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"House" Recap: Episode 19, "Act Your Age"

"House" Recap: Episode 19, "Act Your Age"

As much as I liked seeing Chase and Cameron together, I've been looking forward to the inevitable bickering once they broke up, and we got lots of that on this week's "House." We also got our little mystery girl, and let's just say that one of your predictions of what would be at the end of her dramatic "I ... want ..." line was almost dead-on. Rock on, ALSW!

We start out at a daycare, where the little boy who I'm almost positive plays Sam on "October Road" gets a gross bloody nose. But the actual sick one is his sister, who collapses suddenly. House sets his team on the case, but Cameron and Chase can't stop fighting, because there's trouble in casual-sex paradise. To hear where it goes from there,

The girl has the health problems of someone 10 times her age: heart disease, arthritis, stroke. Meanwhile, her little brother flirts with Cameron, and she flirts back. Hey, Cameron: You broke up with Chase, and he's not going to be jealous of an 8-year-old. The two of them check out the girl's house, and their sniping gets cut short when they discover a bloody T-shirt behind the vent in the girl's bedroom. House, meanwhile, asks Wilson if he's interested in going to see some play. "Sure," says Wilson, "I'll pick you up." House says he's not going: "Dudes only go to plays when they're dragged by women they're hoping to see naked."

Chase and Cameron issue their verdict: The girl is being abused. The father insists otherwise, but a vaginal exam turns up tiny cuts. Cuddy yells at House for not calling social services, but House is more concerned that Cuddy was out late and bounds into the cafeteria to confront Wilson. Wilson: "I slept with her." House: "...seriously?" Wilson: "No." Then Foreman interrupts with the news that they've tested the blood on the T-shirt, and it shows that the girl's hit puberty — at age 6. Her hormones are totally out of whack. Also, she ... wants ... juice!

Speaking of hormones, Wilson says Cuddy wants to see him naked, because she's sent him flowers. Wilson and House bicker about whether the Xs on the card are hugs or kisses, and Wilson ducks away as soon as he spots Cuddy. She asks House why Wilson's acting weird, and House says it's because he sent Wilson flowers. Heh. The little brother, meanwhile, grabs Cameron's ass while informing her that Chase seems like a tool. Cameron later apologizes — sort of — to Chase, but when the boy spots them together, he attacks, biting Chase's arm. House realizes that whatever's messing with the girl's hormones is affecting the brother, too.

Cameron wants to remove the girl's pituitary gland, but House says no. Cameron tries pulling the dead-husband card to get her way, and House totally calls her on it. He tells the father that maybe something at the day care is making the kids sick, and dad responds that the other kids are fine. How does he know? Why, because he's sleeping with the day care instructor!

House shows up at the day care center and spots the instructor's recently waxed lip, which puts it all into place: Dad has been slathering himself with testosterone cream in an attempt to keep up with the day care instructor, who's half his age. Now he's secreting it through his skin, giving his kids huge doses every time he hugs them and making his girlfriend grow a mustache.

With that solved, House turns his attention to Wilson, who says he's going to march into Cuddy's office and kiss her. But he comes back a second later, saying he can't believe House would let him do that. House cops to setting up the flower thing but says Wilson does want to kiss Cuddy. "You're right," Wilson says. House: "... seriously?" Wilson: "No." Chase, meanwhile, gives Cameron flowers, but she says she doesn't want a relationship.

Cuddy tells House she can't believe this guy cared so much about getting laid that he nearly killed his children. It just shouldn't be that hard to find someone, she says. Well, House says, he's got these tickets to a play ...

