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"House" Recap: Episode 24, "Human Error"

When I first saw the preview for the "House" season finale, I was most excited about the medical case. But in the end, I ended up being more intrigued by the drama surrounding House's staff. Between what happened this week and the word that "House" will look different in the fall, I really wonder what the writers have in store for us next season.

More about that in a second. First, let's meet the patient of the week: a Cuban refugee who's been traveling with her husband in an attempt to see House for her set of odd symptoms. I had no idea House's powers were internationally recognized, but it makes for a good story, so

Meanwhile, Wilson is still trying to convince House to find a way to keep Foreman. He says he realizes House isn't going to stop being a jerk — he drives an old car and plays an older guitar, so change isn't really his thing — but he just has to make Foreman believe he's not completely heartless. One way House chooses to prove this is by ignoring his patient. Another is by agreeing with everything Foreman says, which causes Chase to snap that Foreman really doesn’t need pats on the back; House responds by telling Chase he’s fired.

This move, of course, draws the ire of pretty much everyone else at PPH. Wilson: "I told you to show Foreman you had a heart. How does that translate into you being a bastard?" House refuses to rehire Chase, so as revenge, Foreman gives the patient's husband House's home number and tells him to just keep calling. House finally bursts into the hospital just as Cameron and Foreman are doing a procedure, but before he can properly berate them for giving out his number, the woman’s pulse drops. She should be dead — but she’s still talking.

The most plausible explanation is human error, but House won’t accept it. Foreman and Cameron do CPR for hours while he searches for explanations. Eventually he agrees to put the woman on a bypass machine, but they can't get her heart to start. Her husband, meanwhile, confronts House, asking why House is ignoring his wife and letting the team do all the work. House says that's his process.

Cameron, meanwhile, gives Foreman a framed copy of the medical journal that published that article he stole from her, and they hug goodbye. She then meets Chase at a bar, and he says that while getting the job with House was the best thing that ever happened to him, losing it will be OK. He asks her to stay for a drink, but she declines.

House insists he can still figure out what's wrong with the woman, but Cuddy says it's time to let this one go. House finds the husband in the hospital chapel and tells him his wife is dead — and yet, when House turns off the machines that are supposedly keeping her alive, her heart starts beating again. They think it’s a miracle, but House doesn’t want God taking credit, so he does another test and discovers that the woman has a treatable heart defect.

Cameron, meanwhile, shows up on Chase's doorstep. "It's Tuesday," she says, even though it's apparently Monday in "House"-land. They kiss, finally. Back at the hospital, House tells Foreman he's an important part of the team; Foreman replies that he’d rather save lives than solve cases. House yells that Foreman only cares about his ego, and with that, Foreman’s gone.

Two down, one to go: Cameron submits her letter of resignation, saying she's gotten all she can from the job. She'll miss House, she says, but he'll be fine without her. And that appears to be true, as House goes home and opens a big box that contains a new guitar. Out with the old, in with the new? I can't imagine — for the sake of the show's fan base, if nothing else — that the whole team will be gone next year. But could one or two of them leave? Could the show go on without them? Let me know what you think.

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