for why it's the wrong move. Until, that is, House adds a caveat: If Foreman loves Thirteen, he'll do stupid things. So I guess he loves her — fatal disease, sudden desire for children, and all — because we see him switching the drugs. I can't imagine he won't be found out almost immediately, so here's the question: Is there any way he's not insane?

Some other thoughts:

  • For some reason it's weird for me to hear Foreman call Thirteen "Thirteen." For some reason, I figured that now that they're in a relationship, he'd use her actual name. (Granted, he did call her "Remy" to House, who of course pretended to have no idea what he was talking about.)
  • House's response to Thirteen's suggestion that he judge their ideas on their merits: "Oh, you really don't want that."
  • The diagnosis in this episode is pretty fascinating: There's a way you can be physically unannoyed by annoying things?
  • I'm a little surprised Kutner's the one to call Cuddy. I thought Taub was supposed to be the moral center of this team.

Your thoughts? And ready for the big 100th episode next week?

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