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House Rundown: Episode 4, "Guardian Angels"

House Rundown: Episode 4, "Guardian Angels"

Sometimes, I think that the House writers invented this whole auditioning-for-the-new-team plotline so they could poke fun at reality television. A couple of weeks ago, we got a Survivor-style tribal council; this week, it was a Bachelor-esque rose ceremony. Maybe next week, we'll be able to call or text in support of our favorite candidates? This week, we learned a bit more about our remaining doc-testants, saw a little more of Cameron and a lot more of Foreman, and watched House get punched. Aw, yeah. To read more of my thoughts, just

The patient: Irene, a young woman who sees dead people (and thinks they're still alive). It was a pretty good case, but I liked it best for what it revealed about Cutthroat Bitch/Amber: that she knew Thirteen was vulnerable after inadvertently killing the man and his dog, and that she knew how to take advantage. I'm not sure how CB got Irene to believe she was talking to the dog man, but it was pretty creepy for a little while. It became clear that it was just a prank, though, when CB left the dog collar out for Thirteen to find. As House said, real ghosts never leave a trace.

I don't know if House plans to keep Cameron on the periphery forever, but it's actually kind of fun to have her be outside of House's team. She's snarkier and way more into messing with House — almost a female Wilson, especially after the coffee and the bet. The bet, of course, was what led to House provoking Cole, the Mormon, even more than usual; it also ended up with House getting punched in the face. The story gave Cole some dimension (we know he's a single dad), and it also gave us a reason to be pulling for him. Who wouldn't like the guy who landed one square on House's lip?

The episode ended with the first of House's former young'ns coming back into the fold. Foreman had a tough time on the job market once he realized his House-like reputation had preceded him, and while Cuddy initially offered him a great deal (more money, more power) to come back, she took it all off the table once she learned what Foreman had done to get fired. Her best line in weeks: "You're House Lite now. The only administrator that will touch you now is the one who hired House Classic." So Foreman returns, but in his old position. How will that change the dynamic?

Some other thoughts:

  • The gravedigging scene, while ultimately unnecessary, was pretty amusing — Amber showing up late with donuts, Thirteen choosing to remain a mystery, "If it's a cop, run; if it's a security guard, take him down."
  • Loved — loved! — that when Amber went to Cuddy to talk about House, the first thing Cuddy told her was where to file a sexual harassment complaint.
  • I'm sad to see Scooter go; I was sure it would be the guy who never says or does anything. I enjoyed his spats with the plastic surgeon I'm still calling Kenny Kagan, but he was ultimately just too agreeable.
  • Nice touch: House playing Surgeon — and doing pretty poorly.
  • Great line from the groping discussion: "I think that's third base."

What did you think? Which new teammates do you think deserve to stay? And can we get Wilson some more lines, please?

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