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"House" Recap: Episode 20, "House Training"

"House" Recap: Episode 20, "House Training"

I've never been a person who watched House for the supporting players, so this week's Foreman-centric episode was interesting for me. The medical story was an emotional rollercoaster that ended up giving a lot of insight into his character, and I'm curious to see how the outcome affects him going forward.

The patient this week is a woman who collapses while gambling. Foreman hears her list of jobs — pet store, then unemployment, then selling subscriptions door-to-door, then unemployment — and judges her as a drug-using con artist like the ones he knew back when he was a bad boy. The point about Foreman turning his life around is driven home further when his parents show up; his mom is losing her memory, and Foreman hasn't visited in eight years, so his dad has decided they should come to him.

Meanwhile, Wilson's second ex-wife, Bonnie, arrives on the scene, trying to convince Wilson to take custody of their dog, Hector. To see what happens from there,

House tells Wilson that he asked Cuddy to a play, but she begged off, and that must mean that Cuddy wasn't interested in the play last time — just in Wilson. "You cannot see her socially," House says, and Wilson says he'll take that under advisement as soon as he's done taking her to an art exhibit. House tells Cuddy he knows she's blowing him off for Wilson, and she responds by wondering why her social life is suddenly so hot. "You think you saw somebody else picking up your toy from the sandbox," she says, "and suddenly you want it." She tells him they're going to a gallery, not getting married, and House says Wilson always marries them in the end.

House gets Bonnie, a real estate agent, to take him to look at condos, all the while trying to figure out what it was like to date Wilson. She says they went out as friends first, to see plays or go to a museum (heh), and the attention was addictive, so it was a letdown when he became unavailable. We also learn that sex with Wilson is awesome, which, just, ew. Meanwhile, Wilson and Cuddy end up at an art exhibit with lots of bondage imagery.

House takes what Bonnie said and twists it, telling Wilson that he's bad in bed and if he wants to cut things off with Cuddy, he should sleep with her now. Bonnie then (finally) figures out that House doesn't want a condo and tells him that he was one of the biggest problems in her marriage to Wilson. When their dog was a puppy, she says, he always peed on the carpet, and she named him Hector because Hector Does Go Rug is an anagram for Doctor Greg House. Yeah, that's totally insane.

Meanwhile, Foreman becomes convinced that the woman has cancer and needs full-body radiation. She gets mad at Foreman for making assumptions about her life, and when House later asks her why she's so angry, she says Foreman thinks he's better than he is. And that's a statement that will come back to haunt Foreman, because the doctors realize that the woman has some kind of infection, and because the radiation shut down her immune system, she will die within the day.

I loved watching Foreman and House deal with their failure so differently: Foreman punches a wall; House wants to do medicine. But Foreman asks House to spare the woman the pain of more tests and goes to wait with her while she dies. He tells her she was right about him: He did put distance between them, but it was only because he knew there wasn't any.

Chase invites Foreman to get drunk, and when he begs off Chase suggests that Foreman pray. House, meanwhile, realizes they missed a scratch on the woman's back that allowed in the infection that killed her. House tells Foreman that for most doctors, this would be a once-in-a-lifetime mistake, but they're not like most doctors. In their brand of medicine, they'll kill a lot of people — but they'll also save many who would die in anyone else's hands.

Wilson invites House out to dinner, and House says he can't — he has a dog waiting. Foreman, meanwhile, goes to his parents' hotel room and confesses to his mom that he hurt someone. She comforts him until Foreman asks if she knows who he is. She doesn't; when he says his name, she says she has a little boy named Eric, too. Sigh. It's been a while since we've had a sad storyline on House, but they do tragic well.

