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House Recap: Season Five, Episode One, "Dying Changes Everything"

House Rundown: Episode One, "Dying Changes Everything"

House's fourth-season finale was a big ball of turmoil, so it's no surprise that Tuesday's season five premiere spent a long time sorting through the fallout. We pick up two months after Amber's death, with Wilson preparing to make radical changes, House attempting (ineptly) to stop him, and Thirteen trying to make sense of her own uncertain future. It wasn't the emotional wallop of the previous two episodes, but it certainly wasn't a romp in the park, either. Want to talk about it? Just


The House-Wilson relationship is one of the most fascinating things about this show for me. I've always wondered why Wilson keeps coming back to someone who steals his food, drugs his coffee, and — now — kills his girlfriend (inadvertently), and can't even say he's sorry. And finally, he's deciding not to come back. Wilson starts the episode by declaring he's leaving PPH, needing a change of scenery (House: "Get a plant!"). The common consensus is that House is the only one who could get him to stay, but sappy emotions about death aren't really his thing ("I'll take him out for a beer. That will make up for the fact that Amber's in a pine box and there's randomness and chaos in the world."). Surprisingly, he manages to actually confess his guilt — House feels something! — but it turns out House's role in Amber's killing isn't the issue. Instead, it's Amber's own role, namely that she was protecting House that night. Wilson's been doing the same thing for years, and leaving seems to be the only way he can stop.

Meanwhile, since House literally walks out on his patient — isn't that malpractice in most states? — her story falls to the team, particularly Thirteen, to handle. And while I'm still not sure how much I care about Thirteen, this episode comes as close as anything has to giving us some insight into her character. She feels like a lackey, stuck taking direction without the authority to make meaningful decisions. She also knows that she doesn't have long to do whatever she's going to do in this life. So can she fly? Well, not yet; when it comes to diagnosing, she's no House. But I wonder if we'll see her be more willing to learn. Or will she decide, as her patient apparently has, that some people just don't have wings?

Some other thoughts:

  • The music in this episode seemed to draw heavily from the American Beauty school of dramatic scores, in particular that final, haunting song.
  • I found Cameron's scenes with Wilson quite moving. She knows how to deal with loss on Wilson's level (which is to say, a basic human one).
  • Sure, there were some "no means no" jokes and penis references, but for an episode featuring feminists, House could have been a lot harsher.
  • House's "outing" of Thirteen's illness seemed forced to me. Was it just set up that way so that her big reveal to the patient could be the first time we actually hear her say she has Huntington's?
  • I wonder if the writers are purposely trying to turn Taub into a second-rate House, complete with lamer insults and a more annoying personality.
  • Does Thirteen's lab coat seem overly long to anyone else? It's like a lab dress.
  • Visually speaking, one of my favorite scenes was House and Wilson in Cuddy's office, sitting side-by-side like some twisted version of American Gothic.

Your thoughts? Glad to have the show back? Wondering why Chase is still the only surgeon at PPH? Anticipating/dreading next week's intro of the private eye?

