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House Recap: Epsiode 8, "You Don't Want to Know"

House Rundown: Epsiode 8, "You Don't Want to Know"

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up for the greatest show on earth! There will be mystery. Intrigue. Stolen underwear. All that, and more, in another installment of House! This week's magic-themed episode featured a typically bizarre case, some "can you say that on TV?" one-liners, and the end to one of the show's best running jokes. I'm a little bummed about that last part, but I thought the rest of the episode was great, so to read the rest of my take, just

First of all: lupus? Really? I wouldn't have guessed they'd just slip the disease that's provided a running joke for years into a random episode with so little fanfare. And yet, it fit in surprisingly well with the other themes of this episode — namely, once you know, is the wonder still there?

This was another episode that tested House's tendency to disbelieve anything that can't be measured scientifically, with an ill magician performing tricks from his bed and refusing to reveal his secrets because that would spoil the surprise. As a way to get behind House's facts-only mind, I liked it better than the show's religious episodes; the best moment for me was when the patient hit House where it hurt, stealing his Vicodin and making it disappear.

Another disappearing act: Cuddy's thong, and with it, Cole. As one-liners go, I'd say the thong-stealing ranked among the show's best setups: "When she stops wearing clothes we can forget about the medical stuff. " "Skirt that tight, I can tell you got an IUD." And, my favorite:

House: "How'd you do it?"
Cole: "Prayer, mostly."

Cole should have known better, though: The worst way to play one of House's games is to get Cuddy involved. Breaking Cuddy's rules would have gotten him one step closer to a fellowship position; breaking House's rules got him kicked out of the game.

We were supposed to learn all about Thirteen in this episode, but what we got was a little less informative than I'd hoped. Would House really have drugged Thirteen (with coffee, but still) just because he saw a picture of her mother, who died young, in her wallet? Would he have even known what disease to suspect? That's House's version of magic, I suppose. Regardless, he was right; Thirteen may or may not have Huntington's disease. Interesting and revealing, sure — but I wanted to learn her name.

Some other thoughts:

  • Another great thing about the thong mission was all the physical comedy: Amber showing her thong strap; Taub trying to spill coffee on Cuddy and dousing his own lab coat instead; Amber smoking to turn on the hospital sprinklers, only to find Cuddy huddling with Taub in her dry office.
  • Do you buy that Kutner and Cole would be friends? I was a little surprised at their "man date," but l do think Kutner would be a fun babysitter.
  • House seems to be going to greater physical lengths to diagnose lately — electrocuting himself a few weeks ago, getting the patient's possibly diseased blood this time.
  • Speaking of the blood switcharoo, loved the exchange between House and Wilson about their blood types (which, honestly, nobody just casually discusses): "Universal donor. No wonder you're paying three alimonies."

So, I know some of you know who the final three candidates are (thanks to Fox's press release several weeks back), but let's pretend it's all a mystery. The story wraps up next week with House choosing his new team; if you were him, which doctors would you keep?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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