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House Recap: Episode 14, "Living the Dream"

House Rundown: Episode 14, "Living the Dream"

As we've seen over the past several years on House, House's life is one of a few simple pleasures. He tortures Wilson. He ogles Cuddy's breasts. He solves medical mysteries for sport. And he watches his medical soap. How many times have we seen him point out this or that minor plotline to someone on his team who made the mistake of wandering in during Prescription: Passion?

Picking up on a real medical mystery while watching Dr. Brock Sterling over-emote must have truly been a dream come true. So much so that he'd badger Evan's publicist and eventually sneak onto the lot and drive actor Evan to the hospital himself? Well, it is House. And for a show built around odd coincidences, Evan having his foot go numb right in front of Cuddy — the person least likely to believe House about Evan's condition — has to be up there with the best twists of fate of all time. What surprised me was that the episode — save for the Wilson/Amber plotline — then turned largely into a story about job satisfaction, so for the rest of my take, just


Evan was miserable playing Brock; we saw him whine that his show was trash, that nobody watched, that he wasn't doing anything meaningful. Meanwhile, House was all too happy to step into Evan's world for a while, flirting with the hot nurse actress and eating sunflower seeds out of Evan's dressing room. Yeah, it was research, but it seemed like research for an alternate life more than a diagnosis.

Meanwhile, it was inspection day at PPH, a day that Cuddy must dread all year long just because she never knows what House will try to pull. That sent Cameron back to House's team temporarily, and even though she was just filling out charts, she couldn't help throwing in her two cents on Evan's diagnosis. I loved watching her interact with House again, and it was hysterical that as soon as she started weighing in, Foreman automatically disagreed with her position. But I guess we can't expect to see her back on the team anytime soon. She told House in no uncertain terms that while she misses being a medical MacGuyver, she doesn't miss House himself.

As for Cuddy, she was sure she was going to lose her job — first through something House did behind her back, later because of something House did right in front of her. If there's one thing Cuddy likes, it's doing her job: getting things done, reining in House as much as possible. We haven't checked in on her social life recently, but given that big, empty bed, I'm guessing the job is the biggest thing she's got going. But she was still willing to put her own neck on the line to back House, which shows his power.

Speaking of power: I love Amber's mind games. The whole buying-a-mattress thing wasn't that important, but it was fantastic to see her make Wilson do what she wanted, then go dramatically the other way — from a firm mattress to the wobbly waterbed he'd always dreamed of, despite its impracticality. And thus, Wilson learned a couple of sad truths: Waterbeds are kind of lame, and Amber is often right.

Some favorite lines:

  • Wilson: "Amber doesn't do passive-aggressive."
    House: "People who do aggressive generally don't limit themselves."
  • House: "You'd think I'd find a decent set of knockers around here."
    Cameron: "Your porn's in the second drawer."
  • House, eating in the morgue: "If I keep it in the lounge, everyone else eats it."
    Cuddy: "That's cause it's everyone else's food."
  • House: "The good news is, last time Brock was in a coma he fathered two children."

What did everyone else think?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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