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Phasekitty Phasekitty 8 years
So glad I Tivoed Fringe or I would have missed the ending! I noticed that the entire old team is still in the credits and none of the new, that's strange. I don't mind Thirteen and Kutner, but Taub is soooo annoying. There going to have to keep Wilson and House together, their relationship balances the show, but it will take some time to heal, I think. If Wilson actually leaves, I don't think he'll get far. What's up with the PI next week? Weird!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
I loved the episode although I missed some of the ending because my DVR didn't catch the elapsed time of the show (it went past 9pm because of the begining ads. Ugh.) So I need to catch the end online. I hope Wilson comes back at some point and they work this situation out. I loved House's rude (ok, cruel) attitude last night: ex: "W:I need a change of scenery" H: Buy A Plant." "H: In 6 months you'll be over Amber and onto.. Burnet Sienna ( :rotfl: ). I loved the "therapy" scene with Cuddy, Wilson and House. The filming angle was perfect (loved how Cuddy told them to discuss their feelings, so what resulted : House: So, How are you? Wilson: Fine, House: Okay I think we're done here,lol.) And the begining with house using the old man in a coma's hand to hold his soda was perfect,lol.
BlairBear BlairBear 8 years
I read somewhere that Chase is the only surgeon House trusts with his patients, that's why we only see him doing the surgeries. I loved House last night, it was so rough and tumble and yet invgigorating to see everyone back. I didn't like Cuddy's haircut, it makes her look older, IMO. Also, I nearly cryed when Cameron was talking about her husband, I saw a scarf that reminded me of his eyes, awww. Can't wait for nest week!
pinkflake2 pinkflake2 8 years
I love House, but I was a little disappointed in last night's episode...but I guess there has to be some clean up after the last two episodes (in my opinion some of the best television I've seen in a while). My friend and i commented on the fact that House's group all do everything (i.e. they all are surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, lab techs). And then Cameron went from diagnosis and that to the ER? Hard to believe, and Chase to basic surgery? I find it hard to believe. Also, I commented on Thirteen's lab coat too, it's extraordinarily bugged me. I'll be very sad if Wilson leaves, they're rapport is what really gives the show that extra something!!
nomiloo2000 nomiloo2000 8 years
So what really bothered me was when they thought the patient had lymphoma, she was all, yeah you changed me thirteen, I'm applying for jobs. I was like she has lymphoma! That's cancer! Just cause you (think you) know what it is doesn't mean she'll actually live--especially depending on what type they thought she had! And then all of a sudden when she's actually cured...back to the old self. Really they were just trying to show what dying does to you, right?
bunnychick bunnychick 8 years
I think the funniest line was from House to Wilson "In 6 months, you'll have moved on from Amber to...Burnt Sienna". HILARIOUS though of course highly insensitive (as usual). It broke my heart to see Wilson leave because of House...they were so great together and I hope it gets reconciled. House looked genuinely shocked too. I also loved the 'counselling' scene in Cuddy's office. "Same time next week?" Love it!
Jinx Jinx 8 years
I liked the episode. I can't imagine the show House without Wilson though. I also reacted to House's reveal of Thirteens, Huntington's, and I found it forced too. It was like wtf was that? It didn't even seem natural for House. Forget Thirteens lab dress, Cuddy's tan outfit with the white trim was an embarrassment in my opinion. The scene in her office, she is leaned back against her desk because I'm sure she couldn't sit in it. It was so tight, I'm sure Clinton and Stacey would be all over the fit.
supercharger5150 supercharger5150 8 years
Loved it. This is my fav show for sure now. I also watched Fringe after House. I'm not totally sold but it fills some of my X-Files need.
dpbluiz13 dpbluiz13 8 years
I was so busy last night that I missed the show. I need to watch online and catch up. I miss House.
halfbakedjake halfbakedjake 8 years
I'm hopeful for this season of House. I found last season - while being quite bold in having all the original Cottages leave and then auditioning new ones - not as fulfilling as previous years. Too much outrageousness for the sake of cheap laughs without actually pertaining to the story. I think there might be more drama this year, and hopefully some resolutions to established plot lines (like, Wilson no longer House's friend? Cuddy being sooo obviously in love with House? etc).
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
Whip — Hahaha, I could not for the LIFE of me figure out what House was saying to Cuddy in that joke. Now it makes sense — warts. And yeah, ew.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years
Oh, and I think I like Thirteen. But I always hated Cameron, so Thirteen is a breath of fresh air to me. I also really like Kutner, but Taub pisses me off on a regular basis.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years
Hahaha! I said the same thing to my boyfriend last night: "Is Chase the ONLY surgeon at Princeton-Plainsboro?" A good, but not great, season premiere. I was surprised that the opening credits STILL feature the entire old team but nobody on the new team. I can't decide if I found House's joke to Cuddy totally hilarious or totally gross. "You need a specialist to remove those kind of warts. Preferably someone with experience spelunking." Actually, it's REALLY gross. But funny.
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