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BabyGirl3M BabyGirl3M 10 years
I only started watching House few weeks ago but I'm addicted to it now its scary. I love his personality. Does anyone know where and when they show the new episodes.
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
:rotfl: I was laughing at hector, pool boy? no dog :rotfl:
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
haha, jinx, it was just bugging me because I knew there was no way that "huge ego sorry" and "hector does go rug" could be anagrams for the same thing! thank goodness for the internet, huh?
Jinx Jinx 10 years
"so sorry" ;) I was wrong in my previous comment, just sorry works. I love yours Buzz! lol And I'm no longer embarrassed about figuring it out, and getting it wrong! :rotfl: ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
I actually spent an embarrassing amount of time on an online anagram maker yesterday trying to figure this out. Huge Ego Sorry is an anagram for Gregory House, but Hector Does Go Rug (the dog's name) is an anagram for Doctor Greg House. My favorite other acronym for Doctor Greg House was Codger Ego Hurt So
Jinx Jinx 10 years
It must have been Huge Ego, So Sorry. I figured it out and it doesn't work otherwise. What was the dogs name? lol Crispet! ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
The best line of the show was when House asked if Wilson's ex just compared him to a tampon!
asarwan asarwan 10 years
I love HOUSE! It always makes me laugh and feel better. My boyfriend didn't used to watch it. But i'm a TV W#ORE! i got him into it. He loves it now. I don't remember seeing someone die. I might have and forgot. It was heartbreaking. I actually want Cam to SHUT UP and do it again with CHASE and try and run away again. that's cause she's crazy. HOUSE just TAKE CUDDY! Geez. ********************************************************* Whoever said "It is better to have loved and lost than, to not have loved at all," NEEDS to be SHOT!
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
The ending was soo sad.
tvjunkie45 tvjunkie45 10 years
I didn't like the episode. I'm not a big fan of Foreman's.
Jennifer24 Jennifer24 10 years
dear all, i creid in many parts of this episode. the girl that played wilson't ex wife, is the girl who played the 2nd wife of niles crane in frasier? not maris as we never saw her and not daphane? just a random though, i posted eariler:) jen
smarler smarler 10 years
I especially liked when House said that a better anagram was "Huge Ego, Sorry" for Gregory House.
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
I really liked this episode but I found it very sad. :cry: I cried when Foreman took the girls hand when she died :oops: I loved how Foreman was actually in this episode :dance: The last few he's just been in the background :) I'm glad the Chase/Cam thing is almost over. I'm okay that he reminds her about it but as long as it doesn't happen again i'm good :) The wilson cuddy thing was cute seeing wilson embarrassed was the highlight of that episode I felt so giggly :rotfl: House getting the dog I actually didn't call that, but I'd like to see him bring it to work :P
Jinx Jinx 10 years
I had to laugh at the Wilson part, just last week my BFF said she would imagine Wilson's character would be a good lover. LMAO ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Foreman has always been one of my favorites, so I was glad to get to know him better last night. How he moves forward from this event will be interesting to watch. He is so used to looking past the obvious that he missed it, something that he will never forget and something that, hopefully, will allow him to be an even better doctor. You are so right, Buzz: they did do tragedy very well last night. Thanks for the great recap!
Jinx Jinx 10 years
Way to Go Aaron! :) This episode was too sad for me. :( And like shouldn't her family be sueing the hospital over this. I never met a doctor who admitted killing someone to their face before, without a lawsuit following. They usually deny everything and back each other to the top. ------------------------------------------------------ "All my life, I wanted to be someone, I guess I should have been more specific." Jane Wagner
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
I actually thought someone said something about staph really early in the episode, but then I couldn't find it on my DVR this morning, so maybe I made it up. Does anyone else remember hearing that?
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
whiplash- my husband said the same thing! ha. I do find it a little hard to believe that doctors, even if they are used to looking for the bizarr, wouldn't notice the symptoms of someone going septic from a staph infection. but whatever, it was an excellent episode. Although Cameron is starting to annoy me with all protesting against how she doesn't love Chase. Riiiiight.
Samanna42 Samanna42 10 years
I still can't believe it was as simple as her bra. Makes you kind of think how easy it is for something like that to happen and for things to go so wrong from something so minor.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
As soon as Wilson told House how Bonnie was trying to get him to take the dog at the beginning of the eppy, my boyfriend said, "House is going to end up with the dog." Right on the money!
Janners Janners 10 years
My eyes were watering through so much of this episode...
elynette elynette 10 years
Not to be too TMI, when I saw what caused that poor girls infection my bra went flying off. Just imagine something so small cause such a huge problem. Sheesh
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