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House Recap: Episode 2, "Not Cancer"

House Rundown: Episode 2, "Not Cancer"

If you asked me what House needed, I think the last thing I would have said is another character. But that's what we got anyway on Tuesday, when Michael Weston arrived as Lucas, a new private investigator House hired. House creator David Shore is tossing around the idea of building a spinoff around Lucas if the character clicks with the audience, so I'm curious to know if he clicked with you. That and more on this episode when you


I have a hard time not thinking of Michael Weston as "that guy who attacked David Fisher on Six Feet Under," and even looking at him on screen can stress me out. That, coupled with the over-the-top quirkiness of his first scene (seriously, he sneezes like that?), turned me off to the character right away. I'm also not convinced that Lucas is actually a very good private eye. Having a signature item of clothing — argyle socks! — seems uniquely stupid. That said, I warmed to Lucas as the episode went along. House needs a friend right now (did anyone else love the scene of him "auditioning" a potential soulmate in the cafeteria?), and Lucas is, if not exactly a friend, at least someone for House to talk at — for a few hundred bucks an hour, anyway, with an additional fee tacked on if the job requires almost killing someone. Plus, Lucas's undercover posing led to one of the best lines of the night: Cuddy's "Why does it cost $2,300 to fix a coffee machine?"

Meanwhile, it was pretty clever to give House a possible cancer case so soon after Wilson's departure. House is really lonely right now (probably not as much as Wilson was after House inadvertently killed his girlfriend, but still), and finding out that Wilson isn't even mentioning him has to hurt. I loved the scene with House at Wilson's door, and I also love that Wilson is sticking to his resolution to stay away. It would have been easy to get them back together — but it's so much better to have Wilson tell House that the next time House is at the door, he's not even going to answer.

Speaking of the case, I thought it was a pretty interesting one, with the team trying to figure out what disease could be affecting several different patients in several very different ways. But wow, was there a lot of gross-out medical stuff between the "sewage"-spilling and the brain-cutting. Ew.

Some other thoughts:

  • House always seems to do better work when he connects with his patient, and I like the way he and this patient bonded over a shared sense of disappointment in the world. But it turns out her dismay was partially a result of her brain not working right and dulling how she saw things. So, is there something dulling how House sees the world, and would he ever fix it?
  • Kutner doesn't solve the case, but he once again pitches a diagnosis and a plan nobody else had tried. He may seem like a bumbling fool, but he seems to come up with interesting answers pretty often.
  • I was glad to see Cuddy finally do something about House being so unethical — but even posting guards outside an ICU can't keep him from getting his way.
  • Looking for Cameron, Chase, and Cuddy is starting to feel like Where's Waldo?

Your thoughts? Love Lucas, or want to ditch him immediately? Did seeing Felicia Day as the patient make you want to watch Dr. Horrible again?

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    Ranaulz Ranaulz 9 years
    I soooooo loved the PI .... this is the 1st time i have seen this actor and during the show i was wonder wht if plp like him ore than house ?? Impossible but i was just wonderin ....
    Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 9 years
    I loved this episode! I remember Lucas from Scrubs as Private Dancer! It was awesome! Loved everything about this episode!! <333
    verily verily 9 years
    And omigod...Wilson has an apartment??? I doubt it's Amber's. And it seemed to have too much stuff in the entryway to be a hotel room.
    Nexxus1 Nexxus1 9 years
    I actually really liked his character. I kept calling him "House Jr." because his wittiness was in the same vein as the man himself. (He had me laughing hysterically!) I think there's certainly going to be a budding friendship between the PI and the doctor this season...since after all, House's "one friend" was lost.
    Jinx Jinx 9 years
    LOL miriah
    miriah15 miriah15 9 years
    I think Chase should just follow the team around without a shirt. He honestly doesn't need any lines. Just sit there and look pretty.
    bunnychick bunnychick 9 years
    I knew I recognized the patient from somewhere! Dr. Horrible...good call. The PI is alright, but I seriously don't see a spinoff being that popular (they never are, right?). Missed Cameron since she was the only one not in the episode. REALLY miss Wilson but I'm confident he'll be back in some way or another. I loved how House crumpled up the $100 bills and THREW them into Wilson's apartment. Classic.
    Jinx Jinx 9 years
    They need Chase to be involved in every surgery they do! lol
    Allyace Allyace 9 years
    Buzz -- I LOVED the scene in the cafeteria with House "auditioning" the guy. That was the highlight of the episode to me. I'm on the fence about the PI. I really liked the scene in the ice cream truck: "You can have ice cream when you learn to read!" But he will always be the quirky cop in Garden State to me. Also, everytime I see him I think he is related to Zach Braff (esp since he was also on Scrubs). Anyone know?? Finally, I miss Wilson already and the show is really missing a great dynamic with Amber gone. But those last few episodes last year may be worth it.
    halfbakedjake halfbakedjake 9 years
    I really liked the PI. They should get rid of 13 and keep him. There does seem to be an excess of characters - do we really need Cameron and Chase at this point? - but at least this new addition is interesting. I would love if House could make new friends. They've milked the "he's lonely cuz he hates the world!" thing long enough. Everybody loves House as a cranky sarcastic genius, but to keep him believable his character has to change like a normal person does with time and experiences.
    cageyme cageyme 9 years
    I liked the PI. I think it adds another dimension to House's miserable-osity: Without Wilson around he has to PAY someone to act like he's a friend. I also liked how the PI seemed to change how much he charged with every scene.
    Nitachequita Nitachequita 9 years
    Love love love Michael Weston. I will watch anything he is in...unless it costars J. Lo. :-D
    seven7 seven7 9 years
    I prefer Wilson to the PI, I don't think we really need another storyline there. As you pointed out, the last thing the show needs is a new character...
    Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
    Great recap, Buzz! Lucas was an annoyance at first, but eventually he won me over--a little. He seems to need House as much as House needs him so it will be interesting to see where this "partnership" all leads. Loved the scenes with Wilson, as always, and the "auditioning" scenes in the cafeteria. The "sewage" spilling was really gross. Oh my.
    verily verily 9 years
    He was ok, but I'd rather that Wilson was back. The PI is just a poor substitute and some of those quirks are just annoying (they scream "like me like me!" from the writers). Wilson and House have such great chemistry together that many people believe they are the OTP of the show. Kutner always weirds me out when he suggests really good sounding ideas. Can they fire Thirteen already? Pleeeeeease? I know killing off Amber was intended for !drama! last year and led to some of their best ever episodes, but she was such an interesting, awesome character and they just don't have that quality with these three new ducklings. Felicia will always be Vi from Buffy to me.
    WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
    I was right there with you - I was like "Holy crap, that's the guy who carjacked David Fisher!" I did kind of warm up to him by the end of the episode, though. And it's always nice to see Felicia Day! I have to remember not to eat dinner during House anymore. Between the exploding poop and post-chemo barfing, it was a pretty nasty thing to watch while eating.
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