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House Recap: Episode 22, "House Divided"

House Rundown: Episode 22, "House Divided"

Back when Amber was competing for a job as one of House's fellows, I sometimes thought of her as House's perfect counterpart — his mirror image. Well, I didn't mean it literally! But in this week's House, Amber is essentially haunting our cranky doctor, showing up as a hallucination and speaking his thoughts. What does it all mean? Help me figure it out when you


Everywhere House turns these days, Amber is there. He assumes it's just an effect of insomnia: he hasn't been sleeping much since Kutner died. But as we see at the end of the episode, even a well-rested House still sees Amber. She's in his brain, in his thoughts. And for all her wry smiles and clever banter, she's kind of an evil little friend, isn't she?

Had this been anyone but Amber, I probably would have rolled my eyes and assumed that Grey's Anatomy had forever ruined any plotline involving the return of a dead character. But I absolutely love watching Anne Dudek and Hugh Laurie play off each other. It's this great mix of flirting and fighting, and it kept me laughing even as House sets up Chase to go into allergic shock at the bachelor party. Whatever part of House's brain Amber's inhabiting is clearly the part that enjoys scheming; House even looks a little shocked when he realizes he knew about Chase's strawberry allergy. I loved the way Amber calls out House's thoughts in Wilson's office, urging him to knock over a pencil cup so he could get a clean shot at the file they were reading. Is this what it's like inside House's head all the time?

Between Amber's appearance and the story of the deaf teenager, this could have easily been a very serious episode. (And speaking of the teenager, his story is one of the few medical stories in House recently that's truly held my attention. Everything about it seemed to work well, from the mom's conflicted reaction about the cochlear implant to the sweet interactions between the boy and his girlfriend.) But I was surprised at how many times I laughed. I loved House striding down the hall with his ridiculous old boom box and Kanye shades; I loved the idea of throwing the bachelor party at Wilson's place so he couldn't escape it. (Might I suggest to Wilson that if he wants to get away from House's over-the-top bachelor parties, he marry a woman he won't divorce?) I especially loved Taub awkwardly grinding with a couple of the "dancers" at the party.

But what happens now? Amber's still there, and House knows she can do bad things — or that his brain wants him to do bad things, though I imagine Amber makes them even more enticing. Whatever comes next, I feel more invested in House than I have since the last time Amber showed up. What about you?

Some other thoughts:

  • Foreman's never been my favorite, but it's still nice to see him solve a case.
  • That's not the only great Foreman moment: He and Thirteen get some of the best stuff in this episode. I love their stripper research — and it doesn't surprise me that Foreman would pay $50 to watch his bisexual girlfriend do a body shot.
  • Even at his worst, would House really try to kill Chase just to prevent someone else's happiness?
  • I'm also not convinced that Chase would really give a patient a cochlear implant on only House's orders with no paperwork to support it. You know how much he lies!
  • Love Cuddy trying to sober up all the fellows so they can go solve their case (and sending them off with breath mints, to boot).

So, what's Amber doing in House's brain? And what will it take to get her out?

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willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
this was a great ep.
Jinx Jinx 8 years
LOL, the flaming tower of vodka shots was awesome, as was the practice round!
telewyo telewyo 8 years
I loved when House was practicing for the flaming shots trick and lit everything on fire including a dead guy in the morgue so he adds "chemical burns" to the causes of death on his file.
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I LOVED this episode! The part with House and the boombox was awesome, totally cracked me up! I like Amber being back and for some reason it works. I loved when Chase said they had to kidnap him.
Jinx Jinx 8 years
I liked the episode, but I always liked Amber's character. Agree with the first comment that this is probably about House's guilt. Loved that House has the party at Wilson's. At first I was thinking, aww he came...LOL! Okay its at his house! :rotfl: Hate 13/Foreman still. Morally superior Foreman is suddenly cool boyfriend into his woman being into women. I don't buy it. A little weird about Chase, but they explain that away with House's argument that he personally won't benefit from the implant, so why would he lie? I'm so over Cuddy, her character is a joke. There is no way she would still have a job. House may be irresplacable, but she is not. Not sure what to think of the previews, I thought of Fight Club for some reason.
misshouston misshouston 8 years
Ohh, Amber, I love you so much it hurts. Speaking of which, I've decided I really like episodes where we get to see 13's lesbian side. Her expressions watching the strippers was priceless! Also great to see everyone loosening up for a bit (esp. Chase's "you need to kidnap me") after so many tense weeks. And the domino-chain of flaming drinks? Shut up!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Great recap, Buzz! Hubby and I laughed a lot last night. House and the boombox was great as were the bachelor party and the stripper research scenes. A drunk Wilson and an awkwardly dancing Taub were wonderful as well. Not sure yet if I'm totally in love with having Amber back, but am thankful that her return is not another "Denny moment." Can't wait to see where this all goes.
missvintage missvintage 8 years
I loved this episode.I also loved having Amber back it somewhat makes up for killing her off last season, which I'm still a little upset about.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I loved all of the Foreman/13 stuff! 13 staring so hard at the strippers was hilariousss! Oh man. Such a good episode. I'm so glad to have Amber back, even if it's only for one more episode. :)
Shadowcat14 Shadowcat14 8 years
This season is making me so happy!!!!!! This episode was so god!
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
I have a feeling Amber is there because Kutner's death caused him to remember he--in a way--killed Amber. I think she represents his guilt. He can't solve Kutner's case just as he can't solve how guilty he feels about killing Amber. If you remember at the end of season four, after Amber dies and House is on the white bus with her, he says he doesn't want to get off the white bus because, "Because... because it doesn't hurt here. Because I... I don't want to be in pain, I don't want to be miserable. And I don't want him to hate me." Amber replies he doesn't always get what he wants and House wakes up. I have a feeling Amber is his pain and guilt personified.
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