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CM213 CM213 10 years
I say House and Cuddy should hook up. LOL! I can't believe Cameron was so mean to Chase. She was being so cold to him. I wanted to reach in my TV and slap her. I think she should jsut get over herself and admit that she's inlove with him also.
redsox26 redsox26 10 years
I actually dont like Chase. He kinda bothers me. I'm more of a House fan. I like his humor
Stir-Fry-Kitty Stir-Fry-Kitty 10 years
I really wish Fox would put episodes of House online. It would make it much easier to catch up. (No, I don't have a Tivo.)
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
That was a good episode :D that kid creeped me out, I'm sorry I know it was the hormones and everything but like he BUT chase :P I was like OMG CHASE lol. I felt really bad for him when they were in the house looking for environmental causes and cameron said it's not like someone professed your love for me ..oh wait you already did (that's not the exact line but still) I felt so bad for him and at the end the not stolen flowers I'm sorry but awe lol. I was literally laughing when Cuddy looked at Wilson and waved and he ran away :rotfl: what ever happened too the call girl wilson liked? I guess they didn't so anything with that but it would have been funny if they have. Finally Wilson/House :dance: IT'S BEEN LONG ENOUGH EH? I was so happy to them on screen together you were going to let me kiss her? house just smiles lol. night wilson night house :D I loved that line. I think the episode had a lot of good parts but I really wanted to see a cam/chase serious not just sex relationship :( Oh well :)
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
I totally called Wilson fooling House with kissing Cuddy, but it was also great to see Wilson hoodwink House with the threat of sleeping with her! Cameron and Chase dynamics are always fun to watch and I basically called her out on using the dead husband excuses word for word, right before House did. And as for the medical mystery, after the boy grabbed Cam's butt, I knew it was environmental and the two kids were both exposed to something odd.
foreignative foreignative 10 years
i love House, i'm an American living in Germany now and actually first saw the show here, in German! House's German voice actually really suits the character well. So I'm a bit behind on the plot since they're showing the 2nd season here, but thanks to you BuzzSugar I know what's really happening at Princeton Plainsburo. Can't wait to get back to the US this summer and buy the DVDs and watch the reruns of the 3rd season!
Jennifer24 Jennifer24 10 years
Dear All, Sigh.....I love Dr. close with the liner....i ....want....juice?.....penis cream? I hope that these lame episodes are leading up to a huge medical mystery...i don't know if I could handle House and Cuddy together...hehehe definatly crushing on Wilson right now... 'Morning...Jimmy!!!' - House cheers, jen
Mainly-Obsessed Mainly-Obsessed 10 years
House may be losing its way with the medical mystery portion of it, but it's House's biting wit that draws me back every week. Nice predictions by the way -- juice! Booyaka!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Loved the House/Wilson/Cuddy triangle last night. Hugh Laurie's sly smile and quick wit keep me coming back for more each week, even when the diagnosis is as lame as it was last night. He's brilliant.
atkoester atkoester 10 years
When did Cameron get this sexual prowess? She used to be scared of sex in season 1.
Justinsbelle Justinsbelle 10 years
I'm totally crushin on House! :p
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
The show seems to have a "sex kills" attitude. In fact, I think an episode was actually CALLED that one time. 1. The episode with the really allergic girl, where they thought she was allergic to her boyfriend's semen? She just had a tick in her vajayjay that she got when her boyfriend ran through tall grass. :shudder: 2. That gypsy kid who swallowed a toothpick got sick when he was making out with his girlfriend and the toothpick broke inside of him. There are a few more, but I'm drawing a blank. Anyhoo, point is, if you have sex on House, you're getting sick.
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Hehe. My husband turned to me and said, "So close!" I just laugh. Who didn't know that it would be a nothing moment within the show? The diagnosis was a little bit lame, but it was almost nice that someone finally had something wrong with them that I could easily understand! And I'm rooting for House and Cuddy, I can't help it! I didn't see any of the scenes for next week, so no predictions this time!
Jinx Jinx 10 years
I LOVED the House/Wilson interaction. It was nice to see Wilson spin House around for a change. :) I thought Chase had an excellent point to Cameron regarding how she seems to be able to feel more for dying plants than him, and it makes more sense. lol Whip, what I couldn't understand is how they made the Dad feel so guilty about it. Its not like he knew that the cream would make his children so sick they could die. ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
Thank GOD Wilson was only screwing around with House about going to kiss Cuddy. I was sitting there murmuring, "Nonononononono" the whole time. If Cuddy is going to make out with anyone, it should be House. Not that I want them to get into a relationship, though. But just sex would be quite entertaining. I thought that the medical revelation was kind of lame. The kids got sick because of dad's penis cream or whatever? :oy: Still, not a bad episode. Every week I have more and more of a crush on Chase, even though I don't want to. :swoon: And, like I always say, I'd enjoy watching Hugh Laurie do ANYTHING.
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